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AWS LambdaがSQSをイベントソースとしてサポートしました! | Developers.IO
aws  lambda  sqs  todo 
9 days ago by oppara
Page Header Code Injection below banner/navigation? - Answers
Add links, text, buttons... or any div on top of all blog pages (or on top af ALL pages); siehe Willi Haider Website Design;
sqs  squarespace  codeinjection  header  blog  navigation  blogpost  blogging  links  divs 
14 days ago by spitonastranger
Gallery: External link in new window/tab? - Answers
How to manipulate links in a SQS gallery to open them in a new window
sqs  squarespace  webdesign  gallery  links  newtab  howto  files  images  clickthrough 
17 days ago by spitonastranger
Serverless Performance: Cloudflare Workers, Lambda and LambdaEdge | Hacker News
Triggering Lambdas based on SQS events is new - it was just introduced at the end of June of this year.(https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/aws-lambda-adds-amazon-simp...). For the past 14 years you've had to poll for SQS messages.
If you are referring to SNS, you've always been able to send SNS messages to HTTP endpoints. (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sns/latest/dg/SendMessageToHttp....)

We run binaries on our lambda instance with a go-based function, since Lambda allows...
aws  sqs  messaging  architecture  lambda 
17 days ago by hellsten
Five: Smooth Scrolling on page using anchor links. - Answers
Implement smooth scrolling for anchor links on templates that usually don't do smooth scrolling. Header code injection required;
sqs  squarespace  anchorlinks  scrolling  smooth  smoothscrolling  codeinjection  howto  templates 
4 weeks ago by spitonastranger

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