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Database Scoped Configurations got even better with SQL Server 2016 - SolarWinds
Shows database properties and SQL for setting "legacy cardinality estimation" as a database scoped configuration instead of using Trace Flag 9481 as would have been done in SQL Server 2014.
2 days ago by l1nktrackr
Category : SQL Server Builds - SentryOne Team Blog
Useful for knowing the latest service packs, updates and build numbers
sqlserver  microsoft 
4 days ago by zakb01
RT : For those of you wondering which will be the minimum Windows OS version we will support for 2019, that's…
SQLServer  from twitter
8 days ago by gaelicWizard
MSSQLServer Event ID 26014 - Unable to load user-specified certificate
After applying some Windows Updates this month I ran into an issue with my SQL Server that SCCM 2012 uses. After the rebo... | 4 replies | Microsoft SQL Server
sql  SQLServer  certs 
14 days ago by egwillim
SQL: SSL and SQL Server 2008 – Service Doesn’t Start – Error Code 26014
After requesting the SSL certificate and getting it in the correct format to import into the server's Personal Certificate Store using the steps found here, I was finally ready to select the certificate and encrypt the database traffic. As outlined here I selected the correct SSL certificate set the ForceEncryption flag to Yes. After doing…
sql  SQLServer  certs 
14 days ago by egwillim

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