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Degrees of freedom in statistical machine learning - Ryan Tibshirani on Vimeo
Great talk on an important and interesting topic. Theory heavy so a bit difficult to understand the details. Perhaps this basic definition of df is useful to keep in mind.

Also, is that really Tibshirani? I'm confused.
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14 hours ago by gideonite
Insights to Go: Search for Insights from Facebook IQ | Facebook IQ
Filter, find and download stats from Facebook IQ.

Step 1: Choose filters or use the search bar to sort stats.
Step 2: Find insights by audience, region, industry and more.
Step 3: Click card to download, share or see related content.
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17 hours ago by davesurgan
The strange ambivalence towards MLB's home run blitz | Sport | The Guardian
Homers are being hit at a rate far greater than ever before in the game’s 114-year history: 1.26 per game.
baseball  statistics  history 
19 hours ago by campion1581
Dodgers Week 24 review: Losing streak snapped, 2 series wins - True Blue LA
After two-plus weeks of dismal baseball, the Dodgers did what they needed to do last week, winning both series, taking four of six games on the road against the Giants and Nationals.
Beginning with an overnight finish in San Francisco, the losing streak reached 11 — the longest for the franchise since 1944 — and the skid was 16 losses in 17 games, but the Dodgers gave themselves some breathing room with four straight wins. Now, they are days away from clinching a fifth straight division title, and are still in the driver’s seat for home field advantage through the National League playoffs and potentially the World Series as well.
baseball  dodge  statistics 
19 hours ago by rgl7194
7 ways to view correlation - The DO Loop
"These seven ways to view your Pearson correlation are based on the wonderful paper by Rodgers and Nicewander (1988), "Thirteen ways to look at the correlation coefficient," which I recommend for further reading."
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yesterday by davewsmith

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