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Star Trek: Discovery’s second season may boldly go where the first did not | Ars Technica
"I suggest that you focus on the problem in front of you, rather than what is behind."
Beware: this piece contains spoilers for seasons one and two of Star Trek: Discovery.
In many ways, this season felt very much like a much-needed reset from the previous one. The Klingon war is over, and the Federation is consumed by a new scientific pursuit: mysterious red bursts of light that have appeared across 30,000 light years.
The scene that really drove home the reset was the formal roll call, where our bridge characters say their names—really, directly to the audience.
It’s still baffling that we went an entire season without knowing most of the bridge crew’s names! Yes, we sort of got to know a handful of characters, but there are regular faces that we’ve seen many times on the bridge. If like the other shows, where the bulk of each episode happens in the nerve center of the ship, it would help to know who we’re interacting with.
But by the end of this episode, "Brother," despite all the original series-era teases Discovery is telling the audience that it’s leaving old Trek tropes behind. The show is uncharted space from here on out.
"I suggest that you focus on the problem in front of you, rather than what is behind," Sarek tells Burnham in the scene just before the roll call.
Spoilers ahead. If you continue to read and then complain about spoilers, you’ll be up to your elbow in Tellarite brains.
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CBS All Access confirms Star Trek: Discovery spinoff with Michelle Yeoh | Ars Technica
New series will focus on Captain Georgiou's adventures with Starfleet's Section 31.
Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery debuts January 17, and CBS All Access just confirmed to Deadline Hollywood that it will be producing a spinoff series starring Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh plays Federation Captain Philippa Georgiou on the series; rumors that the character would get a spinoff surfaced in November. This should hopefully blunt fan disappointment over the shelving of a planned Star Trek 4  movie (a sequel to Star Trek Beyond).
(Some spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery below.)
The spinoff will be co-produced by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt and will focus on Capt. Georgiou's work with Starfleet's secretive Section 31 (long part of the Star Trek canon since it was first introduced on Deep Space Nine in the 1990s). The original Capt. Georgiou died early on in Season 1 but soon reappeared via a mirror universe, and she has been a fan favorite ever since. Georgiou was approached by Section 31 in the season finale, and since she appears in teaser trailers for the upcoming season, it's safe to assume Yeoh will still show up occasionally on Discovery.
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"Open a channel to the Ferengi vessel."
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Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
You're probably wondering at this point, why is this weird Polish-named guy up on stage talking about Kirk drilling Spock?

And some of you may be thinking, “That's fine, please continue. Do you have any more slides?”

Well, I'm here by way of atonement, because I used to be a real jerk about fandom, and I used to make fun of them. Then I had a life-changing, road-to-Damascus moment. It involved a strange artifact that got produced partly because of something I did, which I'll describe in a few minutes. It taught me a great deal about community on the Internet.

As I've gotten to know fandom, I've grown convinced that they have a lot to teach us all. Fans are an example of real people using machines to talk to one another, rather than a manufactured and engineered attempt to graft social life onto a single website.
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