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GlobaLeaks - Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
"GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing framework. It empowers anyone to easily set up and maintain a whistleblowing platform. GlobaLeaks can help many different types of users: media organizations, activist groups, corporations and public agencies.
GlobaLeaks is a project aimed at supporting the practice of whistleblowing by giving people the software tools necessary to start their own initiative. Thanks to GlobaLeaks even non-technical people will be able to setup their own anonymous whistleblowing site on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android).
GlobaLeaks provides high levels of security and anonymity by default, though these parameters can be flexibly changed. This allows the operator to tweak the system in order to reach the right security/usability tradeoff that he feels comfortable with.
GlobaLeaks aims at becoming the de-facto standard in technologically-powered whistleblowing, thanks to its unique usability, security and integrable APIs."

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4 days ago by eocas
Totara LMS
"Our mission is to change how learning technologies are developed, delivered and purchased.
There is a constant need to learn new skills, knowledge and behaviours. Organisations need to adapt to stay ahead. Therefore, having the freedom to adapt is critical. Unfortunately, what we mostly see from software vendors is this feature versus that feature, our price versus their price. Then they lock you in. With long contracts. With closed software. You’ve lost control. You can’t adapt to changing needs.

Yes, we’ve got great features. And, because we don’t have license fees, our pricing is incredibly compelling. But on top of those benefits what’s really transformative is our open source business model."

It is a Moodle-fork.

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14 days ago by eocas
"Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses available for anyone to enroll. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. is an extension of edX, a leader in online learning and education. Whether you're interested in learning for yourself, leveraging online courses to educate your workforce or creating a MOOC, edX can help. Explore online courses and programs in key fields like computer science, data science, business and management, and more."

Similar to

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14 days ago by eocas
Economic Space Agency (ECSA)
"Next generation DAO creation machine by providing fully-fledged protocols creation tool and governance design platform.

Two solutions:

1. GRAVITY - Distributed Smart Contracts Protocol
Distributed verifiable computational fabric bringing together blockchain and object capabilities
From logically centralized blockchains to entirely distributed smart contracts protocols
From only public contracts to secure, replicable, fully traceable and unforgeable public and private contracts

2. SPACE - Launchpad for Economic Spaces
Providing the most flexible tools to power socially networked production
Rapid creation and deployment of your own programmable economic space
New ways of creating, sharing and harvesting value through collaboration"

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Lifesnippets  blockchain  Legal  Policy  Economy  decentralization  Framework  Collaboration  Collective 
29 days ago by eocas
Zorin OS
Approaches the goal to become the most easy Linux distribution for beginners switching from Windows and macOS. This by maintaining a clear focus on simplicity. Offers a specific education edition.

Startupinthecloud  Linux  Technology  Education  Software 
4 weeks ago by eocas
Blockchain for Social Impact (BSIC)
"BSIC incubates, develops, and implements confederated blockchain products and solutions that can address social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
We aim to inspire, federate, and create bridges between NGO’s, and government agencies, foundations, impact investors, philanthropists and technologists by focusing on the following focus sectors:

Financial Inclusion
Supply Chain
Identity & Vulnerable Populations
Energy & Environment

We promote the creation of Ethereum blockchain solutions and applications which address social and environmental issues. By working to shift economic and social paradigms through blockchain technology, we increase the economic prosperity of individuals and communities.

We are currently pursuing opportunities in each of the below areas:

Research and publications
Annual Conference
Speaking Opportunities

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition is an initiative of ConsenSys, a venture production studio based in Brooklyn, NY."

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  incubator  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Planning  Business  blockchain  Social  Environment  NGO_NPO  foundation  Investor_Relations  Fundraising  Finance  SupplyChain  Sustainability  Consultancy  Conference  Research  Tech  Venture_Capital 
5 weeks ago by eocas
"Liberapay is a way to donate money recurrently to people whose work you appreciate.

Payments come with no strings attached. You don't know exactly who is giving to you, and donations are capped at €100.00 per week per donor to dampen undue influence.

Donations are public. By default, the total amount you give and the total amount you receive are public (you can opt out of sharing this info).

Liberapay does not take a cut of payments, the service is funded by the donations to its own account. So, recipients get the full value of the donations, but there are payment processing fees when moving money in or out of Liberapay."

