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Foucault On Obscurantism: ‘They Made Me Do It!’ | Critical-Theory.com
Now, as Open Culture notes, Foucault admitted to his friend John Searle that he intentionally complicated his writings to appease his French audience. Searle claims Foucault told him: “In France, you gotta have ten percent incomprehensible, otherwise people won’t think it’s deep–they won’t think you’re a profound thinker.” When Searle later asked Pierre Bourdieu if he thought this was true, Bourdieu insisted it was much worse than ten percent. You can listen to Searle’s full comments below.
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september 2018 by mlte
The History of Quaker Plain Speech - YouTube
Quaker plain speaking originated in a desire to avoid anything that was associated with practices or beliefs that were un-Christian, that even indirectly honored pagan deities, and in the Quaker belief in the spiritual equality of all people and a desire to avoid practices which served to puff up human vanity and a feeling that some people—simply by birth or rank—were better than others.

First of all, the Quaker plain language or plain speech had its own version of the calendar.

Friends had no use for those sorts of customary courtesies which they saw as elevating some people above others, and in the process very likely puffing up sinful human vanity. So when addressing a single person, they insisted—no matter what the social rank—that person be addressed as "thee" or "thou", and that really, really, really annoyed the upper classes of 17th century England. They saw it as undermining the very foundations of the social order.

The third aspect of Quaker speech or plain language was a refusal to use complimentary titles. So good Friends would address all people by name, as "Thomas Hamm" or "William Penn" or "Margaret Fell". Not as "Mr. Penn" or "Your Ladyship Margaret."
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july 2018 by mlte
The Secret Language of Plants
Each discovery erodes what we thought we knew about what plants do and what they can do. To learn what else they’re capable of, we have to stop anthropomorphizing plants, said Baldwin, who is now at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and try instead to think like them, to phytomorphize ourselves. Imagining what it’s like to be a plant, he said, will be the way to understand how and why they communicate — and make their secret lives a mystery no longer.
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may 2017 by mlte
Donald Trump’s unique speaking style, explained by linguists - Vox
During the campaign, I was curious if professional linguists and historians could help us figure out what makes Trump’s speaking style unique. There were lots of disagreements on this front, but one thing stood out: Trump’s speeches aren’t meant to be read or used for sound bites, which is probably why Trump is so frustrated with how he comes off in the media.
february 2017 by mlte

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