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OpenSSL Errors and Rails – Certificate Verify Failed · RailsApps
1. do a PRINTENV from the command line

2. Where is SSL_CERT_FILE pointing to? (Mine was SSL_CERT_FILE=/usr/local/etc/openssl/certs/cert.pem)

3. Is there a cert.pem, NOT an alias (unless it actually points to a file), there?

4. If not, find a cert.pem and copy it there.

5. Extra credit: add export SSL_CERT_FILE=/usr/local/etc/cacert.pem to your .bashrc file.

6. Restart terminal.

7. Pray.
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3 days ago by ChrisLTD
Multiple HTTPS Domains on the Same Server with Let's Encrypt and Nginx
# [Multiple HTTPS Domains on the Same Server with Let's Encrypt and Nginx](

> SNI (Server Name Identification) is a method for browsers to pass a domain name to a webserver while setting up a TLS connection; the web server knows which domain you intended to visit. It is not supported ubiquitously

> get an IP for each domain name you intend to host on HTTPS

> To make our server watch from input from those IP's, we need to update our networking interface

> tell nginx to switch from a domain+port identification method to an ip+port identification system

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3 days ago by jacklittleton

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