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Bedrock by Expensify
detailed comparision against MySQL
database  sqlite  bedrockdb  mysql 
5 days ago by rona25
Datasette Publish: a web app for publishing CSV files as an online database
"I’ve just released Datasette Publish, a web tool for turning one or more CSV files into an online database with a JSON API."
sqlite  dataset  api  data 
5 days ago by ssn
Relational Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite - Hyperpolyglot
Compare commands for common operations across 3 major open source databases
Database  MySQL  Postgres  SQLite 
11 days ago by cnk
How do I unlock a SQLite database? - Stack Overflow
How to deal with open locked sqlite database issue.
sqlite  dev  database  anki 
13 days ago by LachmanBhatia
replace phpMyAdmin with Adminer and you will get a tidier user interface, better support for MySQL features, higher performance and more security
database  mysql  php  mariadb  tools  opensource  postgresql  sql  sqlite  sqlserver 
16 days ago by lpalli

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