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Five Takeaways: 2017 L.A. Rams Season
The Rams underwent a major transformation in 2017, winning the NFC West with an 11-5 record in the club’s first year under head coach Sean McVay.
While Los Angeles’ playoff run ended earlier than the team expected, as McVay said last week, “you also don't want it to take away from a lot of the great things that our players and that our coaches were able to achieve.”
With that in mind, here are five takeaways from the Rams’ season.
1) From worst to first
The Rams’ offense went from paltry to prolific with a historic turnaround under the direction of McVay and his staff. Los Angeles became only the second team in NFL history to go from last to first in scoring from year to year, joining the 1965 49ers.
L.A. scored 478 points in 2017, more than doubling its output from 2016. At 29.9 points per game, the Rams scored 1.3 than the Patriots and Eagles, who tied for No. 2 at 28.6. Los Angeles finished No. 3 with 44.3 percent of its possessions ending in points, and No. 3 at scoring 2.26 points per drive.
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Todd Gurley, Robert Woods both ranked in top 3 of this stat category | Rams Wire
One year after fielding the worst offense in the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams finished first in scoring this season. It was the combination of Sean McVay’s scheme, Jared Goff’s improvements and Todd Gurley’s dominance, among other things.
One area in which the Rams got dramatically better was creating big plays. They had the ninth-most passing plays of at least 25 yards, which ranked eighth in the NFL. Additionally, the Rams were fifth in the league with 59 rushes of more than 10 yards, 39 of which were by Todd Gurley – tops in the NFL.
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"OpenIntro Labs promote the understanding and application of statistics through applied data analysis. The statistical software R is a widely used and stable software that is free. RStudio is a user-friendly interface for R."
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[1711.11561] Measuring the tendency of CNNs to Learn Surface Statistical Regularities
Our main finding is that CNNs exhibit a tendency to latch onto the Fourier image statistics of the training dataset, sometimes exhibiting up to a 28% generalization gap across the various test sets. Moreover, we observe that significantly increasing the depth of a network has a very marginal impact on closing the aforementioned generalization gap. Thus we provide quantitative evidence supporting the hypothesis that deep CNNs tend to learn surface statistical regularities in the dataset rather than higher-level abstract concepts.
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Kuntien ja kuntayhtymien ostot | Kuntaliitto
Tiedosto kuntasektorin ulkoisista hankinnoista vuosina 2000–2016 sisältää kuntien ja kuntayhtymien materiaalin ja palvelujen ostot, vuokramenot sekä investointihankinnat. Hankinnat kuntasektorin sisältä on eliminoitu vähentämällä palvelujen ostoista kuntien saamat myyntitulot kunnilta ja kuntayhtymiltä sekä kuntayhtymien saamat myyntitulot kunnilta ja kuntayhtymiltä.

Tiedosto kuntien ja kuntayhtymien palvelujen ja materiaalin ostoista vuonna 1997–2016 sisältää seuraavat taulukot: Asiakaspalvelujen ostot palvelun tarjoajan mukaan, asiakaspalvelujen ostot yksityisiltä tehtäväluokittain, muiden palvelujen ostot palvelutyypin mukaan sekä materiaalin ostot hyödykeryhmän mukaan. Asiakaspalvelut ovat kuntalaisille tarkoitettuja lopputuotepalveluja, joita kunta ostaa muilta palvelujen tuottajilta. Muiden palvelujen ostot ovat kunnan suoritetuotannossaan käyttämiä ns. välituotepalveluja. Taulukot sisältävät myös kuntien ja kuntayhtymien sisäiset sekä keskinäiset erät.

Molemmat tiedostot perustuvat Tilastokeskuksen taloustilaston tietoihin.
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