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It's Tradition - by summerofspock
Together, they tottered carefully up the frozen steps and Jim knocked on the door as quickly as possible so he could shove his steadily freezing hand back in the pocket of his coat. The door opened abruptly, the wreath hooked over the top swinging with the swift movement.


“Jim!” Frank said brightly and Jim gave him his best polite smile. The sort of captainly one that got treaties signed.

“Frank, it’s good to see you,” Jim said as his stepdad pushed open the screen door and ushered them inside.

“Your mom’s just making hot toddies. She wanted them ready when you got here.” Frank turned to Spock who was shaking only a little from the cold outside air. “You must be Jim’s boyfriend. Spock, was it?”

Jim’s mouth fell open. He closed it. Boyfriend? He had decidedly not said boyfriend. Not at any point. Nope nope nope.

“I am Spock,” Spock said with a little bow of his head. The tip of his nose was a pinkish green that gave Jim the absurd urge to give it a boop.

Why wasn’t he correcting Frank?

“Let me show you to your room,” Frank said, taking one of their bags and leading them up a staircase and down a hall to another kitschy room decorated like something out of a twenty-first century log cabin. “You’ll be in here,” he said to both of them.
st:aos  kirk/spock  shore-leave  earthside  meet-the-family  whoops  faking-it  sleeping/together  drunk  xmas  oblivious 
4 days ago by runpunkrun
All I Want for Christmas is... - by yaoichan12
Jim shook the new crew member’s hand and welcomed them aboard. Along with Grayson-Clarke, they had openings for seven new crew members. Jim always liked to take the time to greet and get to know his new crew members. The one in front of Jim expressed their excitement to be aboard and to be apart of the Enterprise family. As they talked, Jim glanced down the line of new members and saw a human male at the end of the line. Spock was standing close, closer than he would normally stand to someone, and was speaking to him.

“Won’t let you down, Captain,” the member whose hand Jim was shaking finished.

Jim looked back at them and smiled. “Excited to have you aboard.” Jim released their hand and moved down the line, still glancing over to Spock and who he figured was Grayson-Clarke.

When Jim finally made it to the new crew member, Spock had split. Jim looked around then smiled at the lieutenant. “Grayson-Clarke?”

“Yes, Sir,” Lester nodded, standing at attention.

“Nice to meet you.” Jim held his hand out and Lester shook it.

“Nice to meet you as well. I’ve heard so much about the great Captain Kirk. My cousin thinks you hung the stars.” Lester’s eyes widened. “I don’t think I should’ve said that.”

Jim chuckled. “No, its fine. I didn’t hang anything, but I appreciate that your cousin thinks so.”

Lester nodded.

“We’re all glad to have you aboard. I know Commander Spock pushed to have you on the team. Your credentials are top notch.”

“Thank you, Sir. And I’m sure Commander Spock gave me and the other applicants equal consideration.”

“Of course, of course." Jim leaned in and whispered, "but the best person is here.”

Lester ducked his head and nodded. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Lieutenant, I run a tight ship and expect great things from my crew. We’re a family here.”

“Yes, Sir.” Lester snickered. “Sometimes literally family.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  holidays  pining  oblivious  xmas  gifts  matchmaking  off-world  snow 
9 days ago by runpunkrun
The Human Professor: Home for the Holidays (2016) - IvanW
Jim tilted his head back and looked up at his husband. “You look good.”

Spock raised an eyebrow. “Thank you.”

“Too bad my stomach is killing me.” Jim groaned. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

“I apologize.”


Spock sat down next to Jim and he made to move as though he intended to take Jim into his arms but then stopped when he took in Jim’s gooey ice cream covered face and hands. He even scooted back a little. “I should have been here during your conversation with your mother.”

Jim smirked. “You skipped out on purpose.”

Spock avoided Jim’s gaze. “That was not my intention.”

“It most certainly was. My little lying Vulcan who isn’t supposed to lie. Serves you right, though.”

“What does?”

“We’re going to have an old fashioned Kirk Christmas in Riverside.”

Spock tilted his head. “What exactly is an old fashioned Kirk Christmas?”

