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More Catfished By A Candidate: Why Not Hire Him Anyway? And Answers To Other Burning Questions
"While there was certainly the possibility that he could have been a top performer, at the end of the day, I just couldn’t take that chance. The most unsettling thing to me was the length that he went to in order to craft his story—fake LinkedIn profile, a whole story around why he was leaving the job, fake references."
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6 days ago by jonerp
Tribal leadership (David Logan)
Explains five stages of tribes and accompanying world views (briefly: life sucks // my life sucks // I'm great // we're great [focus on the 'we'] // life's great [focus on the greater cause]). Urges leaders to think about these stages when leading people, and being mindful of the fact that people are in different stages (also, "tribes can only hear one level above or below of where they are".)

Quote from Forbes article about the significance of the Internet vis-a-vis tribes: "The communication that is based over the internet, Facebook, or Twitter - things like that tends to be informational and less values-based. The problem with that is that to get to the higher stages of tribal performance really requires a commitment, an ongoing expression of shared values, and the internet makes that a little tough. It can certainly happen and the tribes can be dramatically larger in size than traditional face-to-face tribes, but the truth is that we don’t know what the answer to this will be – it’s still emerging."
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24 days ago by nikomoeller
Baz Luhrmann: 'I've never waited for permission to do anything' | Stage | The Guardian
They met in the late 1980s and were married in 1997. Martin, though, didn’t know him when he was plain Mark Anthony Luhrmann. Where did the Baz come from? “I had this crazy curly hair, this big ’fro, and at school there were all these boys in their uniforms who used to beat the shit out of me. They called me Basil Brush and the name stuck. At some point I changed it by deed poll.”

So he reclaimed the insult, in other words, just as gay people did with the word queer? “I didn’t think about it at the time, but that’s exactly what happened. ‘I’m Baz! And you’ll be hearing from me!’”
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7 weeks ago by dominomaster
'Improv saved my life': the comedy classes helping people with anxiety | Stage | The Guardian
Once the domain of aspiring performers, improv courses are increasingly being attended by students experiencing mental health problems
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march 2018 by dk33per
15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make
"Recently I assembled my “Top 15” list of Sales & Marketing mistakes SaaS startups make as things start to take-off. We’ve touched on quite a few of these before on SaaStr (will link to them), but I thought this might be a helpful checklist to challenge your thinking at a minimum."
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february 2018 by jonerp

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