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RT : A 100% SLO is less about right and wrong and more about being realistic about what's possible
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yesterday by rjw1
A Guide to Service Level Objectives, Part 3: Quantifying Your SLOs – Circonus
What really matters to the business is the number of requests that failed to meet our SLO, not just the percentage.
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2 days ago by webframp
The lack of overlap between twitter and or twitter is also a direct result of coordinated ac…
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8 days ago by noahsussman
On-call work and health: a review
Many professions in the fields of engineering, aviation and medicine employ this form of scheduling. However, on-call work has received significantly less research attention than other work patterns such as shift work and overtime hours. This paper reviews the current body of peer-reviewed, published research conducted on the health effects of on-call work The health effects studies done in the area of on-call work are limited to mental health, job stress, sleep disturbances and personal safety. The reviewed research suggests that on-call work scheduling can pose a risk to health, although there are critical gaps in the literature.
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11 days ago by mbraly
Anchoring - Wikipedia
During decision making, anchoring occurs when individuals use this initial piece of information to make subsequent judgments. Those objects near the anchor tend to be assimilated toward it and those further away tend to be displaced in the other direction. Once the value of this anchor is set, all future negotiations, arguments, estimates, etc. are discussed in relation to the anchor. This bias occurs when interpreting future information using this anchor. For example, the initial price offered for a used car, set either before or at the start of negotiations, sets an arbitrary focal point for all following discussions. Prices discussed in negotiations that are lower than the anchor may seem reasonable, perhaps even cheap to the buyer, even if said prices are still relatively higher than the actual market value of the car.[1]
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11 days ago by mbraly
Hopes and Strategies
On August 27th 2017, I tweeted a link to what I described as a "survey about attitudes etc to oncall/risk". I urged SWEs/SREs to take it and asserted it should take < 5m to complete.
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11 days ago by mbraly
SRE: The Biggest Lie Since Kanban | the agile admin
There is a lot of discussion lately about how SRE fits into or competes with or whatever-s with DevOps.  I'm scheduled to speak on a "SRE vs DevOps Smackdown" panel today here at Innotech Austin, and at the exact same time I see Bridget tweeting Liz Fong-Jones' slides from Velocity on using SRE to implement…
15 days ago by sgmac

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