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Radar Radio: ‘You can swear on our breakfast show’ | Music | The Guardian
The online station is sharing the new sound of London, and giving the next generation of broadcasters a chance to shine. It represents what being young, British and involved in music is all about
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Sports Direct chairman criticises 'extreme campaign' as profits fall 57% | Business | The Guardian
George Salmon, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “The tone of Sports Direct’s first half results is conciliatory to its staff, describing them as its number one priority. However, the availability of the group’s new $50m corporate plane for staff hire is probably of little interest to the vast majority.

The eye-catching number is the 610 basis points fall in UK margins..."
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"It’s a McJob now – a job. So ask yourself again: are you really immune to the treatment?"
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Cameron was right, Britain is broken. But it’s businessmen who are to blame | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
"In Brexit Britain, one of the most important contracts between businesses and the public has been broken. Companies increasingly rely on the public to pay their way: to top up wages with benefits and public services, and billions in subsidies and grants and tax reliefs. What goes with that is another broken contract: the one that says work always pays. From Norman Tebbit to Brown to IDS, that idea has been central to employment and welfare policy. It is now dead. As the Institute for Fiscal Studies said last week: “The new poor tend to live in households where there is someone in work.” This is a fact that those at the bottom of the labour market have known for years, but is only now working its way into the minds of policymakers."
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