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Toyota makes AWD, Apple CarPlay more readily available on 2019 Sienna ;;;
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Toyota has made all-wheel drive available to an additional trim line of the 2019 Sienna minivan and added Apple CarPlay as standard equipment across the board — all while slightly raising the base price. ;;;
The SE eight-passenger trim level is the one that received the most upgrades. New for 2019, the model now includes the blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert safety systems – previously only offered with the technology package upgrade. It, like all trims, also comes standard with Apple CarPlay and all-wheel drive is now an option. The SE trim starts at $44,360.
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Sir Anthony Seldon on his late wife: 'She was spectacular, ferociously intelligent - I was in awe of her' | London Evening Standard
ES Lifestyle Newsletter However much you love your partner, it’s easy to take them for granted, put them in the bank and know they are there.” Sir Anthony…
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Embedded C Coding Standard | Barr Group
Barr Group's Embedded C Coding Standard focuses on practical rules that keep software bugs out, while improving the maintainability and portability of embedded software.
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