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Bitcoin Suisse
Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets.

Their projects:
Active ICOs:
AI Gang
Fort Knoxster

Past ICOs:
Melonport – $3 million
Matchpool – $5.7 million
TokenCard – $13 million
aeternity – $70 million
Mysterium – $14.3 million
Bancor – $153 million
Status – $100 million
OmiseGO – $25 million
Tezos – $206 million
Decentraland – $25 million
Moeda – $20 million

Falcon Private Bank AG
Ethereum Foundation
City of Zug
Lisk foundation

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22 days ago by eocas
State of the ÐApps
Directory platform for dApps in tag-categories such as: Finance, game, token, exchange, market, community, money, trading, p2p, gambling, transactions, social, metamask, security, development but also in more eco-centric tags like climate, energy, environment, sustainability.

"State of the DApps is a not-for-profit curated directory of Decentralized Applications, also called DApps (pronounced D-Apps) on the Ethereum Blockchain. State of DApps was created to categorize and showcase developed projects built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The inspiration for State of the DApps came from FreshMeat now known as FreeCode which was a site reference for Linux users, which had a big inventory of the open source applications, games and all sources for Linux.

In State of the DApps there are many projects covering different fields such as health, Ponzi schemes, games, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, education, registries, job markets, tinder for horses and many more.
State of the DApps is a privately funded and independent project [...] what makes us successful is our autonomy & objectivity."

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Sustainability  blockchain  Directory_Database  decentralization  Finance  community  Trade  Social_Media  Social_Networks  opensource  Marketing 
6 weeks ago by eocas
DAO IPCI (Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives)
Seems like a government-initiated DAO to operate, sustain and developing carbon markets.


"Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating, sustaining and developing the Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives, smart contracts and blockchain technology-based independent ecosystem designed for carbon markets, societal costs mitigation instruments, including carbon compliance units’, carbon-offset credits, other environmental mitigation credits, environmental assets, rights and liabilities.

DAO IPCI – truly decentralized public blockchain ecosystem is authentically private nonprofit project independent of government, corporate, business or NGO particular interests.

On May 24, 2016, the Russian Carbon Fund has officially unveiled the Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives.
designed to develop a distributed network of mitigation contributors based on common principles, rules and criteria, as well as provide an accounting platform, which can achieve absolute emission reduction targets in compliance with quantitative emission limitation commitments. The goal is to integrate corporate and regional mitigation initiatives.

The Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives derives from ongoing subnational and corporate climate initiatives and aims at providing for common investment instruments, which are based on climate change mitigation outcomes including high quality carbon offset credits.

The Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives has served as DAO IPCI genesis program."

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Russia  government  blockchain  decentralization  Sustainability  Localization  Local_Governments  Carbon_Trade  NGO_NPO  Ecosystem  Technology  climatechange  Business_Advisory_relevant 
6 weeks ago by eocas
Blockchain Development Company (aka "EcoChain")
Platform for eco-friendly crypto projects. Ethereum-based token to support sustainability (environmental and humanitarian impact) projects via (their) ecosystem. First three dApps projects in renewables, recycling and provenance:

Invest directly in renewable energy projects of your choice around the world.

Earn income by trading in your plastic and cans.

Guarantee what you buy is what you see on the label.

Established foundation in Scotland / UK.

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  blockchain  Eco  ecological  Sustainability  Environment  Humanitarian  Renewable_Energy  Recycling  Transparency  food  foodsystems  Ecosystem  Investor_Relations  Platform  decentralization  UK 
6 weeks ago by eocas
"High-performance, transport independent, implementation of RFC 3720 iSCSI for Linux.

Open-iSCSI is partitioned into user and kernel parts.

The kernel portion of Open-iSCSI is maintained as part of the Linux kernel and is licensed under the GPL version 2. The kernel part implements iSCSI data path (that is, iSCSI Read and iSCSI Write), and consists of several loadable kernel modules and drivers.

The Open-ISCSI user space is maintained on the projects GitHub account. User space contains the entire control plane: configuration manager, iSCSI Discovery, Login and Logout processing, connection-level error processing, Nop-In and Nop-Out handling, etc.

The Open-iSCSI user space consists of a daemon process called iscsid, and a management utility iscsiadm."

Tested with AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon, not yet ARM.

