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Spotify “Direct Deals” vs. Major Label Artists: A First Look
Some data analysis comparing a few "DIY" direct-deal artists to majors, pros-cons on each side.

Takeaway: DIY artists relatively more popular in global market. Major labels tend to focus marketing efforts on North America. Probably implications for touring etc.
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yesterday by gunsch
Why Are Record Companies Dumping Their Spotify Stock? - Office of Copyright
Yet, if the prospects for Spotify are as rosy as the internet would have you assume, why, in a least two cases, dump the stock and run for the hills? (As of the writing of this post, only Universal Music Group still retains its full share out of the major labels.)
Spotify  profitability  results  review  critique  music  streamingmedia  OfficeofCopyright  2018 
yesterday by inspiral
Follow friends and artists - Spotify
This page goes over how you can follow friends or artists on Spotify.

(This other page also offers the tip that you can search for spotify:user:[username] to find someone on Spotify by their username. Just leave out the brackets when you do the search for real, of course.)
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yesterday by handcoding
Merry Synthmas! on Spotify
This is James Fraleigh’s synthpop playlist on Spotify :).
jamesfraleigh  synthpop  music  playlists  spotify  2018 
yesterday by handcoding
Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination
About how Spotify runs as a company and their aspirational future goals. Patience, goal-setting, two-year "tours of duty" for leadership.
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2 days ago by gunsch
Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination
Quite good.


"“That honesty is an important part of our culture,” which is one topic that particularly animates Ek. “One thing that I hate,” he says, is “when people worry, ‘How do we keep our culture?’ It’s horseshit. The culture will change. With every person who leaves, every person who joins, there’s change. The question is, what change do we like and what change do we not? What are the things we will embrace?”"


"“There’s never a moment in a meeting with Daniel [Ek] when he says some genius shit and your brain explodes,” D.A. Wallach says, comparing Ek with his other tech-titan friends. “Sean Parker [the Napster founder] is a crazy big-picture intellectual. Elon Musk is essentially an engineer; he views everything from finance to marketing as an engineering problem. Daniel has a similarity to [Mark] Zuckerberg, disposition-wise, but he doesn’t have the same world-historical aspirations. He’s succeeded in the [music] business because he’s extremely patient and not high on his own supply, meaning he has not been susceptible to the vices that ruin people in entertainment.”"
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3 days ago by alexpriest

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