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Jared Goff led NFL in play-action yards in 2017, and it wasn’t close | Rams Wire
When you have a strong running game, it makes throwing the ball infinitely easier. Not only does it take pressure off of the quarterback, but it also sets up the play-action pass.
Jared Goff experienced exactly that in 2017 with Todd Gurley behind him in the backfield. Gurley, the Offensive Player of the Year, was second in the NFL with 1,305 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns, proving to be one of the best backs in football.
As a result, linebackers and safeties were constantly worried about him getting the ball. That made play-action far more effective. In fact, no quarterback had more yards off play-action than Goff, and it wasn’t particularly close.
Jared Goff and the Rams were the Kings of play action in 2017!
— Pro Football Focus (@PFF) March 15, 2018
What a difference a year makes for Goff and Gurley, who both struggled mightily in 2016.
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Statistical tools for high-throughput data analysis
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