Example of Open-iSCSI implementation:

- Synology NAS acts as target >

- Debian desktop as initiator >

Startupinthecloud  NAS  Storage  Availability  Linux  opensource  sysAdmin  Systems_Management 
7 weeks ago by eocas
"LizardFS Software Defined Storage is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available file system. It allows users to combine disk space located on several servers into a single name space which is visible on Unix-like and Windows systems in the same way as other file systems. LizardFS makes files secure by keeping all the data in many replicas spread over all available servers. It can be used also to build an affordable storage, because it runs without any problems on commodity hardware.

Disk and server failures are handled transparently, without any downtime or loss of data. If storage requirements grow, it’s possible to scale an existing LizardFS installation just by adding new servers – at any time, without any downtime. The system will automatically move data across to the newly added servers, as it continuously takes care of balancing disk usage across all connected nodes. Removing a server is just as simple and easy as adding a new one.

Unique features:

support for multiple datacenters and media types,
fast snapshots,
transparent trash bin,
QoS mechanisms,
quotas and a comprehensive set of monitoring tools make it suitable for a range of enterprise-class applications.

Use cases:

archive – with LTO Library/Drive support
storage for virtual machines (as an OpenStack backend or similar)
storage for media/CCTV etc
storage for render farms
storage for backups
as a network share drive for Windows™ servers
DRC (Disaster Recovery Center)
HPC (High Performance Computing)"


Startupinthecloud  decentralization  Storage  Availability  Enterprise_Architecture  Linux  opensource  Filesync 
7 weeks ago by eocas
MaidSafe - The New Decentralized Internet, the World's First Autonomous Data Network
"Blockchain based storage solutions that store a data identifier (e.g. hash) in a blockchain, but store the data 'somewhere else' do not improve the security of our data. That 'somewhere else' still needs to be secured, and if this data can be deleted, or our access denied these 'solutions' are not fit for purpose. The SAFE Network removes people from the management of our information to protect the world's data.

The SAFE network is autonomous and decentralised. It is not a set of federated servers, or owned storage locations, or identifiable nodes, nor does it contain a blockchain.

Lowest possible price through a perfect market. No humans setting prices for network services, the network continually adjusts and sets prices at the lowest possible costs based on available resources and user demand.

The currency is the data. The SAFE Network's currency is data and is secured on SAFE like all forms of data. In essence, the network is the ledger, but here that ledger is private and integrated, not an add-on.

The ultimate smart contract. SAFE stores and protects all data within a network that has been designed for this specific task, and Farmers are paid for their excess resource that comprise the network. The network calculates the costs of services (such as storage, communications and in time computation) providing it to the user at the lowest possible cost. You should think of this as the ultimate smart contract.

Safecoin. The mechanism that incentivises the provision of resources by the network, measuring and rewarding value without wasting any resources (no proof of work)."

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  blockchain  Storage  decentralization  Security  network  Platform  opensource 
7 weeks ago by eocas
IOTA - The Machine Economy
Kind of blockchain for IoT (yet without the blockchain!).

"IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015 that goes 'beyond blockchain' through its core invention of the blockless ‘Tangle’. The IOTA Tangle is a quantum-resistant Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), whose digital currency 'iota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

IOTA uniquely offers zero-fee transactions & no fixed limit on how many transactions can be confirmed per second. Scaling limitations have been removed, since throughput grows in conjunction with activity; the more activity, the more transactions can be processed & the faster the network. Further, unlike blockchain architecture, IOTA has no separation between users and validators (miners / stakers); rather, validation is an intrinsic property of using the ledger, thus avoiding centralization.

IOTA is focused on being useful for the emerging machine-to-machine (m2m) economy of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), data integrity, micro-/nano- payments, and other applications where a scalable decentralized system is warranted."

- - -

Opinionated press article as introduction:

Birdview of blockchain shortcomings:


Open-source repositories / framework:

Community forum:

IOTA coin price chart: (today 20171023 = $0.377342 / 0.00006299 BTC)

Conceptual & technical design challenges:

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  blockchain  Security  Payment  opensource  Platform  Framework  Ecosystem  Finance  Legal  Economy  Micro-Financing  decentralization  fintech 
7 weeks ago by eocas
"BITNATION is the World’s First Virtual Nation – A Blockchain Jurisdiction.

Nation State Governments have failed to keep up with the technologies that are transforming our lives. The Internet has radically interconnected our world and Blockchain technology – a cryptographically secured public ledger that is distributed amongst all of its users – allows us to choose to govern ourselves for the way we want to live now: peer-to-peer, more locally and globally.
We’re a holacratic organization and we strive to become a fully functional Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Anyone can join or create a team (‘holon’), whether for-profit or nonprofit, and benefit from the support and technological infrastructure of the BITNATION community."

