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(1) Traffic And Copy - Charlie Price
How to increase your sales conversion rate in 10 seconds...

Today I was reminded of the first and most important step to getting more sales

Whether you're a copywriter or a door-to-door sales rep

You cannot be successful if you miss this one thing

First Impressions...

Studies show that people will judge you in the first 4-10 seconds of a phone call, or even in under 1 second when they meet you in person

Once someone judges you, it's hard to change their mind

If you think the world isn't judgemental, you'd be wrong

Although people try not to judge,

They can't resist their monkey brain putting you in a box

Sizing you up...

Do they trust you?

Or are they repelled by you?

It only takes 10 damn seconds

With that being said, this means if you just get the first 10 seconds right of your sales pitch

You'll be on track for more sales

Simple hey :)

So what are the 3 rules for EVERY introduction you ever make

(I'm going to focus on sales meetings in this post, copywriting first impressions is a whole different ball game)

1) You must be on it

You don't want to be slow to respond in the first 10 seconds of your conversation

Lead the conversation

Step forward and introduce your damn self

Don't wait for someone else to introduce themselves to you

2) Be Genuinely Enthusiastic

I don't mean that plastic enthusiasm you get taught on a positive thinking course

If you sell something you believe works, and you're excited about helping your prospect

This enthusiasm shows

And it sells

3) Show you're an expert in your field

Did you know...

The easiest way to show you're an expert in your field is to actually become an expert in your field

Crazy right? ;)

But I do realise that it's not possible for you to become an expert overnight

One trick is to be sure of yourself

Like a doctor diagnosing an illness, they don't falter, they don't lack conviction

If you find being an expert hard

Then I suggest you niche down

Become an expert in a sub-category

This way you can become one of the few experts in that sub-category without anywhere near as much work :)


These three things must come across in the first 10 seconds of a conversation, otherwise you set yourself up for a massive uphill sales battle

This can be the difference between you proving yourself to a prospect


The much better situation, where your prospect is proving themselves to you

Over to you!

If you want more sales techniques like this, you gotta read Jordan Belforts new "Way of The Wolf" book :)
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october 2018 by daguti
Charm Offensive - Kishore Dharmarajan
"There are approximately 3000 digital agencies in Dubai, so when I told my wife I was quitting my well paid job and starting a digtial agency, she nearly fainted.

It is career suicide, she said.

But I had a plan. I positioned my digital agency as the only digital agency to guarantee 700% ROI on ad spend. This is unheard off in digital circles, because most digital agencies have no clue about ROI.

Then I started posting stories on Linkedin (most were charm offensive stories). But these stories all had the message of 700% ROI embedded in it, almost like a trojan horse.

After 71 stories and 300,000 readers on Linkedin, we got swamped with work. Now begins, the second chapter of the stuggle. How do you deliver 700% ROI on adspend?

As you can see, there are two ads below. The 'Before' ad was was what the client was doing before we took on the project. The 'After' ad was what we did after taking on the project.

The 'Before Ad' had 0.3% CTR (click through rate, while the 'After Ad' had a 2% CTR. That might not mean a lot but when you analyze it, you will find that that it's an increase of 566% in performance from one single ad.

They say that small tweaks lead to massive changes and that large doors hang on small hinges. So, even measuring the impact of one ad and increasing its CTR from 0.3% to 2% can have a massive impact on your campaign.

Once we started running these kind of campaigns, we became known as the 700% ROI agency in Dubai and enquiries came flooding in. Hope this inspires all of you to start your own business."
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august 2018 by daguti
True Facts : Carnivorous Plants - YouTube
A great example of:
- a way to turn a boring topic interesting with comedy
- a slightly different take on something lets you stand out
- comedy as an attention-getting device

The interesting thing to me is that the comedy here is not side splitting funny. It's just that no one does nature videos with any amount of humor in them, so this chuckle-worthy angle on the nature video stands out.
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may 2018 by daguti
Why Does a Tire Company Publish the Michelin Guide?
Great history of the Michelin Guide. I sort of knew, but didn't have a full understanding for why Michelin, which I knew as a tire company, published a food rating guide.

standing-out-or-differentiating = "For drivers, that information was essential. Gas stations did not yet exist, so drivers needed to know which pharmacies sold gasoline in several-liter containers. Motorists needed the timetables that listed when the sun set during the year, because highways did not yet have lights. Only a fraction of auto repair shops stayed open all year, which made it crucial to know which closed at the end of summer. Details like this distinguished the Michelin Guide from the tour books of the time, which assumed that people traveled by rail. "

and more history:
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march 2018 by daguti
(19) ClickFunnels (Official) - "The other day I commented on “leaning into” the objections from clients."
I always thought (and did) this - when something seems too hard, run TOWARDS IT, not away. When the masses are running away and you figure out how to do it, you become the only person doing it and you win by default! Even if you're not the only one who figured it out, you have a smaller pool of competitors.

"The other day I commented on “leaning into” the objections from clients.

But the principal applies to everything.

I was speaking with someone who wants to run ads in their country for Chiros but the compliance laws are strict so they were going to avoid that niche.

Many are doing the same in Australia.

I told them, the other option is to lean into the challenge. Be the best at running compliant ads, learn everything possible about the health care marketing laws. Then you will be in a blue ocean.

When you see people running. Their might be an opportunity.

That’s how the wealthy view stocks, bitcoin, real estate prices...

They view them as an opportunity. Food for thought."
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march 2018 by daguti
Fast Times at Billionaire High | SUCCESS
I had no idea JP Stevens was such an incredible high school.
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march 2016 by daguti
(1) Internet Marketing Super Friends
"The business was a printing shop right down the street in Austin. Every week he gets a shoutout on one of the more popular morning shows here. It costs him less than $10/week How? The official __ sponsor of ___ show His "blank" was water. They are the official water supplier of the show. Every week he goes to Sam's and grabs a big pack of bottled water and then drops it off at the studio. Simple as that. So how can you apply this to yourself or a client? Well we could all become the local water supplier of local shows. Or if that's taken, what about the breakfast / lunch provider. They can't give shoutouts to 100s of local businesses, but they do like when they can get something for free and all they have to do is give them a short spot. Anyone else have a similar idea? I'd love to hear it!"
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january 2016 by daguti
Martha Stewart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The epitome of marketing boring products... Sort of. Her stuff is not "boring" per se, but it is common in the sense that crafts and creativity are not hard. You can find millions of people selling their crafts all over the world, but if Martha Stewart can turn crafts into a million/billion dollar empire, ANY product with proper execution can earn a handsome reward. ................. comeback = "In 2004, Stewart was convicted of charges related to the ImClone insider trading affair and sentenced to prison. There was speculation that the incident would effectively end her media empire,[3][4][5] although Stewart began a comeback campaign in 2005[6] and her company returned to profitability in 2006"
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november 2015 by daguti

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