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RT : Get your copy now! | Just ordered A Comprehensive Guide to Self Sovereign Identity by &…
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17 days ago by dariusdunlap
. and his BC team have proven that the concept works for businesses (see video at link below and…
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6 weeks ago by mgifford
FPR at the Internet Identity Workshop
An absorbing component of IIW was the “Demo Hour.” Many concepts within the space are abstract, and the technology is sometimes explained through jargon. It was therefore useful to view and interact with live solutions. via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA
7 Myths of Self-Sovereign Identity – Evernym – Medium
Here are seven myths of SSI that I repeatedly hear and will address across two posts. Myths 1–3 will be discussed here, myths 4–7 here. Note: readers should have a basic understanding of how SSI works before reading this. via Pocket
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october 2018 by ChristopherA
A gentle introduction to self-sovereign identity | Bits on blocks
In May 2017, the Indian Centre for Internet and Society think tank published a report detailing the ways in which India’s national identity database (Aadhaar) is leaking potentially compromising personal information. The information relates to over 130 million Indian nationals.  The leaks create a great opportunity for financial fraud, and cause irreversible harm to the…
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june 2018 by clehene

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