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How do I hide 'share' button on my blog posts? - Answers
<style> .ss-social-button { display:none !important } </style>
26 days ago by michelle1908
Saving a non-profit six figures a year using Squarespace, Airtable and Glitch.com — Future Fluent
Using Squarespace, Airtable and Glitch to host a not for profit site. Never heard of Airtable before, looks like a neat option for data.
I swallowed hard.

I was looking at a four gigabyte website dump. There was no documentation. There was no version control. Just thousands of php files in dozens of directories, plus a sprawling MySQL database.

What had I gotten myself into?

The files I was looking at comprised the website for EveryoneOn, a non-profit that connects low-income families with affordable internet access. We’d been working together for a few years, since ConnectHome in the Obama era, when they approached me looking for leads on new technology providers. Their existing contract web developer cost as much as an entire senior salary, and they wanted more affordable options.

I offered them a sweetheart deal with one goal: get them to a point of self-sufficiency. There are perverse incentives for a contract IT provider—it makes sense to increase complexity, making the client more dependent, ensuring future billings. I wanted to break that cycle.

But as I looked at the innards of their site, I wondered if I was in over my head.
airtable  glitch  squarespace 
4 weeks ago by micktwomey
Page Header Code Injection below banner/navigation? - Answers
Add links, text, buttons... or any div on top of all blog pages (or on top af ALL pages); siehe Willi Haider Website Design;
sqs  squarespace  codeinjection  header  blog  navigation  blogpost  blogging  links  divs 
5 weeks ago by spitonastranger
Gallery: External link in new window/tab? - Answers
How to manipulate links in a SQS gallery to open them in a new window
sqs  squarespace  webdesign  gallery  links  newtab  howto  files  images  clickthrough 
5 weeks ago by spitonastranger
Five: Smooth Scrolling on page using anchor links. - Answers
Implement smooth scrolling for anchor links on templates that usually don't do smooth scrolling. Header code injection required;
sqs  squarespace  anchorlinks  scrolling  smooth  smoothscrolling  codeinjection  howto  templates 
8 weeks ago by spitonastranger

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