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Symantec SSL armageddon
Google no longer has confidence in Symantec's SSL process, is slowly pulling trust
symantec  ssl  badtech 
yesterday by nelson
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates - Google Groups
Google has effectively lost trust in Symantec, proposes to distrust all their certs over the coming months.
chrome  ssl  symantec  security  certificates  tls 
yesterday by jacobian
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates - Google Groups
Google Chrome is going to gradually give less trust to SSL certs issued by Symantec because they've really abused and misused the system (but can't be cut off because they have 30% of all certificates).
internet  ssl  chrome 
yesterday by mcherm
Dashboard —
Check your network for broken SSL MITMing.
ssl  security  dashboard 
yesterday by jacobian
"Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs."
browser  http  ssl  security  testing  tls  networking 
2 days ago by sometimesfood
Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs.
security  ssl  tls  configuration  openspace:2017-03-22 
2 days ago by Dreamseer

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