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Liberties [by centrifuge]
10 972 | In which Kirk precipitates an unintended cultural exchange, Spock develops a drinking problem, and the crew stages an intervention, but not the kind Kirk was expecting.
10-50k  kirk/spock  StarTrekXI 
july 2018 by yesnotoaster
How We Are (but not how we're going to be) [by alpha_hydra]
35 916 | Even when they hate each other, they're still sort of falling in love.
kirk/spock  StarTrekXI  10-50k 
july 2018 by yesnotoaster
Something Smart to Do by kianspo
In which Jim finds himself fake-married to his first officer every other month. It's not his fault. Mostly. Dowries and Klingons are involved. Starfleet is decidedly not amused.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  jimkirk  spock  mccoy  uhura  kirk/spock  chekov  sulu  humour  author:kianspo  fakerelationship 
may 2018 by ashtree22
The Genetic Soap Opera (or, One of the Less Dignified Royal Weddings) by waketosleep
Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  slash  jimkirk  spock  spock/kirk  uhura  bones  humour  au  author:waketosleep 
march 2018 by ashtree22
Decimation by waldorph
Spock is pretty much doomed the minute Jane realizes that the fatshirt is incredibly slutty, and also regulation.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  jimkirk  spock  kirk/spock  genderswap  humour  bones  author:waldorph 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Bluebird by waldorph
After the events of Beyond, Kirk's mom crashes his birthday party and everyone deals with what happened on the last mission.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  jimkirk  spock  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  mccoy  sulu  chekov  winonakirk  author:waldorph 
january 2018 by ashtree22
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by lazulisong
It really does take a village to raise a Jim.

The members of the Kelvin's crew watch over Jim as much as he lets them.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  gen  kirk  spock  mccoy  uhura  sulu  chekov  author:lazulisong 
july 2017 by ashtree22
Linguistic Ambiguities in Vulcan Ethical Codes by elumish
The thing people always forget is that it was a Vulcan ship that reached Tarsus IV first.
fic  startrek  startrekxi  startrek:reboot  gen  kirk  spock  uhura  ptsd  author:elumish 
july 2017 by ashtree22
Spock POV fic of his years at Starfleet Academy and he is lonely and I am sad for him and then James T.


Spock is the first Vulcan at Starfleet Academy, and Starfleet Academy is the first time Spock has been on Earth for an extended period of time. He hopes to find a place where his status as half-human isn't looked down upon so harshly, and tries to adapt to human life and human values.

Then he meets some cadets who are willing to adapt to him.
Scientia_Fantasia  kirk/spock  length:long.20k-50k  startrekxi  from twitter
january 2017 by isweedan
Strunk & White, Revised Edition
hilar epistolary fic between spock sybok and t'pring in the AOS

TO: Commander Spock, USS Enterprise NC-1701
FROM: Sybok, Vulcan Embassy, San Francisco, Earth
RE: T’Pring

startrek  length:short.1k-5k  leupagus  startrekxi  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
Some Translation Required
::happy sigh:: Nothing beats "hold my beer!" earthlings in starfleet stories.


Spock was able, at any given moment, to understand at least 50% of whatever it was Montgomery Scott was doing at any given moment.
waldorph  startrek  startrekxi  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
we have not touched the stars
It is January, 2063. Humanity has quietly achieved interstellar travel, and Jim's soulbond stretches into the stars.
prouvairing  length:medium.5k-10k  kirk/spock  startrek  startrekxi  soulbond  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
You Don't Have To (Say Yes)
Author: luminousbeings
Summary: The abridged sexual history of James Tiberius Kirk.

Or, Jim’s varyingly unhealthy idea of what sex is supposed to be (a it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better story).
(Very long. Very good.)
fic  startrekxi  kirk/spock  r  author:luminousbeings 
november 2016 by jade__recs
Find It And Keep It
This fic about the crew giving Jaylah presents is lovely lovely lovely
shinyjenni  startrekxi  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
september 2016 by isweedan
hollow feast
. gave me this heartbreaking jaylah fic. THANKS LUC.
wildehack  length:short.1k-5k  startrekxi  jaylah  from twitter
august 2016 by isweedan
Carry It With You
This is a super lovely, super sweet post-film Jaylah character study
cosmic_llin  length:short.1k-5k  startrekxi  jaylah  from twitter
august 2016 by isweedan
And Then I Let It Go

Post-Star Trek Beyond. The crew of the Enterprise gets a breather while they are waiting for their new ship. Jim uses the time to do something he had sworn he would never do.
kirk/spock  length:medium.10k-20k  startrekxi  kianspo  from twitter
july 2016 by isweedan
High, Lows; Mostly Highs
fic where t j hammond and james t kirk grew up in iowa together and it was good for them


T.J.’s life has been a series of highs and lows. Mostly highs. Not just because he spends a lot of time on a starship, either. Mostly it’s his asshole friends, who won’t stop hanging around despite the fact that T.J.’s spent the better part of five years trying to get them to fuck off.

Twenty if you start counting right from Jim Kirk.
syllic  length:short.1k-5k  yuletide  politicalanimals  startrekxi  from twitter
january 2016 by isweedan
Disciplinary Matter - waldorph - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim's pretty sure he's got mutiny right now. He's got a lapful of mutiny.

|| Brutally hot, as in, I feel aggrieved at just how hot this fic is.
startrekxi  kirk/spock  aliens/magic-made-them-do-it  spanking  hot  infidelity  author:waldorph  rating:nc-17 
october 2015 by nyx
Still Life - dogpoet, garryowen (dogpoet) - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr.
startrekxi  kirk/spock  #kolinahr  (20001-50000)  #au  startrek 
august 2015 by unavee

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