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Connecting to Your Linux Instance Using SSH - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
ssh -i /path/my-key-pair.pem
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2 days ago by hmhxxx
Copying a Virtual Machine lv or Partition Over SSH
* Copying a Logical Volume or Partition over SSH
dd if=/dev/vg0/partition-snapshot bs=1k | ssh remotehost dd of=/dev/vg0/partition-destination bs=1k

* Making a LVM Snapshot

Making a snapshot is not as straightforward as it should be on LVM2. Here's how I do it using an imaginary logical volume called "partition" in a volume group called "vg0." First create a partition to hold the snapshot that is the same size as the live partition.

lvcreate -n partition-snapshot -L 10g vg0
lvconvert -s vg0/partition vg0/partition-snapshot

When you're done with it, you can deactivate it with:

lvremove vg0/partition-snapshot
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2 days ago by dusko

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