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State attorneys general line up to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal | Ars Technica
Net neutrality supporters will try to reinstate the rules in courts and Congress.
Attorneys general from "across the country" will sue the Federal Communications Commission in an attempt to reverse today's repeal of net neutrality rules.
"Today, I am announcing my intention to file a legal challenge to the FCC's decision to roll back net neutrality, along with attorneys general across the country," Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. "We will be filing a petition for review in the coming days. Allowing Internet service providers to discriminate based on content undermines a free and open Internet. Today's action will seriously harm consumers, innovation, and small businesses."
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is leading the multi-state effort.
"The FCC's vote to rip apart net neutrality is a blow to New York consumers and to everyone who cares about a free and open Internet," Schneiderman said. "The FCC just gave Big Telecom an early Christmas present, by giving Internet service providers yet another way to put corporate profits over consumers. Today's rollback will give ISPs new ways to control what we see, what we do, and what we say online. That's a threat to the free exchange of ideas that's made the Internet a valuable asset in our democratic process."
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2 days ago by rgl7194
FCC will also order states to scrap plans for their own net neutrality laws | Ars Technica
Double win for ISPs: No more net neutrality, and state laws will be preempted.
In addition to ditching its own net neutrality rules, the Federal Communications Commission also plans to tell state and local governments that they cannot impose local laws regulating broadband service.
This detail was revealed by senior FCC officials in a phone briefing with reporters today, and it is a victory for broadband providers that asked for widespread preemption of state laws. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's proposed order finds that state and local laws must be preempted if they conflict with the US government's policy of deregulating broadband Internet service, FCC officials said. The FCC will vote on the order at its December 14 meeting.
It isn't clear yet exactly how extensive the preemption will be. Preemption would clearly prevent states from imposing net neutrality laws similar to the ones being repealed by the FCC, but it could also prevent state laws related to the privacy of Internet users or other consumer protections. Pai's staff said that states and other localities do not have jurisdiction over broadband because it is an interstate service and that it would subvert federal policy for states and localities to impose their own rules.
broadband  fcc  gov2.0  internet  net_neutrality  politics  title_ii  ISP  state 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Pressure grows on FCC to kill state consumer protection laws | Ars Technica
Mobile lobby says FCC should enforce "non-regulation" policy throughout nation.
The broadband industry is stepping up its attack on states that dare to impose privacy or net neutrality rules on Internet service providers.
Mobile industry lobby group CTIA urged the Federal Communications Commission to preempt state laws on privacy and net neutrality in a recent meeting and filing. Comcast and Verizon had already asked the FCC to preempt such laws; CTIA represents AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, and other mobile companies.
Carriers are urging the FCC to preempt states in the same regulatory proceeding that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai started in order to overturn the commission's net neutrality rules. Pai's proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules could be passed as soon as next month—if carriers get their way, that same order will prevent states from imposing their own laws.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
FCC tries to help cable companies avoid state consumer protection rules | Ars Technica
The FCC wants to block Minnesota from regulating Charter’s VoIP phone service.
The Federal Communications Commission is intervening in a court case in order to help Charter Communications avoid utility-style consumer protections related to its phone service in Minnesota. The FCC and Charter both want to avoid a precedent that could lead other states to impose stricter consumer protection rules on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service offered by cable companies.
The FCC has never definitively settled the regulatory status of VoIP. By contrast, traditional landline phone service and mobile phone service are both classified as "telecommunications services" by the FCC, a distinction that places them under the same Title II common carrier regulatory framework that applies to broadband Internet access. But the FCC has never decided whether VoIP services offered by cable companies are telecommunications or "information services," which aren't as heavily regulated.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Comcast asks the FCC to prohibit states from enforcing net neutrality | Ars Technica
Pressure builds on FCC Chair Ajit Pai to preempt state net neutrality laws.
Comcast met with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai's staff this week in an attempt to prevent states from issuing net neutrality rules.
As the FCC prepares to gut its net neutrality rules, broadband providers are worried that states might enact their own laws to prevent ISPs from blocking, throttling, or discriminating against online content.
Comcast Senior VP Frank Buono and a Comcast attorney met with Pai Chief of Staff Matthew Berry and Senior Counsel Nicholas Degani on Monday, the company said in an ex parte filing that describes the meeting.
Comcast urged Pai's staff to reverse the FCC's classification of broadband as a Title II common carrier service, a move that would eliminate the legal authority the FCC uses to enforce net neutrality rules. Pai has said he intends to do just that, so Comcast will likely get its wish on that point.
But Comcast also wants the FCC to go further by making a declaration that states cannot impose their own regulations on broadband. The filing said:
We also emphasized that the Commission's order in this proceeding should include a clear, affirmative ruling that expressly confirms the primacy of federal law with respect to BIAS [Broadband Internet Access Service] as an interstate information service, and that preempts state and local efforts to regulate BIAS either directly or indirectly.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Verizon has a new strategy to undermine online privacy and net neutrality | Ars Technica
FCC should declare state broadband laws invalid, Verizon tells commission.
Verizon has asked the Federal Communications Commission to preempt any state laws that regulate network neutrality and broadband privacy.
The FCC's Republican majority is on course to overturn two-year-old net neutrality rules, perhaps by the end of the year. Broadband privacy rules passed by the FCC during the Obama administration were already undone by Congress and President Donald Trump early this year.
With the two sets of rules either gone or on their way out, it's possible that state governments might impose similar rules to protect consumers in their states. Verizon told the FCC in a filing last week that the commission should preempt laws in any state that does so.
Verizon said that Congress and the FCC "have recently made great strides toward restoring the light-touch regulatory approach that had successfully applied to Internet Service Providers for most of the last two decades."
But "some supporters of stringent regulation of ISPs are now looking to states and localities to frustrate these achievements," Verizon wrote. State broadband laws "pose a real and significant threat to restoring a light-touch, uniform regulatory framework for broadband service," Verizon said. "This white paper explains why the Commission can and should preempt these problematic state broadband laws and identifies several potential sources of authority for the Commission to do so."
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How North Korea’s Mountains Protect the Kim Dynasty’s Power - Video -
North Korea’s founding myths trace back to the country’s rugged peaks, but those mountains also play a pivotal role in the Kim dynasty’s rule.
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3 days ago by Jibarosoy
A Long-Dead Cambodian King Is Back — and He Looks Familiar - The New York Times
Once upon a time in this remote corner of Cambodia, a bold young temple servant raised an army, overthrew an unjust king and saved a nation.

