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The Perfidy of Illinois' Public Payrolls | RealClearPolitics
I grew up in Park Forest, Ill., a working-class suburb of Chicago. In my youth, Park Forest was pleasantly middle-class -- a solid community of well-kept lawns, strong churches, and active sports. ...
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28 days ago by kger Home | Explore Economic Activity in Your Community (YE) is an online information tool that allows users to analyze business activity from the community level, to the state level, and across the country. It focuses on establishments that are "in-business" meaning they are intent on conducting commercial activities. YE tracks the performance of U.S. businesses from 2003 - 2017 (data back thru 1997 available with purchase), providing detailed information about jobs, sales and establishments.

YE sets itself apart by tracking all establishments (and their jobs and sales), including for-profit (both privately-owned and publicly-traded), non-profits, and government establishments providing an essential view of business activity by region and across time.

Breaking this information down into profiles, YE displays establishments by types, sizes, and activity (gain and loss), showing the unique characteristics and economic impact of businesses in your selected region. YE uses a custom "data engine" to assemble and display vast amounts of data for easy access and elegant navigation.
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National Center for Economic Gardening
Economic Gardening is about leveraging research using sophisticated business intelligence tools and databases that growth companies either aren’t aware of or cannot afford. Research specialists typically assist in four key areas: strategic market research, geographic information systems, search engine optimization and social media marketing
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2018 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
The Small Business Profiles are an annual portrait of each state’s small businesses. They gather the latest federal data into state-by-state snapshots of small business health and economic activity. Limited economic data is also provided for the U.S. territories.

This year’s profiles report on state economic growth and employment. They also answer the questions:

How many small businesses are in my state?
How many jobs do they create?
Which industries have the most small businesses and small business jobs?
How many establishments opened and closed?
How many small businesses export, and how much?
Which counties have the most small business employment? 
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