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python - Filter dict to contain only certain keys? - Stack Overflow
Q: I've got a dict that has a whole bunch of entries. I'm only interested in a select few of them. Is there an easy way to prune all the other ones out?
2010  2017  python  example  tips  programming  forumthread  stackexchange 
11 hours ago by ezequiel
lua - Find the last index of a character in a string - Stack Overflow
Q: I want to have ability to use a lastIndexOf method for the strings in my Lua (Luvit) project. Unfortunately there's no such method built-in and I'm bit stuck now.
2013  forumthread  stackexchange  lua  howto  tips  example 
7 days ago by ezequiel
How to pass a tuple as arguments to a Lua function? - Stack Overflow
A: Lua does not have "tuples".
When a function returns multiple values, it returns multiple values. They aren't put together into some data structure; they're separate values. If you want to store multiple return values in a single data structure, you have to actually do that.
2017  lua  programming  language  example  tips  forumthread  stackexchange 
7 days ago by ezequiel
Install Python in Wine - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I need to install the Windows version Python 2.7.5 32Bit on my Ubuntu Box in Wine (because I test Euler Math Toolbox on Wine, and this cannot use the native Python).
wine  winecompatible  linux  ubuntu  howto  installation  install  links  example  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  2013  python 
7 days ago by ezequiel
python - How do I install PyCrypto on Windows? - Stack Overflow
A: If you don't already have a C/C++ development environment installed that is compatible with the Visual Studio binaries distributed by, then you should stick to installing only pure Python packages or packages for which a Windows binary is available.

Fortunately, there are PyCrypto binaries available for Windows:
2012  2017  forumthread  stackexchange  python  cryptography  downloads  windows  x86  amd64  links  winecompatible  software  libraries 
7 days ago by ezequiel
HTTPD listening in IPv6, according netstat, but reacheable in IPv4 - Server Fault
Q: Using Openstack, I have a Web GUI (horizon) hosted on my server (HTTPS).

When I do a netstat -lt | grep https, I have:

tcp6 0 0 [::]:https [::]:* LISTEN
With lsof -i :443, I have:
However the server is reachable in IPv4. It's ok for me but I wonder why there is not an entry with netstat like this:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN
ipv6  tcpip  networking  linux  forumthread  stackexchange  sysadmin  info  cli  2016 
9 days ago by ezequiel
How to enable faster WiFi Roaming with Mac OS X & Airport base stations - Ask Different
On telling macOS to automatically join the strongest WiFi network:
“You can change the system preferences for JoinMode and JoinModeFallback to be the following:”
mac  macos  osx  wifi  stackexchange  2019 
13 days ago by handcoding
http - What is the "realm" in basic authentication - Stack Overflow
Q: I'm setting up basic authentication on a php site and found this page on the php manual showing the set up. What does "realm" mean here in the header?
header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="My Realm"');
Is it the page page being requested?
2012  forumthread  stackexchange  http  security  protocol  rfc  links 
15 days ago by ezequiel
macos - Retrieving password for VPN in Mac OS X - Super User
Q: I'd like to retrieve a password I entered a while ago for a VPN in Max OS X Tiger (in the Internet Connect app) and have since forgotten. It's probably stored with some simple obfuscation in some configuration file. Anyone knows how to do retrieve it?
forumthread  stackexchange  macosx  vpn  security  howto  sysadmin  gui  tips  example  networking 
15 days ago by ezequiel
amazon web services - how to copy s3 object from one bucket to another using python boto3 - Stack Overflow
Q: I want to copy a file from one s3 bucket to another. I get the following error:

TypeError: copy() takes at least 4 arguments (3 given)

I'am unable to find a solution by reading the docs. Here is my code: [...]
2017  forumthread  stackexchange  amazon.boto  amazon.s3  tips  example  python  issue 
15 days ago by ezequiel

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