The underlying rules / framework is called:
"Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN) Liquid Holocracy Constitution".

blockchain  Framework  Standardization  decentralization  HR  Policy  Politics  Security  open-data  NGO_NPO  Organization  Localization  Ecosystem  Legal  network  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  opensource 
7 weeks ago by eocas
NEO Smart Economy
Considered to be China's Ethereum because its ecosystem-driven approach. Said to be in discussions with Chinese government to help them building some kind of national blockchain economy standard and solutions.

About NEO:
"NEO, formerly Antshares, is China's first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the Smart Economy.
NEO is the use of blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self-managed, to achieve "smart economy" with a distributed network."

Multi-platform support yet to develop requires Microsoft's .NET Core SDK.

Based in Beijing. Founder Da Hongfei.

blockchain  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Ecosystem  Finance  Legal  Policy  China  Economy  Payment  Standardization  government  network  Smart  decentralization  Platform  fintech  opensource 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Tech and consulting company which helps progressive organizations by providing the legal constructs and agreements needed for self-organization. The purpose of is “Going Beyond Employment. Liberating Purposeful Work”.

"We took the learnings of pioneering models of self-organization like Holacracy and plugged them into a legally grounded context, combined with new dynamic equity models and new social agreements."

Currently an agency, later maybe will develop a software framework.

Organization  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Legal  Employment_Research  agency  SocialEntrepreneur  Social  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Model  Business_Planning  HR 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Paul M Furley
Inspiring talented, kind-spirited fellow citizen / engineer / developer / mentor.

"I'm trying to build things to improve the world.

I care about human rights, internet freedom, equality.

I ❤ linux, python, crypto & security :)

- - -

I’m a pragmatic Engineer with great people skills - I'm good at balancing technical decisions against user needs and working with non-technical people.

I get excited about Open Source, Linux, Python, Automating everything(!), Raspberry Pi, privacy, cryptography, Tor, machine learning, internet of things, renewable energy, open government, democracy, transparency... and lots more!"

Useful tutorials:
- Expirybot emails PGP users before their key expires
- Taking Back My Data, Part 1: Move from Dropbox to Nextcloud
- Hardening my Development Machine
- The Difference Between GPG, GnuPG, PGP and OpenPGP

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Lifesnippets  Lifestyle  Python  interview  Politics  democracy  Transparency  IoT  Expert  machine-learning  Automation  Linux  Tutorial  opensource 
7 weeks ago by eocas
The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators
As last of the big browsers has Microsoft Edge just introduced support for CSS Grid, this only half a year after the standard has been approved by W3C. The article describes the almost 20 years long history of origins and exemplifies its benefits. One can guess advantages in using pure CSS grid (with e.g. Vanilla CSS) over Flexbox framework or preprocessors such as SASS, LESS, Bootstrap or Stylus.


Prezi-style presentation example:

CSS Grid vs Flexbox: (Tipp: Use both)

Live emulation / comparison of CSS Grid vs Flexbox:

Startupinthecloud  Standardization  webdesign  website  Web_Design  Web_Development  design  Desktop_Publishing  CSS  Browser  Framework 
7 weeks ago by eocas
"Venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum.

The ConsenSys “hub / formation” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain. In addition to the development of internal projects and consulting work, ConsenSys is interested in the identification, development and acquisition of talent and projects on an ongoing basis."

- Balanc3; A smart contract powered Triple-Entry Accounting system (EtherSign and IPFS).
- BoardRoom;organization governance.
- DAOWars; Creating smarter AI.
- dAppstore; Marketplace for decentralized applications (‘Ðapps’).
- EtherEx; e-monetary exchange.
- EtherLoan; Decentralized crowd-lending platform.
- EtherPoker; Online poker where players never have to deposit money on a site, the shuffle is provably random, and cards are cryptographically secure.
- eSign; Signing and managing smart contracts.
- Grid+; Give consumers direct access to wholesale electricity markets.
- Gnōsis; Complex predictions made easy.
- HunchGame; Platform for trend setters and gossip gurus.
- Inflekt; Tribal network and events management platform.
- Ujo; Returns more value to content creators and their customers.
- WeiFund; Crowdfunding campaign platform that uses smart contracts.
- ConsenSys Supplychain; Empowering supply chain with smart contracts.

