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Scripting News: May 20, 2017 |
I think we have to work on climate change and the fascism that's trying to boot up in the US. Our systems for news suck, and there are obvious ways to improve them if we put our minds to it. And I think a new incompatible feed format not only doesn't move us toward solving those problems, in a very small way (not worth worrying about) it moves us away from solving them. By using bandwidth that could be used to foster working-together, perhaps. By making things that would otherwise interop, not interop.

If developers have a hard time using XML in their apps, if that's the problem, why not attack it right there? Work to make it easier. I work in Node and the browser, and in both places XML and JSON are equally easy to use. The same could be done for any environment. In fact in the browser, XML is integrated deeply into the programming model, because the web is made out of XML.
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yesterday by kme
TED harassment
Technoutopian conference also has disgusting sexual behavior
ted  harassment  women  feminism  conference  standards 
yesterday by nelson
OpenMessaging - Cloud-oriented, vendor-neutral open standard for distributed messaging
Messaging and Streaming products have been widely used in modern architecture and data processing, for decoupling, queuing, buffering, ordering, replicating, etc. But when data transfers across different messaging and streaming platforms, the compatibility problem arises, which always means much additional work. Although JMS was a good solution during the past decade, it is limited in java environment, lacks specified guidelines for load balance/fault-tolerance, administration, security, and streaming feature, which make it not good at satisfying modern cloud-oriented messaging and streaming applications.
messaging  standards  opensource  distributed  Java 
2 days ago by liqweed
draft-wilde-registries-01 - The Use of Registries
Registries on the Internet and the Web fulfill a wide range of tasks,
ranging from low-level networking aspects such as packet type
identifiers, all the way to application-level protocols and
standards. This document summarizes some of the reasons of why and
how to use registries, and how some of them are operated. It serves
as a informative reference for specification writers considering
whether to create and manage a registry, allowing them to better
understand some of the issues associated with certain design
webinfo  standards  vocabularies 
3 days ago by rybesh
Common Standards Project: Free search academic standards from all 50 states
need to dig further to see how comprehensive these are, if so :mindblown:
education  standards 
5 days ago by cwinters
Thanks for the great presentation about and present and future. Our team (in the room and…
nodejs  standards  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by dshaw
TOML - Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language
TOML aims to be a minimal configuration file format that's easy to read due to obvious semantics. TOML is designed to map unambiguously to a hash table. TOML should be easy to parse into data structures in a wide variety of languages.
markup  opensource  standards  DSL 
5 days ago by liqweed
Lessons on Common Core - Education Next : Education Next
Robert Pondiscio of the Fordham Institute takes a rational look at the hyperbole driving many arguments about the Common Core State Standards.
education  standards  CCSS  policy  2017  01-January 
6 days ago by downclimb
Common Core Fact of the Day: Standards v. Curriculum - ExcelinEd
A simple explanation of the difference between standards and curriculum.
education  standards  curriculum  policy  CCSS  2013  06-June 
6 days ago by downclimb

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