Jim shook his head. “Hell if I know.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  holidays  iowa  xmas 
9 days ago by runpunkrun
Shadow of a Dragon - by yeaka
Ever ungrateful and insolent to the Vulcan Empire, Jim earns his final sentence. He’s sacrificed to the secret son of an ambassador, locked away deep in the mountains. And things will grow from there.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  vulcan  exodus/exile  fuckordie 
21 days ago by runpunkrun
Pretty Paper (Day Three) - by IvanW
He grabbed up a glass of what Sulu had declared was Holiday Spiced Punch and a plate that contained about a dozen decorated cut-out cookies. “I’m off to my quarters, Bones.”

“You’re going to have a belly ache,” Bones called after him.

“Yeah, yeah.”

He made it back to his quarters without being accosted by anyone and the minute he did, he stuffed a cookie, in the shape of Santa’s boot, into his mouth. He set the punch down and went to his wardrobe to get out of his uniform, munching absently on the cookie. He opened a drawer and discovered a square-shaped box neatly wrapped in shiny red paper with a glossy green bow around it.

Jim pulled it out, smiling. Had to have been Bones, he thought.

There was a tag, well, a folded card anyway, so he lifted it up and saw the words To: Jim From: Spock.
st:aos  kirk/spock  xmas  gifts  clothes 
6 weeks ago by runpunkrun
The Handmaid of Genius - by ladyblahblah (trek_hc)
Spock has never seen Jim Kirk panic before; he is fascinated to realize that it looks nothing like what he might have anticipated.

Had he attempted to anticipate such an event, he imagines he would have expected a great deal more noise. If there is one thing that Jim has never been, it is low-key. Had Spock been called upon to speculate, he would have said that a panicking Jim would have involved quite a bit of talk, a not-inconsiderable amount of yelling, and what Dr. McCoy refers to as ‘flailing’. The reality, however, is far more disquieting.

When he first hears the news, Jim goes immediately and completely still. For a moment, Spock is concerned that he may have stopped breathing. That concern is allayed, however, when Jim takes in a deep, shuddering breath and nods tightly. He continues to sit, unsettlingly still and quiet, in his chair; only after several minutes have passed does he give a full-body shudder, snapping back to himself.

“Lieutenant Uhura,” he says stiffly, “get me Engineering.”

The problem, Mr. Scott tells them, is fairly simple to explain. All of the replicators are tied in to a central mainframe that tracks and channels the necessary matter conversion as well as logging activation codes and crew rations. It was that mainframe that had suffered a power surge that resulted in a cascading system failure, disabling every last replicator on the ship.
st:aos  kirk/spock  food  tarsus-iv 
7 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Fuzzy - by yeaka
Jim’s gaze sweeps over Spock, exactly the same as Jim left him several weeks ago on what should’ve been a simple survey mission. Spock’s still in full uniform, his black pants and blue tunic a little wrinkled—nowhere near as bad as anyone else would be. His hair still falls in its usual perfect cut, though it’s grown a little longer, too far down his pointed brows. The biggest difference is the shallow, dark beard growing all along his chin and throat, up around his mouth. Jim’s never seen his first officer with more than the slightest bit of stubble.

He doesn’t stop until he’s so close that Spock’s knees are forced apart. Jim stands right between them, legs brushing the edge of the bed. Jim lifts his hands to Spock’s face, gently thumbs his cheek, and goes in for a kiss.

Spock’s breath is awful. That’s to be expected. Jim loves him anyway. Jim pulls back to murmur, “Welcome home, Commander.”

“Captain,” Spock returns, level and easy, as though he hasn’t been out long enough to grow fur coarse enough to make a Tellarite blush. Jim can’t help raking his fingers through it—it’s just so very different.
st:aos  kirk/spock  grooming 
8 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Secret Santa (2013) - by IvanW
Five days before Christmas and it was time to start leaving gifts for Spock. Of course he still didn’t even have a gift to give him on actual Christmas day. He’d have to pull off some enormous miracle because they’d long since left the Starbase and there was nowhere else they had been to secure a fifth present.

Entering Spock’s quarters when he knew said Vulcan was not there was probably totally giving it away as to who had his name but fuck it, Jim was beyond caring if Spock knew. He’d know on Christmas when Jim had nothing to give him anyway.

