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Portal dla startupowców, który powinien znać każdy młody przedsiębiorca - MamStartup
Myślisz o własnym biznesie? Masz startup i szukasz możliwości rozwoju, ekspansji, finansowania lub wsparcia merytorycznego? Portal to prawdopodobnie jedyne miejsce, gdzie najdziesz ponad 100 programów wsparcia dla innowatorów, startupów i MŚP.
5 hours ago by drozdoo
SFOSC :: Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities
Guidelines for building sustainable free and open source communities
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6 hours ago by xer0x
成功するスタートアップは一夜にして成功する。ただし、 – Taka Umada – Medium
> 「その一夜というのは大抵の場合 1,000 日目から 3,500 日目の間のどこかに起こる」と続きます。これは Startup L. Jackson の言葉です。つまり、たった一夜で成功することはあるが、そこに至るまでには長い時間がかかるということです。
yesterday by yoshiagi
SFOSC - Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities
A place dedicated to the discussion, creation, and evolution of Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities. We are organized around the development of a set of shared principles that we believe lead to healthy, sustainable open source communities.

Our conception of community is an expansive one - it covers developers, users, evangelists, venture capitalists - anyone who believes that software is better when it is built in a community, and that communities are formed because of a shared understanding between people.
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yesterday by liqweed
The truth about tech, from an insider who got out
Only after turning in my Top Hat laptop and security pass did I admit to myself that I was never a true disruptor. Tech companies always equate efficiency and speed with virtue and perfection. Top Hat’s software could very well make higher education more efficient but possibly less rewarding and meaningful for the student. The legacy textbook publishers the company wants to disrupt aren’t perfect, sure, but that doesn’t mean they need to be destroyed. Those publishers do many things very well, and they do them slowly, with great care, for a reason. We should resist change for change’s sake.

I’m being naïve, aren’t I?
2 days ago by lena
Content to Help YOU Build a Profitable Startup
2 days ago by hanyu

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