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I hope you can forgive my language - holy fuck. I've used a bunch and had a lot of respect for it as a proj…
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1 hour ago by oliver.turner
Seven Ways of Making Use of SQLite
SQLite is a really handy file based database engine. When you put data into a database, it can make it easier to search; it also provides a great tool for looking for stories or story leads hidden in the data. So here are seven ways of getting started with SQLite. Querying SQLite Databases Using Rich User Interfaces Whilst SQLite comes with it’s own command line client, many people will find the easiest way of getting started with querying SQLite databases is to use an application, either on the desktop or accessed via a browser based UI. franchise is a browser based UI that you can access via the cloud or run locally (/code). If you have a SQLite database file (make sure the suffix is .sql ) you can upload it and explore it using the franchise application. (If you have a CSV or Excel data file, you can upload that too and it will add it to its own temporary SQLite database). Here’s a review: Asking Questions of CSV Data, Using SQL In the Browser, With Franchise. If you prefer something on the desktop, the cross-platform sqlitebrowser might suit your needs. Another great way of making use of SQLite is bring it alive using datasette . A single command allows you to publish an interactive, browser based user interface to one or more databases, either on your own computer or via an online host such as Zeit Now, or Heroku. For example, I’ve popped up three databases I scrape together on Heroku and pointed my own URL at them (unfortunately, I tend to run out of free Heroku credits in the last week of the month at which point the site goes down!) datasette  allows you to query the databases through a customisable webpage and supports a range of plugins. For example, the datasette-cluster-map will detect latitude and longitude columns in a datatable and present the results using an interactive map. I gave it a spin with this map of UK Food Hygiene Ratings. You can find several other examples of datasettes published in the wild on the datasette wiki. Finding Data: SQLite Databases in the Wild Whilst tools such as datasette are great for quickly getting started with querying a SQLite database, one obvious question that arises is: what SQLite database? Once you start poking around, however, you can start to find examples of SQLite databases working quietly behind the scenes on you own computer. (Searching your computer for files with a .sqlite  suffix is one way of finding them!) As a specific example, the Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers all k
18 hours ago by snafubar
The interesting ideas in Datasette
Interesting ideas about publishing public datasets and code to work with them. What’s really interesting is what changes when you are publishing static datasets and a read-only application. Very different possibilities open up for deployment and scaling.
data  database  sqlite  opendata 
6 days ago by jefframnani
GitHub - ngardiner/Fronius_PVOutput_Uploader: Upload data from Fronius Solar Inverter with Fronius Smart Meter to PVOutput.org
Upload data from Fronius Solar Inverter with Fronius Smart Meter to PVOutput.org, with added HomeAssistant REST sensor component.

Added Fronius Smart Meter support to a script originally authored by Terence Eden, with additional modifications by b33st, SkullKill and Scobber. https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2014/11/fronius-and-pvoutput/
GitHub  Fronius  PHP  monitoring  SQLite 
8 days ago by coffeebucket
aergoio/litetree: SQLite with Branches
SQLite with Branches. Contribute to aergoio/litetree development by creating an account on GitHub.
database  versioncontrol  sqlite  databases  opensource 
10 days ago by e2b
Wapp: Wapp - A Web-Application Framework for TCL
Wapp is a new framework for writing web applications in TCL, with the following advantages:

Very small API → easy to learn and use
A complete application is contained in a single file
Resistant to attacks and exploits
Cross-platform → CGI, SCGI, or a built-in web server
The MVC design pattern is supported but not required
The Wapp framework itself is a single-file TCL script that is "source"-ed, "package require"-ed, or even copy/pasted into the application TCL script
2-clause BSD license
tcl  sqlite  cgi  webdev  framework  opensource  201810  via:wjy 
10 days ago by jakoubek
Sqlite3 Library for ESP32 Arduino Core - Hackster.io
Retrieve and modify SQLite files. Retrieving from an indexed database table having 10 million rows takes less than a second.
electronics  esp32  arduino  sqlite  tutorial 
10 days ago by junya
JSON Changelog with SQLite
Sometimes you want a log of all changes to the data in your database (every INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE).
sqlite  database  changelog  json  howto  sql  201810 
12 days ago by jakoubek

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