Jim coded in his captain’s code and left the Plomeek soup he’d put together with the Plomeek he’d gotten at the general store on the Starbase. He’d followed some obscure recipe he’d found on line. Had no idea if it was right or if Spock even liked it. It didn’t taste like much of anything to Jim. But Jim figured Spock would be at his quarters any minute and now was the perfect time to leave it. He left a little tag Uhura had included when she’d given him the other Secret Santa stuff that simply read From Santa.
st:aos  kirk/spock  xmas  gifts 
9 weeks ago by runpunkrun
The Cap'm - by actiaslunaris (VesperRegina)
The Cap’m - They Might Be Giants

Sit beside me at the helm
Yeah, this is what I call the helm
And this button here is the fast-forward button
Did you say
What I think you just said?
My hat look good on me?
I agree -- I agree

Look me over, I'm the cap'm
You act like it's a joke but I don't see you laughing
st:aos  gen  kirk  vid  <3 
9 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Peer Review - by walkandtalk (Scientific Inquiry #4)
“You have missed four particularly meaningful events in Earth culture for formally declaring your intention for matrimony.”

“I have missed three,” Spock corrected, inadvertently validating Senik’s hypothesis that Spock had researched the topic, although it was unlikely it was as thorough or ongoing as his own, as Senik’s interest in Terran mating habits and Spock’s happiness predated Spock’s own self-interest.

“Four,” Senik insisted. “In order: New Year's Eve, Saint Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of your first meeting, and Jim’s birthday. You are fortunate, as the anniversary of your first official date is approaching.”

Spock frowned. “The anniversary of our first meeting was not between Earth’s New Year and Jim’s birthday.”

“Yes, it was. Stardate 2257.71”

“Point one-oh-six,” Spock objected.

Senik reached over holo emitter where Spock’s visibly affronted face hovered, light years away from Senik’s camp on New Vulcan, and found a PADD. He opened the relevant file and scrolled until he found the entry he was looking for. “You first interacted with a Cadet Kirk on stardate 2257.71,” he declared, satisfied his eidetic memory had not let him down.

“You have that written down,” Spock said, illogically describing the obvious.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  progeny  wip 
10 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Aluminum - by yeaka
It’s been three days in the cramped quarters of their shuttlecraft, waiting for the Enterprise to realize that something’s wrong and come back to get them. They will eventually, Leonard has every faith in that—Jim would never leave any of his crew to die, especially Leonard and Spock. Sooner or later, that big, beautiful starship will breach the atmosphere, and a rescue team will come down to fix their engines. They’ll be brought safely back aboard, and Leonard will finally, finally get to feed again.

He should’ve topped himself up before he left. That was foolish. He should’ve made sure the shuttlecraft had extra blood packets just in case, but vampirism is so rare amongst Federation species that they’re not part of standard med kits. It’s his own foolish oversights that will kill him, which is especially ironic, given that his condition’s supposed to make him immortal.

He’s slumped in the pilot’s seat of their docked ship, staring out the dust-covered windshield, when Spock ventures from the back, “You know, Doctor, I am perfectly willing to sustain you.”

Leonard snorts. He knows. Spock’s already volunteered twice, and Leonard rejected it both times, because it’s ridiculous.
st:aos  au  spock/mccoy  vampires  off-world  stranded 
12 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Ownership - by yeaka
He tries to resist, he really does. Relationships have proven nothing but a complication—he isn’t strong enough yet to weather them without having them whittle away what little logic he has. Spock tries so hard to be Vulcan, and non-essential intimacy seems little more than a human luxury he can’t afford. It isn’t a struggle he’ll ever breathe aloud. If his father were to ask, Spock would report that he is fine: he is a fully rational creature, capable of just as successful a relationship as his father held. But privately, Spock knows that isn’t true. He still has so much to learn.

He still has so many weakness, like the way his captain looks at him across the dimmed lights of their bridge in an emergency—just a brief flicker of concern and care that can’t be at all productive. They leave the bridge together, and their hands brush in the turbolift, and that tiny point of contact is enough to leave Spock reeling—his temperature spikes and his breath quickens. Jim cracks a joke in the messhall, and suddenly Spock wants to smile, even though he doesn’t understand the humour in it. He just likes seeing the joy on Jim’s handsome face. What it boils down to in the end is that most of Spock’s failings are all tied up in Jim, and Spock should stay away.

