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Be Mine by Diane_C
Starsky & Hutch have some Valentine's Day fun in the squad room.
Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  a:Diane_C  slash  humor  @AO3  FANFIC  short:1.000-6.000 
10 days ago by endeniem
Survival of the Fittest by Kaye Austen Michaels, illustrated by Lorraine Brevig
Starsky yawned and performed a series of unconsciously sexual stretches. When Starsky winked at him, Hutch ...stood with his back to his partner and adjusted himself in his jeans. This isn't happening to me now. Not after the great time we had last night...just being us. Damn it, that's sacred, he's sacred!
Hutch hadn't endured a morning this vulnerable in ages. What made this one different than any of a thousand mornings? The closeness, his mind answered immediately.
Seven years of burying my tendencies... Amputating half my libido for the sake of loyalty and safety... I have to focus on what's real. He's real. Our partnership is real. He would die for me. I would die for him. That's real. Respect what's real...
He knew how to get through this vulnerable morning without breaking his seven-year fast.
Hutch sat behind the wheel in his parking spot beside the muddy Land Rover and tried to concentrate on the scenery. Out here, roughly one hour and five minute's drive from Venice, he could pretend he wasn't one of LA's finest. He was Ken--an out-of-practice closet case who needed a little attention and understanding from a man who reached for him with sex on his mind, not a man who reached for him with his heart and soul and pushed every platonic boundary before drawing back to the safe side of heterosexuality.
Johnny Gage stood in the doorway, leaning casually against the doorjamb and giving him a come hither smile. This was a man, certainly, but a different man, with different selling points and attractions. This was no substitute for the straight, straight, forever and ever amen, straight ideal.
Satisfied, Ken left the car.
a:KayeAustenMichaels  a:LorraineBrevig  awesome  FANFIC  Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  slash  epic:>100.000  crossover  Emergency!  FANART  Hutch/Gage 
13 days ago by endeniem
Mary Van Deusen - Vids
"Be Prepared", "My Old Yellow Car", "Black Widows In The Privy", "One Man Magical Show", "Superman's Song", "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" (made by Paul Kosinski)
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a:MaryVanDeusen  FANVID  Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  slash  gen  humor  archive  startrek:DS9  *TrekVerse  duesouth  c:Garak  *Tolkien  tlotr  starwars  c:Benton_Fraser  a:PaulKosinski 
23 days ago by endeniem
Best Man by Nyssa
Pre-series S & H become partners, and not just on the job. Problems arise, naturally.
pre-series/movie/book  Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  slash  @AO3  a:nyssa  long:20.000-50.000  FANFIC 
4 weeks ago by endeniem
Four People Who Knew and One Who Didn’t by peg22
He’d heard Starsky talk about him for months now. Hutch this, Hutch that.
a:peg22  Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  FANFIC  @LJ/DW/IJ  short:1.000-6.000  slash 
5 weeks ago by endeniem
"Who do we trust?" by Anabelle Edwards
"A Starsky without a Hutch, is like a pig without the poke.”
a:AnabelleEdwards  Starsky&Hutch  @youtube  FANVID 
5 weeks ago by endeniem

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