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What Western Companies Need to Know About Partnering with Startups in India and China
[Understand context of, for example, government roles and policies]
"State support in China profoundly influences all three sets of actors that are vital in the context of corporation-startup partnering — ecosystem orchestrators, ecosystem participants, and ecosystem intermediaries — leading to certain distinctive features in China

Differentiate against home-grown rivals
Align partner programs with national priorities
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3 days ago by tom.reeder
The US startup company is disappearing—and that's bad for the economy — Quartz
Historically, startups have been the engine of US economy. By creating new jobs and surfacing new ideas, startups play an outsized role in making the economy grow. It's too bad they are a dying breed.
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3 days ago by jorgebarba
FareHarbor: Booking software and services for tours and activities
Online booking software, services, and a team of experts helping tour and activity businesses succeed.
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