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Startups: Conventional Wisdom Says 90% Fail. Data Says Otherwise. | Fortune
"the real percentage of venture-backed startups that fail—as defined by companies that provide a 1X return or less to investors—has not risen above 60% since 2001. Even amid the dotcom bust of 2000, the failure rate topped out at 79%."

However, ( mentions 90%
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june 2018 by dandv
Why startups should run on cloud providers – Increment issue 2: Cloud
Adora Cheung explains why running on a cloud provider should be every entrepreneur’s go-to choice when starting an online business or creating an online presence.
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august 2017 by cjitlal
Tell HN: How 2 devs got 1 million monthly actives with no social/viral tools | Hacker News
KeepSafe lets you take control of who sees what on your phone. Privacy is our main feature so we're an inherently non-social service. 12 months ago, we started at 0, today we have more than a million daily active users.
This is how we did it: * Start with something the user cares about. Instead of solving a big thing like "Privacy", we decided to start close to a specific user problem: keeping pictures private on the phone. By reducing it, we quickly realized that this was a crowded space with tons of apps that simply hide pictures. Bad, because of competition but a good indicator for what users care about.

* Throw out features The fewer things your app can do, the more you can focus on making the user flows for the remaining features simple and easy to understand.

* Focus on retention Growth is nice but we want users to come back. We were slow to build new features but always fast to release bug fixes and improvements to the core experience. In our case it was improving the speed for adding pictures to KeepSafe and the user flows for doing it. If you continuously improve, your userbase will notice and keep using your app.

* Speak a language your users understand We have a large userbase in the US and other English speaking countries. But we invested in translating the app from the get-go. The smartphone penetration in countries like South Korea is really high and we see lots of users from Europe too. It's easy and it's fast if you use services like MyGengo.

* Ask your users for their opinion When someone started to be a frequent user we simply asked them to rate us in the Android market. It has helped our ranking.

What is your experience and insights on growing your app?

KeepSafe has a fun and ambitious roadmap. If you want to join a mobile startup and have huge impact, take a look
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july 2012 by iamsidd
Startup America Travels to South by Southwest | The White House
This weekend, as an important component of the President’s strategy to out-innovate our economic competitors, the Administration’s Startup America initiative will hit the road.
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march 2011 by bigfleet

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