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Opinion | If I Win My District, I’ll Get Rid of It - The New York Times
New York’s 101st State Assembly District is a gerrymandered monstrosity.
I am working hard to win the race for the 101st Assembly District in New York — and if I succeed, I will work just as hard to get rid of it. The 101st is a monstrosity of gerrymandering that disenfranchises voters and weakens representative democracy in upstate New York.
I have to start every conversation on the campaign trail with a show-and-tell session featuring a map of our district. Invariably, residents of both parties shake their heads at the absurdity of it.
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Destroying the Foundations of U.S. Foreign Policy - Center for American Progress
When it comes to foreign policy, successes and failures can materialize slowly. It can take months or years to damage alliances and sometimes even longer to witness the tangible fallout of those broken relationships. However, it is clear that President Trump is speeding toward a scenario in which our allies will not trust us and our adversaries will not fear us.
In the short run, the consequences of Trump’s policies may very well embroil America in trade wars that hurt the pocketbooks of Americans. In response to Trump’s tariffs, Europe and Canada are already initiating tariffs against American goods, which could cost Americans jobs, lower wages, increase the costs of goods, and slow exports from U.S. companies.17 For example, Harley-Davidson has announced that it will be moving some of its production to Europe in order to avoid retaliatory tariffs imposed by Europe in response to Trump’s tariffs.18
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We Remain the World's Most Generous Nation - Pompeo
America’s commitment to the most vulnerable also extends well beyond our immigration system. We are putting a new focus on increasing assistance to refugees and other displaced people as close to their home countries as possible. We can house, feed and provide medical care for hundreds of thousands more refugees closer to their homes, and do so more rapidly, than we could possibly do here in the U.S. We are also prioritizing the safe and voluntary return of refugees to their home countries when conditions permit — a solution that most refugees prefer.

President Donald Trump pledged to keep the American people safe by more carefully vetting those who want to come to our country, while also prioritizing processing cases of those who are already here. I believe we can achieve the ideal of continuing to assist the world’s most vulnerable people without losing sight of our first duty: serving the American people. We are, and continue to be, the most generous nation in the world.
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American Foreign Policy for the 21st Century -2009
I want today to focus on six broad themes that I believe will shape the future of American foreign policy for a new era.

These themes -- the global war on terrorism, globalization, free markets, democracy, cultural and national identities, and American power -- define today’s international landscape. I hope you will leave here today believing, as I do, that these trends are all related and that one of the biggest changes in foreign policy over the last few years has been the end of our attempt to manage these things one at a time. We are required now to do so simultaneously.

The days are gone when leaders could spend Monday working on their democracy and Tuesday working on their economy and Wednesday working on their security and Thursday trying to figure out what their relationship is to globalization or what they intend to do to join the United States in the global fight against terrorism. Today, these jobs must be done simultaneously.

There can be no democracy without free markets. No free markets without the rule of law. The war on terror will not end our commitment to human rights; democracy, security and prosperity are the true antidotes to terrorism.


Before I talk about these six trends, and their connected opportunities and challenges, let's step back just a moment and recognize how far we have come. In 1946, not 150 miles from here, Winston Churchill named the Iron Curtain. It is gone. Surely we live in a world of challenges that can often seem overwhelming, but this is a world also facing enormous opportunity.

Secretary Powell tells this story about the end of the Cold War:

"...Communism is gone. Fascism is gone. There are other systems out there that are being tried, but what really works is democracy. Democracy puts you into the globalized system of trade and economic development and free economics that will bring the wealth needed to bring all people up."

How we take advantage of our opportunity and how we deal with the six trends I will propose to you in ways that promote the great purposes of America will define our success as a nation for the many years to come.

Let me now describe the first of those trends, the global war against terrorism and terrorism’s connection to weapons of mass destruction.
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Regime Change for Dummies – Foreign Policy
Did previous efforts at regime change (by the United States and by others) produce the expected benefits, or did they end up making things worse? Does regime change produce real benefits at relatively low cost, or is the price tag usually much higher than expected, while the benefits tend to be disappointing?
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‹Rethinker stop={false}/› by Ryan Florence
I love the example Ryan Florence gave in his talk almost 2 years ago at React Rally called `‹Rethinker stop={false}/›` where he refactored a bunch of imperative code in a React Component's lifecycle methods to a separate component that abstracted away that imperative code and provided a clean declarative API instead. By doing this, Ryan made the code easier to understand because the visual UI was separated from the DOM APIs that were used to create the sound.
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Opinion | How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over Thanksgiving - The New York Times
Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday because it’s a time to gather with relatives from afar. It’s a dreaded holiday for the same reason.

Many of us aren’t accustomed to socializing with people who think differently from us, especially about politics. Our political attitudes and beliefs are intertwined with our most basic human needs – needs for safety, belonging, identity, self-esteem and purpose – and when they’re threatened, we’re biologically wired to respond as if we’re in physical peril.

So how can you talk with people who disagree with you without setting off this fight-or-flight response? Drawing on extensive online dialogues with conservatives and my own background in psychiatry and political psychology, I developed a five-step method to help people have difficult conversations.

Across the country, members of my nonprofit group, Smart Politics, are using this process to heal relationships damaged in the wake of the 2016 election. Many report being able to discuss politics with family members for the first time in years.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for you to give it a try. Before the big day, practice discussing a couple of difficult topics with Angry Uncle Bot, a chat program created to help teach you the techniques.
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How Democrats Won Big in Michigan in the Midterms - The Atlantic
A Democratic tsunami in the midterms engulfed the state Trump won most narrowly in 2016—and could keep the state blue in 2020.
Detroit—gretchen whitmer had her red water bottle with the Wonder Woman logo. Debbie Stabenow was touching up her makeup. Dana Nessel was up front, sitting with her wife, right behind the stack of boxed salads that was the food for the day.
The top of the Democratic ticket in Michigan—candidates for governor, Senate, and attorney general—were rolling along to the 77th and final stop of a statewide bus tour, hours before polls closed on Election Day. When the dust settled on 2016, no one would have been counting on any of them to be in contention, let alone win.
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EranBoudjnah/RandomGenKt: Kotlin port of RandomGen
Kotlin port of RandomGen. Contribute to EranBoudjnah/RandomGenKt development by creating an account on GitHub.
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