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How to do nothing in HDR
Lots of shader code useful for the conversion here.
HDR  SDR  ColorSpaces  PQ  Rec2020  srgb 
july 2018 by MemoryStomp
Colour management, part 3
“Just in case you missed it: We published the final article in our colour management trilogy. It covers the settings needed for Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and more. Lots of work and research went into this.”
bjango  photoshop  srgb  2018  color  colormanagement  illustrator  adobergb 
march 2018 by handcoding
page with a useful link on how to convert to/from sRGB
srgb  image  processing  color 
january 2018 by whlteXbread
sRGBz - minimal ICC v2 sRGB profile
"This page is about the size and precision optimizations of sRGBz.icc a 487/491byte CC0 licensed, ICC v2 sRGB equivalent profile, with about useful for ensuring consistent handling of for instance jpgs."
color  srgb 
september 2017 by nedrichards
A close look at the sRGB formula
"Evidently, [0.3928] came from the fact that the slope of 1/12.92 is actually a rounded version of a more theoretically correct slope of about 1/12.92321. A cutoff of 0.03928 is what you would arrive at if you used that slope.

"However, the sRGB standard defines 12.92 as the exact value to use. So I don’t think it would be correct to use 12.92321 in sRGB formulas.

"In any case, there’s certainly no reason to use 0.03928 together with 12.92. That would be half-baked, and it leads to a discontinuity that is possibly big enough to be significant."
srgb  2017  color  conversion  accessibility  a11y  wcag 
august 2017 by handcoding
CIE Color Calculator
This looks to be kind of a neat color-converstion app
color  lab  cielab  srgb  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
The sRGB Learning Curve – Game Dev Daily
Gamma encoding is a way to efficiently use the limited number of bits available in displays and buffers.
srgb  gamma 
august 2017 by jspohr

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