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Secrets of Success
South Sound Business, features Thomas Kuljam and Dean Rachel Endo
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5 days ago by uwtacoma
'Troubling Disappearance': (Re-)Constructing Remnants at SF State Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition
ART PRACTICAL (SAN FRANCISCO) -- What might it mean to make ephemerality durable?

“Built Environments,” recently opened at San Francisco State University’s Fine Arts Gallery, features work by 14 artists and collectives that respond to this question, at scales ranging from monumental to miniature. Curated by Sharon Bliss and Kevin B. Chen, “Built Environments” “examines artistic interventions both inside and outside of the gallery space, where spatial relations and the routine materials of architecture and construction will be exploded through artistic experimentation.” In doing so, the participating artists ask: How does constructed space affect our understanding of the past, present, and future?
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18 days ago by sfstatelca
It's one thing to the best , it's quite another to them ... from to here are som…
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20 days ago by Vince
International Relations Cuts Classes to Maintain Full Enrollment
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Dwindling enrollment in the International Relations (IR) Department led the College of Creative & Liberal Arts to require the IR department to cut sections of a capstone class this summer in an effort to ensure adequate enrollment during the regular school year.”
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4 weeks ago by sfstatelca

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