Core components (backend services for dApps & platforms):
- Benefactory; Smart contracts for nonprofit foundations and donators.
- BlockApps; Full stack application platform.
- BTC Relay; Verify ETH transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.
- INFURA; Provides the world with secure, stable, fault tolerant, and scalable Ethereum and IPFS nodes.
- LightWallet; HD wallet to store private keys encrypted in the browser to allow you to run Ethereum dapps even if you’re not running a local Ethereum node.
- MetaMask; Browser extension that enables access to web Dapps through browser.
- Nethereum; .Net integration library for Ethereum.
- ProvID; Know-Your-Customer address verification on Ethereum.
- Regis; Register, track and transfer the ownership of digital assets.
- RepSys; Reputation system that is embedded in Dapps including uPort.
- Stabl; Enables dApps to hold and manage stable smart contract values, protecting users from ETH price volatility.
- Truffle; Development framework written in Javascript ES6 to create, compile, deploy, and test dApps.
- uPort; Enabling self-sovereign identity and digital assets.
- ethereumjs-accounts; In-browser Javascript module for managing Ethereum accounts and signing transactions remotely, without a local RPC node.
- ethereumH; Haskell Ethereum Client is a secure, scalable gateway for dApps.
- ethereumJ: Java Ethereum Client hosts Java Virtual Machine who runs a fully-featured Ethereum node.

- Microsoft; Blockchain-as-a-Service (ETH BaaS) including developer tools Ether.Camp and BlockApps.
- TransActive Grid; Joint venture (with LO3 Energy) to provide business logic layer with real-time metering of local energy generation. Enables real-time purchase and sale of spot delivery, as well as futures and options on delivery, which can be traded on an open, decentralized energy trading exchange.
- CO-TRICITY; Partnership with Innogy Innovation aiming to create a market between homeowners who produce solar powered energy and local businesses.
- SingularDTV; Production and distribution platform, creating broadcast quality original film and television content.
- Ubuntu; Functionality such as Ethereum-verified Digital ID.

Non-profit affiliations:
- Smart Contracts Foundation (SCF); Organizations, companies, and others in the blockchain space which will define standardized frameworks and interoperability on various kinds of dApps.
- Ethereum Foundation (Stiftung Ethereum); Non-profit organization in Switzerland, to maintain specfications and protocols, and managing resources to build out the Ethereum and decentralized technology ecosystem.
- Cryptocurrency Research Group (CCRG); Cross-disciplinary research network focused on studying cryptocurrencies and other decentralized consensus technologies.
- Code to Inspire; Educating Afghan female students by improving their technical literacy and teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as freelancers.

Founded by Martin Köppelmann who was also into predication analysis platforms Fairlay and Gnosis.

Offices in San Francisco, New York City, Dubai and London.

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7 weeks ago by eocas
Augur Project - Decentralized Prediction Markets
"Augur combines the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network to create a stunningly accurate forecasting tool - and the chance for real money trading profits."

Safe, automated payments by Ethereum-based smart contracts, using $REP (= Reputation) the token behind Augur, and can be thought of as the “score” (for crowd-sourcing intelligence, not investment) of an individual participant within Augur.

Similar alternatives are Fairlay or Gnosis. The latter aggregates relevant information from both human and AI agents into one number and focuses on banking and insurance, with an Oracle database & middleware layer.

blockchain  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Economy  Crowdfunding  AI  decentralization  PaaS  Database 
7 weeks ago by eocas
A Next-Generation Social Media Network powered by Ethereum, embedded into the Inter-Planetary File System.

"Explore the applications and implications of a permanent web in the context of social networks, freedom of expression, creative perpetuity, and privacy for a better Web in service of humanity.
Publish, share and vote for entries, similar to Medium and other modern publishing platforms, with the difference that your content is actually published over a decentralized network rather than on our servers. Moreover, the votes are bundled with micro transactions so if your content is good you’ll generate value – in a way, mining with your mind."

Based in Zug / Switzerland.

Startupinthecloud  Social_Media  Social_Networks  publication  Publicity  blockchain  Storage  Switzerland 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Colony: A platform for open organizations
"Colony is building tools for a more open, collaborative, decentralized future of work. This includes an open protocol for coordinating the economic activity of a network of users, a GUI for starting and contributing to Colonies, and a library to add the Colony protocol to any application or organization.
In a typical organization, the rules for decision-making, compensation, ownership, and seniority exist in documents. Colony encodes those rules in smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This approach to work is:

1. Trustless. The Ethereum Blockchain enforces the rules of an organization. Members can’t break the rules or change them arbitrarily at the expense of other members.
2. Open. Strangers can collaborate on a colony without formal hiring processes, contracts, or fear of being cheated. Participation is open and fluid.
3. Meritocratic. In this trustless, open system, members earn payment or ownership commensurate with their contributions to the colony.
4. Networked. Anyone can take on work in the Colony Network and be rewarded for quality output.