Commonly used to fund open-source free software projects.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Finance  Fundraising  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Model  creation  Creative  opensource  Donations 
5 weeks ago by eocas
On the dangers of a blockchain monoculture
Article argues about definition issues, architectural shortcomings and hype symptoms of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology.

The writer sees alternative decentralized ledger protocols as necessary innovation to overcome Bitcoin's shortcomings and shortlists the following:

- Interledger (protocol for making payments across different payment networks)

- StellarSCP (distributed consensus algorithm designed for Internet-scale operation, which provides global agreement among localized “quorum shards”)

- Bitcoin-NG (decoupling leader election from the publishing of transactions for proof-of-work)

- Cothority & Google's Trillian (framework for building collective authority systems using a Merkelized log ala Certificate Transparency, a consensus witness protocol algorithm, and consensus threshold signatures. Allows auditable decentralized trust and consensus which can be used for many of the same things people are pitching “blockchain technology” for without the need for a mining-costly proof-of-work-based “consensus by lottery”)

"The most interesting ideas I’m seeing are coming from people who describe their protocols as requiring no blockchain.

I worry the media are giving undue attention to questionable ideas simply because there’s a lot of “buzz around blockchain”.

I worry that the hype surrounding the “blockchain” might lead those who award research budgets to favor blockchain-based solutions over those that are blockchain-free.

I worry financial institutions might pick a “blockchain”-based solution where a blockchain-free solution might be by all quantitative metrics better in every regard, simply because they’ve heard what a big deal “blockchain” is.

But perhaps my concerns are overblown, and this is just a giant semantic argument. Maybe “blockchain technology” is just becoming a meaningless all-encompassing umbrella term for decentralized protocols."

Startupinthecloud  blockchain  Technology  Research  decentralization  Analysis  Market_Report  Communication  Software_Engineering  Payment  Security 
8 weeks ago by eocas
Interledger - Internet of Value
"Interledger is an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like routers on the Internet, connectors route packets of money across independent payment networks. The open architecture and minimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system. Interledger is not tied to any one company, blockchain, or currency.
Interledger uses connectors to route payments across different ledgers. Conditional transfers -- using Hash-Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs), as they are known in the blockchain space -- are used to secure multi-hop payments so funds cannot be lost or stolen in flight. On top of this security primitive, Interledger provides a packet and address format, heavily inspired by the Internet Protocol (IP), to instruct connectors where to forward payments."

Invented at Ripple, developed by the Interledger W3C Community Group.

Startupinthecloud  blockchain  opensource  Payment  decentralization  Security  Standardization 
8 weeks ago by eocas
Chinaccelerator 中国加速
Self-proclaimed leading internet startup accelerator in China. About:
"Mentorship-driven program helping internet startups from around the world cross borders – from the world into China and from China to the world. It is operated by the venture fund SOSV with $300M AUM operating eight global accelerators. Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training and resources from mentors, partners and investors. The robust and supportive alumni network continues into the startups’ post-Chinaccelerator lifespan.

Since its inception in 2010, Chinaccelerator has helped 120+ companies build a China and global business. One of its co-founders, Cyril Ebersweiler, also founded HAX, the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator. William Bao Bean is the current Managing Director of Chinaccelerator and Partner at SOSV."

Mostly operating in Shanghai.

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8 weeks ago by eocas
Switzerland Innovation
"Five sites nationwide offering universities and companies the opportunity to network. This exchange between science and the economy allows ideas to be developed further – to produce products and services that can be marketed successfully.
The sharing of ideas between researchers, talented individuals, and innovative entrepreneurs creates breeding grounds for innovation.

- Realizing successful R&D collaborations between private companies, Swiss universities, and other research partners

- Generating domestic and foreign R&D investment

- Localizing domestic and foreign companies and research partners that create jobs and develop new marketable products, services, and processes

- Creating a platform to accelerate the development of research results into marketable solutions

- Creating attractive conditions for research groups and start-ups as catalysts for the localization of established companies

- Securing our attractiveness and competitiveness through clear competence profiles at the sites as well as excellent conditions and services for our customers

- The international positioning and marketing of Switzerland Innovation on the basis of attractive offers that are defined by the sites using uniform criteria

- Supporting the sites with financing solutions, both through the use of federal guarantees and by creating financial instruments in collaboration with the financial industry

