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Building a High-Throughput Metrics System Using Open Source Software | Two Sigma
A Two Sigma engineer shares key lessons learned while building a high-performance metrics system based on customized open source building blocks.
boi  datascience  databases  stack 
17 days ago by colindocherty
Kotlin Functional Programming I: Monad Stack – Jorge Castillo – Medium
“You could touch the sky by building up your own temple, floor by floor, solving problems with mindfulness. Then you could live on that temple forever.” If you haven’t read the first post of this…
kotlin  monad  functional  programming  stack  architecture 
20 days ago by lgtout
Zhuinden/simple-stack: [ACTIVE] Simple Stack, a backstack library for simpler navigation between views, fragments, or whatevers.
[ACTIVE] Simple Stack, a backstack library for simpler navigation between views, fragments, or whatevers. - Zhuinden/simple-stack
android  backstack  state  history  navigation  architecture  stack  zhuinden  persistence 
25 days ago by lgtout
looking forward to this session Political Realities of the Tech at 11:40AM on the Main Sta…
Stack  DXC19  from twitter_favs
25 days ago by mgifford

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