But Spock’s never felt as whole as he does when he’s in Jim’s arms, sharing heady kisses in the dark heat of his quarters. They stumble backwards around his desk, past his console, too lost in each other’s mouths to ask the computer to light the way. They reach Spock’s bed, and they tumble down, by now so intertwined that nothing could possibly tear them apart. Jim’s hands roam Spock’s body, leaving sparks of fire in their wake. Spock shudders for air and breathes, “Jim.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  bed 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
Grossly Undeserved - by summerofspock
Just as the clock hit 8:20 and the more irritated cadets had put away their materials, the door to the classroom whooshed open and the most unkempt man Spock had ever seen stumbled in.

Despite his black professor’s uniform, Spock could not find it in himself to believe this was the highly lauded Professor Kirk, hair a golden mess plastered over his forehead with a lankness that indicated it had not been washed for some time. His wire-rimmed glasses were askew and he somehow gave the appearance of tripping despite moving in a straight line to the desk, coffee cup in hand, each step dribbling the brown liquid over his hand. The man hissed with each drop.

“Sorry, sorry,” the man said, putting his cup down on the desk into a puddle of coffee that had already formed beneath it as he swung his shoulder bag onto the ground and sighed, wiping his hand down his half-zipped uniform absentmindedly.

The room was eerily silent as the man wheeled the squeaking chair out from behind the desk and sat down heavily, in a manner akin to a newborn foal, legs giving out beneath him, splaying in two directions at once. Spock found himself unable to look away.

“Introductions,” the man said. “I’ll start. I’m Jim Kirk and yep, the rumors are true, I’m 26. I prefer Kirk or Jim. Please don’t call me professor. It gives me the heebie jeebies.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  professors  rolereversal  teacher/student 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
I'll Sing While I Simmer - DoctorTrekLock
It turned out that when Spock had told Jim that Vulcans tended toward asexuality outside "mitigating factors," he'd been shifty-eyed for a reason.

"I am going to be generous right now and assume that there was a very good reason why you didn't tell me," Jim said, fighting to keep his voice steady.

And there were the shifty-eyes again, the only tell in Spock's otherwise perfectly Vulcan visage. "I can assure you--"

"Because to me," Jim continued, barreling on, "this seems like the kind of thing one might be expected to tell their partner."


"Oh yes, dear," Jim mimed, "I'm terribly sorry, but I forgot to mention that I have to have sex every seven years. Guess it just slipped my mind." And there went all his calm veneer.

Spock's eyes were dark and perhaps a touch sympathetic. Jim felt a pang in his chest and crossed his arms against the sensation.
st:aos  kirk/spock  asexual  fuckordie 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
Spit - by yeaka
Jim makes a note of telling the computer, “Lock Dr. McCoy’s office doors.” The computer beeps its response, and they all hear the hidden metal clicking into place. Leonard crosses his arms and waits for his doom.

Jim hesitates. That’s another bad sign. Spock stands particularly rigid, hands folded behind his back, eyes on the back of the room. Jim finally starts: “We need you to settle something for us.”

Leonard grunts, “It better be medical.”

“It is.”

Leonard arches a brow. Jim shuffles his feet, clears his throat, and asks, “Is Vulcan semen safe for oral ingestion?”

Leonard blinks. He appreciates Jim’s carefully clinical phrasing, but he’s still horrified. And scandalized. It’s not that bodily fluids irk Leonard. Of course not. He’s a doctor. Spock’s bodily fluids going into Jim’s mouth are a whole other story. Leonard’s brain shuts down out of self-defense, so he doesn’t answer right away.

Jim fills in, “Look, I know you don’t want to hear this, but Spock gets genuinely concerned every time I swallow. But it’s just easier that way, and frankly, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with it. Unfortunately, you know how the Vulcans are with their propriety. I tried searching this up myself before coming to you, believe me, but I just wasn’t getting anywhere.”

Technically, M’Benga is the Vulcan medical expert aboard the Enterprise. But Leonard understands why Jim wouldn’t have gone to anyone else over this. No one else needs to be haunted by nightmares of the captain and first officer making out like Leonard’s seen. He already knows. He couldn’t not know. He knows them both too well, but at the moment, he really wishes he knew them less.
st:aos  kirk/spock  mccoy  bodies 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
It's All in the Past - by lunaesomnium
The story of how Jim saved Vulcan (and by proxy, like 80% of active Starfleet officers, you're welcome) and may've sort of accidentally landed himself a boyfriend.
st:aos  kirk/spock  post-narada  timetravel  wip 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
Two Very Different Men - by Wingittofreedom
“It’s been six months. Tell me why you haven’t tried to kill me,” Jim snarled, pressing the knife to his First Officer’s throat.

