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Ask HN: What's your advice for someone who's raising capital for the first time? | Hacker News
Keep everything incredibly simple. Follow the standard 10 slide deck pattern. Focus on the value your service provides in concrete terms. It’s not the time for subtlety. Spell things out explicitly in big font.

Set the price of shares at $0.10 or a round number. Raise a normal amount of money like $150k or $250k at a normal valuation like $1M (depends on industry etc). Get someone close to you to put in any nominal amount like $10k and tell investors you already have committed funds. If possible use a SAFE contract to accept funds faster.

Hire a freelance designer to clean up the deck and website home page if that is an issue. Ask friends to review both deck and home page. If possible make a product video walkthrough.

In meetings keep things friendly. Stick to the plan. Pitch and then ask if they are interested. Answer questions truthfully but in line with expectations. Never complain or give excuses for anything. Follow up frequently because investors are often busy and literally might forget they agreed to invest in your co.

Source - closed $250k seed round this month. Woohoo. Back to work.
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14 hours ago by tobym
Google's email-scanning move could impact app developers, startups
The tech company may be providing bolstered data security to its users with its choice; however, policy professionals believe the data restrictions will harm innovation and give Google and other large tech companies more power over smaller entities.
gmail  apps  technology  google  innovation  startups 
14 hours ago by corrickwales
The Key to Becoming a Software Consultant - DaedTech
Recently, I made an idle threat on Twitter (shown below).  I was thinking of creating some content along the lines of how to go from being a software developer to a software consultant.  People ask me about this all the time, and it makes for an interesting subject.  I was also flattered and encouraged by the enthusiastic response to the tweet.
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yesterday by danesparza
Silicon Valley’s Keystone Problem: ‘A Monoculture of Thought’ - The New York Times
"Ms. Powell smartly recognizes a truth that many in the industry elide: A lack of diversity is not just one of several issues for Silicon Valley to fix, but is instead the keystone problem — the source of much else that ails tech, from its recklessly expansionist zeal to the ways its brightest companies keep stepping in problems of their own making.

In short, Silicon Valley’s problem is sameness, stupid — and in Ms. Powell’s telling, we are not going to get a better, more responsible tech industry until we get a more intellectually diverse one.

“I don’t think that everyone has an equal voice,” Ms. Powell said in an interview. “Even putting aside broader issues around gender diversity, ethnic diversity or class diversity, there’s also an issue around people’s educational backgrounds. If you have a hierarchy where engineers are at the very top and the people who are interfacing with the outside world are a couple rungs below that, you really miss something when those people don’t have an equal voice at the table.”

She added: “It’s a monoculture of thought, and that’s a real problem.”"
culture  tech  how_we_work  silicon_valley  technology  startups  diversity  learning  thinking  leadership 
2 days ago by alexpriest
The End of Snap & Tesla | The Daily | Gartner L2

"When Elon Musk committed blatant market manipulation (“funding secured”) for the sole purpose of scratching his id, he waved his middle finger in the face of our system. The excuses we make for “innovators” are unhealthy and un-American. Many are drafting off the perversion of having a criminal gang in the White House. But the US, more than a nation of innovators, is a nation of laws. We benefit, every day, from the notion that justice is blind. The Edison of our generation (and he is a genius) stuck his chin out and dared us to hit him. The SEC found its voice and complied."
snap  tesla  snapchat  facebook  social_media  economics  business  startups  tech  technology  finance 
2 days ago by alexpriest
Blockchain-based crowdfunding, just raised $17M
crowdfunding  startups  blockchain 
2 days ago by jamiew

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