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REINER - Stamps, Industrial marking equipment, Scanners, Precision Technology : REINER
REINER is comprised of three operating divisions: numbering machines & electronic stamps, scanners and precision parts. REINER is viewed as a market leader of stamps in Europe & the United States.
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october 2019 by gilberto5757
e-mark: A new era for stamps
The e-mark allows to create, change and transfer full colour imprints using an App and mark directly on various surfaces.
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october 2019 by gilberto5757
STAMPing on event-stream • Hillel Wayne

you cannot fix things with discipline.

The only comprehensive solution here is to audit every package that changes, no matter how deep it is.
Auditing is a waste of time.
Of the ones that aren’t safe, it’s extremely hard to discover they’re evil

Leveson calls this model drift: The existing rules were ideal for the system in the past, but the system itself has changed.

there were many, many system properties that made it unsafe. Here are just a few:

The node ecosystem favors lots of small packages with one or two maintainers
Most maintainers are random folk who did not expect or want the responsibility
Heavy dependence on legacy, often-obsolete packages
Dependencies are transitive
Very difficult to audit packages, or get additional information on them
No way to distinguish high-risk from low-risk packages
What’s uploaded to npm doesn’t need to match what’s uploaded to Github
Most bundlers default to including minified code, even in standalone applications
People use preminified code instead of globally minifying code
Electron used configuration assumptions from legacy JS that were inapplicable in the new context
Electron does not enable most security features by default
Users are encouraged to regularly and automatically patch
No way to restrict JavaScript module privileges
Inconsistent information on how to report security vulnerabilities
npm doesn’t prioritize addressing security issues in third-party packages
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may 2019 by Confusion

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