He could walk on water, make dragons do his bidding and shoot four arrows at once from the same bow. During his brief 16th-century reign, he invented Cambodia’s first currency, and he pioneered the concept of class consciousness three centuries before Marx.

So goes the unlikely legend of Sdech (or King) Kan, once remembered, if at all, as a minor usurper of the throne. Now he seems to be everywhere, thanks to Prime Minister Hun Sen — another common man turned near-absolute ruler, who has been so intent on identifying himself with the semi-mythical figure that some suspect he considers himself the king’s reincarnation.
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Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation - The New York Times
Before taking office, Mr. Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals. People close to him estimate that Mr. Trump spends at least four hours a day, and sometimes as much as twice that, in front of a television, sometimes with the volume muted, marinating in the no-holds-barred wars of cable news and eager to fire back.

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The Trump White House
The historic moments, head-spinning developments and inside-the-White House intrigue.
Alabama Loss Exposes Republican Fissures Amid a Democratic Surge
DEC 13
Trump’s Revisionist History of His Role in Alabama Race
DEC 13
White House Corrects Tillerson on Whether U.S. Will Talk to North Korea
DEC 13
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Donald Trump Is Sworn In as President, Capping His Swift Ascent JAN. 20, 2017

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“He feels like there’s an effort to undermine his election and that collusion allegations are unfounded,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who has spent more time with the president than most lawmakers. “He believes passionately that the liberal left and the media are out to destroy him. The way he got here is fighting back and counterpunching.
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Dialogs modeled as finite state machines ? – Giorgio Robino – Medium
I describe briefly my small study to model chatbot conversations as a finite state machines. I present here a personal project ((dialogs)), and I also mention great aBot open-source project, but…
finite  state  machines  dialog  chatbot  conversation  flow  scripting 
4 days ago by starpause
Lucy | How does React decide to re-render a component?
this.setState(() => {
console.log('setting state');
return { unseen: "does not display" }
reactjs  update  state 
4 days ago by tclancy
Here's why Vladimir Putin should fear Russia's millennials: They bypass state-controlled media - LA Times
As a result, young Russians have learned to circumvent the Kremlin’s tight grip on the media to find news and entertainment through social networks and channels such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

“As long as we have the means to still do things with different mediums, we should use them,” Vyboch said. “Now it’s difficult to see what could happen in the future, so we must live in the moment.”

The idea that there is no independent media in Russia is not entirely true, said Sergei Smirnov, the editor of Mediazona, an independent news portal dedicated to covering court cases and breaking news. The site has earned a reputation for its unbiased and consistent coverage of both high profile cases, such as those involving Navalny, and smaller cases involving Kremlin crackdowns on dissenting voices.

Unlike the Chinese government, the Kremlin isn’t able to shut down the entire Internet, Smirnov said. “They simply don’t have that technology or capability.”
rulers  Latino  war  Violence_y_Power  Media  state  Power_materials  Leadership 
5 days ago by Jibarosoy
Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews SHOWTIME ANYTIME
Oliver Stone was granted unprecedented access to Vladimir Putin during more than a dozen interviews, with no topic off-limits. This four-part documentary series provides intimate insight into the enigmatic Russian president.
rulers  Latino  war  Violence_y_Power  Power_materials  state 
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Oliver Stone’s Vladimir Putin interviews are accidentally revelatory - Vox
Should Sanders become president, Putin says, he would suddenly realize the vast weight of the American bureaucracy that existed underneath him. He might make some changes to the US on a domestic level, but he would ultimately be unable to change that much — the person at the head of the state matters less than the centuries of power the state has accumulated and will protect at all costs. People aren’t responsible for what happens; the vast structures surrounding them are. Look at Barack Obama, Putin suggests. He sincerely wanted to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, and did he? No. You can’t fight the state.
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5 days ago by Jibarosoy
Putin Fears His Own People | RealClearWorld
It is hardly surprising that Putin would fear his own, in a nation that has seen more than its fair share of revolutions and uprisings. Putin was around when the governments of Warsaw Pact countries were toppled by their own people. More recently, he witnessed the revolutions of the Arab Spring - however shortlived they may have been. Putin saw firsthand how easily information, when freely spread, can rile a population. And while Russians may support his aggressive stance against Western interference in Russian affairs, the past months have shown that Russians don't like news reports about dead Russian soldiers.
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