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TonyGermaneri/canvas-datagrid - Canvas based data grid web component. Capable of displaying millions of contiguous hierarchical rows and columns without paging or loading, on a single canvas element.
• Support for unlimited rows and columns without paging or loading.
• Drawn in immediate mode, data size does not impact performance.
• Native support for touch devices (phones and tablets).
• Extensible styling, filtering, formatting, resizing, selecting, and ordering.
• Rich API of events, methods and properties using the familiar W3C DOM interface.
• Works with Firefox, IE11, Edge, Safari and Chrome.
• Support for hierarchal drill in style row level inner grids as well grids in cells.
• Customizable hierarchal context menu.
• Built in and custom styles.
• W3C web component.
• Per-user styles, view preferences and settings using localStorage.
• Very small file size, no dependencies.
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4 days ago by activescott
CNBC: adds former FDA official to health effort -, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) | Seeking Alpha
The FDA's former chief health informatics officer, Taha Kass-Hout, has joined Amazon's skunk-works Grand Challenge team in a business development role, according to the report. He'll work alongside former Google X director Babak Parviz.
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6 days ago by seaugust
Cosmetics giant L'Oreal buys Toronto augmented reality startup ModiFace
ModiFace’s technology is already being used by 100 brands and allows customers to try on beauty products such as lipstick or eyeshadow or do skin diagnoses via mobile app, online or in-store augmented reality mirrors. For example, customers can try on different hair colour shades by taking a photo or using their smartphone or webcam’s video capabilities before making a purchase online or at the counter.
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6 days ago by seaugust
Alexa’s new ‘Brief Mode’ replaces verbal confirmations with chimes
Alexa is rolling out an optional “Brief Mode” that lets users configure their Echo devices to use chimes and sounds for confirmations, instead of having Alexa respond with her voice. For example, if you ask Alexa to turn on your lights today, she will respond “okay” as she does so. But with Brief Mode enabled, Alexa will instead emit a small chime as she performs the task.
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6 days ago by seaugust
GrokStyle’s visual search tech makes it into IKEA’s Place AR app
GrokStyle’s simple concept of “point your camera at a chair (or lamp, or table…) and find others like it for sale” attracted $2 million in funding last year, and the company has been putting that cash to work. And remarkably for a company trying to break into the home furnishing market, it landed furniture goliath IKEA as its first real customer; GrokStyle’s point-and-search functionality is being added to the IKEA Place AR app.
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6 days ago by seaugust
Google Lens spreads from Android to iPhone
The technology turns the camera into a smart scanner, of sorts. Point Lens at a landmark or scene, such as the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, and it will try to identify it and pull up background information online. Point it at a business card, meanwhile, and it will attempt to extract the pertinent contact details and then offer to create a new contact entry with them on your phone.
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6 days ago by seaugust
Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest-Yale smart lock now available
Google-owned Nest today announced its Nest Hello video doorbell and a smart lock created with Yale are now available for purchase. A Nest Temperature Sensor for tracking and changing the temperature in specific rooms in your home makes it debut today and will begin to ship in April.
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7 days ago by seaugust
Intel details Meltdown and Spectre-proof processors
According to Krzanich, Spectre Variant 1 of the exploits will continue to be dealt with by software patches. However, Spectre Variant 2 and Meltdown Variant 3 will rely on a processor redesign. This “partitioning” will add extra barriers between applications and user privilege levels, the chief exec explains.
ss  trendtech 
7 days ago by seaugust
Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Space, and Now He Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother
A new NASA statement suggests the physical and mental stresses of Scott Kelly's year in orbit may have activated hundreds of "space genes" that altered the astronaut's immune system, bone formation, eyesight and other bodily processes. While most of these genetic changes reverted to normal following Scott Kelly's return to Earth, about 7 percent of the astronaut's genetic code remained altered — and it may stay that way permanently.
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7 days ago by seaugust
These 3D printed homes cost $4k and take less than 24 hours to make
The duo unveiled a finished version of one of these 3D-printed houses in Austin, Texas, recently. The showcased house is a proof-of-concept demonstrating both the printing technology and the final product. Each house costs about $4,000 to produce, which is considerably less than a stick-built house.
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7 days ago by seaugust
BioLumic raises $5 million to harness ultraviolet light to improve crop yields
“BioLumic is the only company using light as an ag treatment at the beginning of a plant’s life. Exposure to a short-duration treatment of UV-enriched light at a critical stage in a plant’s development turns on characteristics to help the seed or seedling more effectively defend itself against disease or pest attacks and more efficiently use water and nutrients from the soil for its entire lifespan.”
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7 days ago by seaugust
Microsoft trained an AI to translate Chinese as well as humans
For example, “dual learning” saw the AI not only convert Chinese to English, but then back to Chinese upon which the meaning was checked to see if it had altered significantly through the process.
ss  ai 
7 days ago by seaugust
Lyft is building a self-driving platform with auto supplier Magna
Lyft is partnering with Magna, one of the largest tier one automotive industry suppliers in the world, on autonomous vehicle technology.
ss  transport 
7 days ago by seaugust
Google explores how light fields shape VR environments in new free app
Today, Google released a new app for VR devices focused on helping users make sense of “light fields.” They’ve also got a blog post running down some of the research work that they’re doing.
ss  arvr 
7 days ago by seaugust
Qualcomm to offer Tobii eye-tracking in Snapdragon 845 VR headsets
An agreement announced today will see Tobii and Qualcomm collaborate on a full reference design and development kit featuring Tobii’s EyeCore eye-tracking technologies. While headset makers won’t be forced to include the feature, it is expected to enable standalone VR headsets to optimize the performance of their power-constrained mobile GPUs.
ss  arvr 
7 days ago by seaugust
Walmart to expand grocery delivery from 6 markets to over 100 by year-end
Walmart announced that it will expand its online grocery delivery service to more than 40 percent of U.S. households by year-end, growing from its current availability in just six markets to over 100 metro areas during that time. That means it will be making deliveries from 800 stores in total. The news is the latest salvo in Walmart’s quickly escalating war with Amazon, which just last month announced Whole Foods grocery delivery was available via Prime Now.
ss  grocery 
7 days ago by seaugust
Amazon launches first debit card in Mexico e-commerce push Inc launched its first-ever debit card on Tuesday in Mexico, part of a push to encourage shoppers without bank accounts to buy online.
ss  money 
7 days ago by seaugust
Nobody Knows Quite Why Elon Musk Has Been Hiring Staffers From the Onion
Another source said Musk would have no editorial control over the project. Which is, frankly, a bummer. Musk has a pleasantly dark sense of humor … like that time he announced his plans for colonizing Mars but said he wouldn’t be making the trip himself since the first voyagers will likely die and “I’d like to see my kids grow up.”
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7 days ago by seaugust
TheSkimm raises $12 million for its snarky newsletters
TheSkimm is announcing a $12 million round led by GV (Google Ventures), with participation from Spanx founder Sara Blakely as well as existing investors like RRE Ventures and Homebrew.
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7 days ago by seaugust

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