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What’s been provisionally accepted? – CHI 2019
What’s been (conditionally) accepted for the Papers track at CHI 2019? See our analysis here: #chi2019
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Harvard Study: "Gender Wage Gap" Explained Entirely by Work Choices of Men and Women - Foundation for Economic Education
“The gap of $0.89 in our setting,” the authors concluded, “can be explained entirely by the fact that, while having the same choice sets in the workplace, women and men make different choices.”
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yesterday by pankkake
What Great Data Analysts Do — and Why Every Organization Needs Them
Some useful descriptions of data science job roles and why they are important. A little strong on the superlatives, but potentially valuable.
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Rams’ WR duo matches feat last accomplished by Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce
The Los Angeles Rams could do very little right on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears, falling 15-6 at Soldier Field. It was the team’s worst game under Sean McVay, bringing back memories of their loss to the Vikings last season.
As disappointing as Sunday’s loss to the Bears was, there was a milestone reached by the Rams’ receiver duo. With his seven catches for 61 yards, Robert Woods eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career.
He joined Brandin Cooks as the second Rams receiver to reach 1,000 yards receiving this season, giving the Rams two players with at least 1,000 yards each – a fairly rare feat even in today’s NFL.
It’s been especially rare for the Rams in the past decade with no wide receiver tandem accomplishing the feat in 12 years. According to the Rams’ game notes from Sunday, Cooks and Woods are the first wide receiver duo with 1,000 yards each since Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce did it in 2006.
They also reached 1,000 yards each in the same season from 200-02, as well as 2004. That’s what Cooks and Woods are looking up at, though if they stay together for several more years, there’s a good chance they’ll rack up quite a few seasons like this one.
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Fitness Trends 2018 | ClassPass
Well, we crunched the numbers to reveal some fun facts about how ClassPassers across the country exercised this year.
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