- Coordinating and networking the sites and ensuring efficient cooperation with the federal authorities while providing a coherent umbrella brand

- Ensuring uniform quality standards at the sites on the basis of the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Economic Affairs (VDK) criteria catalog and its further development in the context of continuous improvement processes
- PARK ZURICH (ETH in Duebendorf)
- PARK innovAARE (Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen)"

It's a foundation entirely financed by those sponsors:
Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, Swiss Life, UBS, Mobiliar, Novartis, Roche, BASF, Swisscom, Holcim, Sika, Schindler, TRUMPF, Economiesuisse, Swissmem, Swiss Watch Industry, Zurich, Nestle, ABB.

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8 weeks ago by eocas
"A holochain application is run entirely by the people who use it.
This enables direct communication, without the need for corporate web servers.

For any particular use case, developers can create fit-for-purpose solutions that strike the right balance between minimizing risks, reducing costs, and optimizing speed.

Relative to other distributed application infrastructures such as Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum), Holochain applications operate exponentially faster and cheaper. Our lightweight architecture is perfect even for mobile phones and other low capacity devices."

It builds upon the (IPFS-inspired) Ceptr distributed computing platform, programmed in Go.

They are working on Holo, an implementation which lets one share their computer's spare capacity to help others connect to peer-to-peer apps. When people use the apps one hosts, one can get rewarded in cryptocurrency by the app's creators.

Unlike blockchain's proof-of-work (universal concensus) is their holochain applying proof-of-service which is sufficiently safe for the designated shared P2P hosting use-case yet is massively more resource-efficient (no mining!) and faster.

Further information:

Startupinthecloud  Technology  blockchain  decentralization  Security  Platform  Software_Engineering  Application  ECM  Economy 
8 weeks ago by eocas
" *Building a Global Nervous System* -> Ceptr is one of those audacious, world-changing projects which can't be summarized into a shiny catch-phrase, but here are some anyway. Ceptr is a:

- Cooperative framework for distributed applications
- Quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence
- Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons
- Pluggable protocols that let everything talk to everything
- Organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors

"Breakthroughs in our capacities to communicate and coordinate restructure society. Language birthed culture and hunter-gatherer tribes. Writing forged kingdoms and agriculture-age empires. Printing enabled nations and industrial-age economies. The Internet launched a new restructuring of society, but is constrained by computing tech designed for centralized control. Learning from nature's blueprints, Ceptr provides an evolvable, fully distributed framework for coordination and sense-making on all scales."

Ceptr is the underlying base for these sub-projects:

- Holo Cryptocurrency -> Infrastructure for Global Scale and Stable Value

- Holochain -> Scalable, agent-centric, distributed computing

- Mutual Credit Cryptocurrencies: Beyond Blockchain Bottlenecks

- Pcubed (Plugable Protocol for Protocols) -> Fundamental Interoperability through Self-Describing Protocols

- Sovereign Accountable Commons -> Surpassing Smart Contracts for Social Coherence

- Fallacy of Individualism -> Hacking Social Compulsion for Commonwealth

- Grammatic Capacities and the Evolution of Complex Adaptive Systems

- A Fractal Virtual Machine System Framework as New Networked Global Nervous System

- Network Intelligence (Neural Internetworking) -> From Shared Network Storage to Distributed Associative Memory

- Holoptinets -> Large-Scale Self-Reflective Functional Intelligence

- Ceptr Revelation -> Applying the patterns of living systems to upgrade social intelligence

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8 weeks ago by eocas
The MetaCurrency Project
"The MetaCurrency project builds tool and technology to open source the next, P2P economy, where currencies reflect the value and purposes of active participants.[...] Developing new protocols and projects on the ground that embody the values of gifting and deep wealth creation."

One of their projects is CEPTR which intends to building a semantic, mashable, fully decentralized Internet. Other projects such as XGFL (eXtensible Game Format Language), Streamscapes, Emerging Leader Labs or Agile Learning Centers".

Founder & mastermind Arthur Brock who is also behind Holochain.

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Platform  Education  blockchain  Economy  decentralization  Technology  Security  opensource  Open_Data 
8 weeks ago by eocas
Agile Learning Centers
"Agile Learning Centers are an expanding network of micro-schools leveraging agile tools to support self-directed education."

