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That Huge Mediterranean Diet Study Was Flawed. But Was It Wrong? - The New York Times
For decades, researchers have noted that people living in some Mediterranean countries have lower rates of heart disease and cancer. Scientists have long suspected that the regional diet — rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil, with moderate levels of fat — played a protective role.

But the idea has been hard to prove. It is very difficult to test any diet in a clinical trial. Participants may be reluctant to stick to the prescribed meal plan, for instance, and it can be difficult to monitor them over months or years.

The original study was conducted in Spain by Dr. Miguel A. Martínez-González of the University of Navarra and his colleagues. The trial enrolled 7,447 participants aged 55 to 80 who were assigned one of three diets: a Mediterranean diet with at least four tablespoons a day of extra virgin olive oil; the same diet with an ounce of mixed nuts; or a traditional low-fat diet.
The participants were followed for a median of nearly five years. Dr. Martínez-González and his colleagues reported that there were fewer cardiovascular events in the groups consuming olive oil and nuts.

But last year Dr. Martínez-González found his study on a list of clinical trials whose data seemed suspect, compiled by Dr. John Carlisle of Torbay Hospital in England.
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Summarising data using dot plots | R-bloggers
A dot plot is a type of display that compares counts, frequencies, totals or other summary measures for a series of categories.
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Bioconductor - pcaMethods
PDF R Script Data with outliers
PDF R Script Introduction
PDF R Script Missing value imputation
PDF Reference Manual
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Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats? [Infographic]
Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats? June 16, 2018 at 11:29AM Anti-Fatigue Matting is a great tool to help in the fight against the negative effects of prolonged standing. To help us understand the extent of the problem, the team at First Mats have created this handy infographic to highlight how serious the problem is and how Anti-Fatigue Mats can help. via Infographic Journal
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