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Google Design Sprint Kit
The Design Sprint Kit is an open-source resource for design leaders, product owners, developers or anyone who is learning about or running Design Sprints. Whether you are new to Design Sprints and gaining buy in for your first Sprint, or an experienced Sprint facilitator looking for new methods, this site will help you learn, plan, and contribute to the Design Sprint Methodology.
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21 days ago by DillonIanCarter
Sprint verkauft Online-Werbegeschäft an Inmobi
Der viertgrößte US-Mobilfunkanbieter Sprint trennt sich vor der Übernahme durch den größeren Rivalen T-Mobile US von seinem Online-Werbegeschäft
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28 days ago by yorksranter
JBL Endurance Jump & Sprint Review: Almost Perfect Bluetooth Fitness Earphones
The JBL Endurance Sprint (SGD 95) and JBL Endurance Jump (SGD 115) are two of the four devices launched in JBL’s latest Endurance line of active-wear earphones. They come in a range of flashy colours to match your active lifestyle (and black, if you’re intending to go low-key), and are purpose-built and designed to fit in...

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JBL  Endurance  Jump  &  Sprint  Review:  Almost  Perfect  Bluetooth  Fitness  Earphones 
4 weeks ago by vrzone

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