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Rename a git submodule - Stack Overflow

$ mv submodule-oldpath ~/another-location
$ git rm submodule-oldpath
$ git submodule add submodule-repository-URL submodule-newpath
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4 days ago by racl101
PHPDoc type hinting for array of objects?
So, in PHPDoc one can specify @var above the member variable declaration to hint at its type. Then an IDE, for ex. PHPEd, will know what type of object it's working with and will be able to provide a code insight for that variable.


class Test


/** @var SomeObj */

private $someObjInstance;



This works great until I need to do the same to an array of objects to be able to get a proper hint when I iterate through those objects later on.

So, is there a way to declare a PHPDoc tag to specify that the member variable is an array of SomeObj s? @var array is not enough, and @var array(SomeObj) doesn't seem to be valid, for example.
5 days ago by broderboy
MYSQL - datetime to seconds
I wasn't able to find out (googling, reading mysql reference manual) how to get value of DATETIME in seconds in MySQL.

I dont mean to extract seconds from datetime, but to convert it into seconds.
5 days ago by broderboy
SO discuss SQL's 'BETWEEN' syntax
there's little point except for DRY. Also, be careful as it is inclusive.
SQL  StackOverflow  discussion 
9 days ago by MaxBarraclough
How to find Apple App Group shared directory
We are currently developing an iOS10 app, including "Messages Extension".

To share CoreDatas persistant store.sqlite inbetween App and Extension, we are using a shared "Apple App Group" directory, which is working fine.

Now we have to get our hands on the store for debug reasons and are unable to find the directory. The Apps container directories are completely empty, which makes sense. But how to download our database? Do we have to somehow copy it programmatically to a reachable place?

To sum it up:

We already use CoreData which stores model.sqlite in our shared directory.

Everything is up and running.

What we want to archive is to download the database to our computer.

Without a shared directory we can simply download the App container from the device, using Xcode->Devices. But as we do use a shared directory, the .sqlite database is not within the container.


How can we download the .sqlite database from the device to our computer?
10 days ago by broderboy
How to use NSDecimalNumber?
I'm building a app that needs to perform calculations on money.

I wonder how to properly use NSDecimalNumber, especially how to initialize it from integers, floats & doubles?

I only found it easy to use the -decimalNumberWithString: method. The -initWith... methods are discouraged so that only left the ones with mantissa, but never in any of 7 languages I used before did I need that so I don't know what put there...
10 days ago by broderboy
Detecting Process Exit From Console Application in C#
ctrl-c is merely a suggesting, but killing the containing PowerShell appears to force-kill your application.

StackOverflow  discussion 
10 days ago by MaxBarraclough

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