Their includes:

Organization & Admin

Building a Founding Team
Gathering Advisors, Partners, Supporters and Participants
Running your Planning Meetings & Governance
Becoming a Legal Entity
Compliance with State Requirements
Financial Planning
Location, Location, Location!
Enrolling Students
Financial Management & Administration
Employment: Hiring, Contracting & Firing People

Communication & Promotion

Tips for Getting the Conversation Started
ALC Educational Model – An Agile Tree
School Name, Brand & Message
Establishing Communications Infrastructure
Infrastructure for Local Community
Infrastructure for Online Community
Marketing Campaigns & Outreach
Upgrading your Communications / Messaging 2.0

Facilitation & Daily Operation

Operational Framework
Basic Roles and Responsibilities of Groups and Individuals
Being an Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF)
A Week In Facilitation: An ALFing Narrative

There exists an Agile Learning Center in Shunyi / Beijing, through facilitator

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8 weeks ago by eocas
"THE is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era. We critically convoy decision makers on their way to the necessary shift in perspective and world-view supporting the digital transformation towards an economically as well as ecologically sustainable present and future.

Our focus lies on internationally proved and tested instruments of both scientific as well as radical explorative nature.

We consider ourselves being a platform both transdisciplinary as well as cross-generations for family offices, industry experts and creatives who like to believe that there´s tremendous potential in the Digital Modern era beyond fear and greed."

Based in Vaduz / Liechtenstein.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  agency  Switzerland  Consultancy  Sustainability  Platform 
8 weeks ago by eocas
"Holo is helping to grow a more human Internet — where you control your personal data and choose how your applications work. With Holo, you share your computer's spare capacity to help others connect to peer-to-peer apps. When people use the apps you host, you can get rewarded in cryptocurrency by the app's creators."

Their story:
"Co-founders Eric Harris-Braun and Art Brock met in the summer of 2004 at a conference about local currencies. At the time, both were searching for alternatives to the dysfunction and bureaucracy that accompany working within traditional hierarchical organizations and suspected that currencies — or the way we signal each other — might provide some answers. Art had run a successful software company that operated as a “boss-less environment,” and he would soon found a network of student-directed schools, called Agile Learning Centers, of which there are now over thirty locations worldwide. Eric had been designing peer-to-peer networks and software since 1991 and has run several successful software companies."

They are working on Holo, an implementation which lets one share their computer’s spare capacity to help others connect to peer-to-peer apps. When people use the apps one hosts, one can get rewarded in cryptocurrency by the app’s creators.

Holo - Crowdfunding:

Holo - Further information:

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  blockchain  Storage  Application  decentralization  Security  Organization  network 
8 weeks ago by eocas
Jameson Lopp :: Bitcoin Resources
List of educational Bitcoin resources. Categories:
- Getting Started
- Online Courses
- Deep Dive Technical Resources
- Documentaries
- Video Presentations
- History of Bitcoin
- News sites
- High Quality Blogs
- Podcasts
- Miscellaneous Statistics
- Discussion Forums
- Buying Bitcoins
- Vendors Accepting Bitcoin
- Advanced Trading
- Visualizations
- Realtime Exchange Data
- Mining
- Security
- Privacy
- Lightning Network
- Fork Stats
- Setting up a Wallet
- Running a Node

Startupinthecloud  Education  blockchain  Privacy  Security  Directory_Database  Tutorial  Finance 
9 weeks ago by eocas
"Open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations [...] real-time chat system that allows users to easily process hundreds or thousands of messages a day. With over 300 contributors merging over 500 commits a month, Zulip is also the largest and fastest growing open source group chat project."

Further read:

Startupinthecloud  opensource  Python  Messaging  Groupware  Productivity  Information_Platform  SaaS  Intranet 
10 weeks ago by eocas
Bitcoin Suisse
Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets.

Their projects:
Active ICOs:
AI Gang
Fort Knoxster

Past ICOs:
Melonport – $3 million
Matchpool – $5.7 million
TokenCard – $13 million
aeternity – $70 million
Mysterium – $14.3 million
Bancor – $153 million
Status – $100 million
OmiseGO – $25 million
Tezos – $206 million
Decentraland – $25 million
Moeda – $20 million

Falcon Private Bank AG
Ethereum Foundation
City of Zug
Lisk foundation

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november 2017 by eocas

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