Put simply, Colony is infrastructure for “open organizations”: self-organizing teams that run via software, not paperwork."

An alternative solution (yet also based on Ethereum) comes from Aragon (

blockchain  Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Collaboration  Collective  decentralization  Organization  Enterprise_Architecture  Legal  Transparency  Software  ERP 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Ethereum for Everyone (Ethereum Public Blockchain; ETH not ETC)
Self-introductory post of Ethereum's blockchain-based platform and its ecosystems.

"Ethereum’s public blockchain has been specifically designed to be a decentralized application platform. This means that Ethereum can run apps that are similar to apps you might find on a computer or smartphone, but in a way that shares the blockchains unique ledger-like features. This means apps that can be decentralized, potentially owned by no company and no country, and yet globally accessible, secure, transparent, as well as many more incredible characteristics.
This is the building of a new economy, a "world computer", allowing a myriad of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).
It should not be frightening to people or governments, but in a way that should be thought of as innovative, streamlined, better, with exciting opportunities for business growth and information security, including a country’s most precious information. This is a technology that reflects a rising tide that lifts all boats.
It seems clear now that Ethereum is becoming a technological standard for a combined industry that will soon be worth trillions.
Examples of ecosystems growing out of Ethereum public blockchain:
- Mega uber supercomputing
- Fight counterfeiting
- Self-organizing company
- Network and secure intellectual property (uncencorable)
- Superior prediction
- Super auditing (records cannot be altered)
- Digitized perks and asset value (compatible with IoT and tokenize markets such as fiat currencies, premium memberships or gold)
- Fair bets (e.g. contract-based casino)
- Better loans and credit (P2P without middleman, global scope)
- Video game economy
- Banks and charity (e.g. United Nations funds for aid)
- Mobile text/payment/browsing (open global financing system)
- Asset management and investing (The complex economy emerging around Ethereum's ERC tokens may make it difficult to decide with which to invest, hold, secure, etc. Expert digital asset management are emerging to assist, creating services such as “index” funds to help)
- Empowering creators (ownership and control by the content creators, while at the same time novel, cost effective, ways for content creators to reach agreements with producers, directors, actors, crew and be able to define royalty and rights management in a way that is transparent and fair)
- Open world knowledge base (e.g. Wikipedia more accurate, uncensored, decentralized, and more detailed, by rewarding strong contributions and peer review.)
- Matchmaking (e.g. global job market or dating)
- Ad tokens (e.g. Brave web browser basic attention token)
- Internet of Things (share anything and be compensated)
Most other blockchains, such as Bitcoin (despite RSK Rootstock add-on), Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, are not Smart contract platforms, and therefore, are not competitors for such a market."

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Fashionmeetsorganic  blockchain  Economy  circulareconomy  Finance  Ecosystem  decentralization  Application  Platform  Security  Safety  Transparency  Automation  Organization  Innovation  network  Management  Investor_Relations  Creative  Knowledge  Marketing  Market_Report  Report  IoT 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Blockchain Investment Trends In Review
"The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies hovers around $150B, Walmart and Pfizer have completed successful blockchain pilots in food safety and medicine tracking, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) have exploded in popularity, closing on $2B+ in funding in 2017 alone.

Politically, blockchain technology has fostered a renewed examination of today’s highly centralized web, and reignited conversations around currency and value, digital governance, and the fundamental structures and rails of our modern internet.

But how did we get here?

This report will explore how various forces have shaped the current blockchain landscape. Specifically, we’ll take a data-driven look at venture, corporate, and initial coin offering investment trends, and offer some insights into blockchain’s immediate future."


blockchain  Report  filetype:pdf  Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Finance  Investor_Relations  Technology  Ecosystem 
7 weeks ago by eocas
Federated personal profile with social networking functionality.

Socialhome federates using the Diaspora protocol. This allows content to federate not only to other #Socialhome nodes, but also with nodes from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla and in the future #Mastodon.

Open-source, written in Python. Stack including Django, Channels, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Masonry, RQ, PostgreSQL, uWSGI, Circus, Mocha, federation, Haystack, Whoosh and soon VueJS.

Startupinthecloud  Social  Social_Networking  decentralization  Privacy  Private_Cloud  Python  Communication  community  Community_Cloud_Computing 
8 weeks ago by eocas

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