Of course, a phaser would have worked equally well to ensure the Vulcan’s compliance, but steel is more eloquent, and it was important that Jim was understood.

Six months ago, Jim had been assigned a new first officer. Spock. A Vulcan whose record was marked with mysterious deaths, speaking clearly of an ambition and ruthlessness that Jim could admire as well as fear.

Assassination attempts by first officers were common in the Empire after all. And especially on the ISS Enterprise, where privileges and salaries for captains were many and high, so Jim had been on his guard from the first. Spies alert and vigilance doubled—sleeping with one eye open, watching his back down every corridor, waiting for the inevitable attack.

Assassination was how Jim had gotten the job after all.

But this strange new First Officer hadn’t tried to kill him.

Stranger still, there had been no posturing, no threats, no shows of power or intimidation of the sort which were practically routine in the Empire’s fleet.

The Vulcan hadn’t done any of that. Just gone about his business as Science and First Officer, completing assignments, filling out paperwork on time and punishing those who failed to do so with the agonizer.

And watching Jim.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  mirrorverse  soulmates  enemies-to-lovers 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
First Date [Fan Comics] - by mizore
a fan comic of spirk's first date based on The Cleverness of Me by screamlet
st:aos  kirk/spock  dating  fanart  comic 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
the next five years - by museaway
The academy’s engineering division was entirely indoors and kept at a reasonable temperature—a summer’s day back in Scotland. Scotty was usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, surprising a good number of academy employees the first month he'd been with them. They hadn't expected that diligence from a human, though they'd been too reserved to say so. He’d inferred it from the fascinated looks they would cast him from the doorway to his laboratory. Most avoided conversation with him unless it had to do with their work.

He was surprised that morning, three and a half months after his arrival, to switch on the laboratory lights and see a small figure on one of the stools, staring at a tablet in front of her.

“Hello,” Scotty said. He did not expect the young Vulcan to reply. So often they didn't. But she raised her head and with a very clear voice said in Standard, “Hello.”

Scotty set down his bag and mopped his forehead dry. “Not that I mind, but what are you doing in here at this hour? Do your parents work in the building?”

“My uncle.”

“I see. And does he know you're in here?”

She didn't answer, which he took to be a negative response.

“You're welcome to stay, but you should let him know where you are.”

She inclined her head once and got down from the stool, going out into the hallway without another word. Scotty set about his work, looking through the documentation left behind by Ambassador Spock. It was thorough, repeatable, but the majority required advances they hadn't made yet. The bulk of his work here was to reverse engineer technology given to him by someone from another reality. The ambassador had spent the last years of his life dictating everything he remembered, and with a memory that was practically eidetic, what he had documented spanned volumes. Scotty hadn’t been bored for a minute.

He didn’t expect the girl to come back. She signaled her return with a polite cough and he raised his eyes from the tablet in his hands, looking at her down the length of his desk. She was at most eight or nine years old judging by her size, with large, severe eyes and black hair swinging from a ponytail on the back of her head, the way Uhura often wore hers. It was a common hairstyle on Earth, but to see it here was unusual.
st:aos  gen  scotty  new-vulcan  progeny 
october 2019 by runpunkrun
Sequins - by yeaka
Spock doesn’t look up. Jim thrives on attention, so Spock needs to starve him of it. Jim Kirk is responsible for at least three fifths of the current problems in Spock’s day, and it doesn’t look like he’s letting up any time soon. The very fact that he’s sitting on Spock’s worktable is unthinkable. He’s an animal. Worse, he’s shirtless. His chiseled bare chest fills up Spock’s peripherals. He’s still in the tight-fitting leggings Spock designed, even though he arrived at the studio dressed in his own street clothes and he could easily change back whilst waiting for Spock’s adjustments. Instead, he’s flittering around Spock’s meticulously organized workshop in a state of wildly inappropriate undress. He’s already completely decimated the painstaking order of Spock’s mood board and irreparably wrinkled three well-ironed dresses.

The worst offense is simply what he does to Spock’s mind. Spock really is trying to work. He’s trying to concentrate. He spends a large portion of his life trying to be objective and rational in general, as Vulcan as possible, even though he’s chosen a subjective, emotionally-driven field in a Terran-dominated city. He’s made egregious mistakes.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  civilians  clothes 
october 2019 by runpunkrun

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