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a free command line tool which checks a server's service on any port for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers, protocols as well as recent cryptographic flaws and more
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20 hours ago by lpalli
Unique hostnames for all your customers
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yesterday by lpalli
Certbot for macOS Apache
Install Certbot on your Apache web server on macOS and it will obtain SSL certificate and renew it automatically before its expiration.
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2 days ago by chrismyth
I, Robot? Aiiiee, ROBOT! RSA TLS crypto attack pwns Facebook, PayPal, 27 of 100 top domains • The Register
The flaw dates back to 1998, when Daniel Bleichenbacher, a Swiss cryptographer who currently works for Google, identified a problem with the implementation of RSA PKCS #1 v1.5. The shortcoming could be exploited by miscreants to pose repeated queries to a server running vulnerable code in order to receive answers usable for decoding ostensibly secure communications.
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2 days ago by whip_lash

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