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PFA giver sine sorte investeringer mere tid
Iflg Epinion : danskerne vil have bæredygtig pensionsopsparing
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8 weeks ago by taniaellis
Matt & Andrej Koymasky - Famous GLTB - Leslie Ekanayake
Leslie Ekanayake was born in Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka. He became the lover of the science fiction author Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (1917 - 2008).

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke called Leslie Ekanayake his "only perfect friend of a lifetime", in the dedication to his novel The Fountains of Paradise . Full dedication reads:

"To the still unfading memory of LESLIE EKANAYAKE (13 JuIy 1947 - 4 July 1977) only perfect friend of a lifetime, in whom were uniquely combined Loyalty, Intelligence and Compassion. When your radiant and loving spirit vanished from this world, the light went out of many lives."

Leslie Ekanayake died in Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka, for a motorcycle accident. It happened just 9 days prior to his 30th birthday.

Clarke is buried with Ekanayake, who predeceased him by three decades, in Colombo's central cemetery.
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10 weeks ago by gdw
Aon, Oxfam and Etherisc launch blockchain-based agricultural insurance
"Aon, Oxfam and Etherisc have launched blockchain-based agricultural insurance policies for smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka. Nearly 200 farmers have already enrolled in a solution which delivers micro-insurance to smallholder paddy field farmers who are at risk of losing their crops due to extreme weather."
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10 weeks ago by jonerp
The Return of Violent Identity Politics
I was taken to see the LTTE’s head, Velupillai Prabhakaran, in his jungle headquarters. A taciturn and sinister fellow, Prabhakaran was not very interested in the peace terms that Norway, supported by the EU, was proposing. The other highlight (or maybe it was a lowlight!) of my visit was being burned in effigy by Sinhalese extremists for suggesting peace talks at all... As recently as last year, there were attacks by Sinhalese Buddhists on Muslim mosques and businesses, and the small Christian (mostly Catholic) community, numbering 1.5 million in a population of 21.4 million, has been trapped in the middle.The French-Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf has described identity politics as a “leopard,” devouring men, women, and children and the values that customarily underpin any sense of common humanity. The Austrian Jewish intellectual Stefan Zweig’s book The World of Yesterday offers one of the best descriptions of how the rich, brilliant civilization of Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century was destroyed, first economically and then politically, by those who defined their identity overwhelmingly by their national loyalties, often attached to a bogus history and idealized institutions.There is nothing wrong with nationalism when it is simply a celebration of a country’s best values, traditions, and history. Call that patriotism. But nationalism can easily become a mindset that expresses itself most potently by defining people in zero-sum opposition to others.
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may 2019 by thomas.kochi
Western Christians should learn from the Sri Lanka martyrs
He who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me,” but “he who loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:38-9).By that stark measure of discipleship, Sri Lanka’s slaughtered Christians have amply proved themselves.The question the Sri Lanka massacre, and others like it in places such as Egypt, Nigeria and Iraq, pose to Christians in the West is: what have we sacrificed for the faith lately? What have we suffered for the suffering God?..Even so, as Matthew Schmitz has written in these pages, the Christian faithful face persecution in Western democracies. It targets our minds and consciences instead of our bodies, the kind of persecution that our Lord said we should most fear (Matthew 10:28).Islamic marauders, after all, are an old, open enemy. More insidious is the persecutor who welcomes Catholicism – provided it’s the bashful, mumbling faith of a Cardinal Joseph Tobin.Catholics prepared to forgive the cardinal might wonder: how far is the distance from Tobin’s brand of Christianity to the disembodied, “symbolic” Christianity of Serene Jones, the Union Theological Seminary president who recently told the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof that she doesn’t believe in bodily resurrection, the virgin birth and hell. Or how far is the distance from Newark to Colombo’s simple, bloodstained faith?
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april 2019 by thomas.kochi
Two Super-Rich Families Ended Up on Opposite Sides of Easter Attacks
The lives of the two families, the Povlsens and the Ibrahims, intersected at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo.They both were well-known and admired business families from opposite ends of the world.Members of one family were slaughtered by sons of the other.One was a billionaire in dollars. The other, a billionaire in rupees. One built a fortune through jeans, turtlenecks and all kinds of hip clothing. The other, through white pepper, black pepper and all kinds of spices.They both were well-known and admired, part of wildly successful, close-knit business families from opposite ends of the world and perhaps opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.In an instant, five of their children — Ilham, Inshaf, Alma, Agnes and Alfred — were blown to pieces, one side slaughtered by the other.“Anders Holch Povlsen is not a smart ass, but a solid, honest and visionary businessman. That’s why they are supporting him.”Mr. Ibrahim, even at around 70, was a tireless worker, up at 4 a.m., off to the mosque, then a simple breakfast at home. He spent the rest of the day in his spice factory, rubbing the peppercorns between his fingers, inspecting the quality of his products.The Ibrahims’ office on Old Moor Street is tucked between bare shops where the smells of cumin, chili and cinnamon mix in the air.“He calls everyone brother,”
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april 2019 by thomas.kochi

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