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RT : Day 10 of my 24 🎅 challenge! Drum 🥁 roll please - Today I present " 🤖"! Yes,…
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5 weeks ago by pipthepixie
Get These Crispy Barbecue Spiced Brussels Sprouts Are A Tasty + Addicting Side Dish … Ideas HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
These Crispy Barbecue Spiced Brussels Sprouts are a tasty + addicting side dish … These Crispy Barbecue Spiced Brussels Sprouts are a tasty + addicting side dish that anyone will love, even brussels sprouts haters! Vegan, Paleo + Whole30 Friendly! These Crispy Barbecue Spiced Brussels Sprouts are a tasty + addicting side dish …
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september 2017 by wotek
Sterilizing broccoli sprouts seeds pre-germination
pour heated water and/or heated hydrogren pyroxide over seeds to kill any possible ecoli (this paper recommends heating at 140F for 5 minutes http://anrcatalog.ucanr.edu/pdf/8151.pdf)
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may 2017 by mdpatrick

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