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North Carolina Leads College Baseball Into The Analytics Age
The Tar Heels employed data-based shifts from the very first pitch of 2017 and continue to do so now—one of the many fruits of Daley-Harris’ data collecting. UNC went 44-11 last season and earned the No. 2 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, and the Tar Heels are in contention for the Atlantic Coast Conference crown once again this spring, slotting No. 5 in the most recent Top 25 ranking. The incorporation of data is by no means the reason for UNC’s success, but it has certainly played a factor.
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八阕 ・ 广角新闻 ・ 生 活:【做这个动作15下,等于仰卧起坐500下】




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The Supreme Court Made It Easier For More People To Place Bad Sports Bets | FiveThirtyEight
With the Supreme Court’s landmark gambling decision this week, many more Americans might soon be able to place a legal wager on their favorite sport. So what kind of money are we talking about?
The U.S. casino industry says Americans illegally bet at least $150 billion on sports every year. But it’s hard to measure exactly how much of that money might flow into legal establishments as a result of this decision; underground bookies don’t readily publish their balance sheets. But the casinos in Nevada do, and a closer look into the action taken by sportsbooks over the past few decades gives us a window into how Americans bet on sports — and how well they’re doing.
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Why Are the NBA’s Best Players Getting Better Younger? YouTube - WSJ
"Jayson Tatum and his generation of NBA players spent their entire lives improving their skills by watching basketball on YouTube. And it shows."
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Kawhi Leonard is so great at defense, he's actually hurting the Spurs
2016 "Seriously, San Antonio is at its worst when he's on the floor; it makes no sense until you look closer"
Watching the Spurs' defense, the same pattern emerges. The opponent takes whoever Leonard is guarding to the corner and plays 4 on 4, often to great results. Much of this is because Leonard shares the court with Tony Parker and Pau Gasol, who simply can't contain in the pick and roll. This is the key component: As good as Leonard is, you can neutralize him. This wasn't possible in previous years because the rest of the Spurs' defense was so good. But now, with certain lineups, there are real weaknesses.
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How Shoddy Statistics Found A Home In Sports Research | FiveThirtyEight
Hopkins’s workaround for all of this, MBI, has no sound theoretical basis. It is an amalgam of two statistical approaches — frequentist and Bayesian — and relies on opaque formulas embedded in Excel spreadsheets1 into which researchers can input their data. The spreadsheets then calculate whether an observed effect is likely to be beneficial, trivial or harmful and use statistical calculations such as confidence intervals and effect sizes to produce probabilistic statements about a set of results.
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The Instagram Stars of High-School Basketball - The Atlantic
“Kids who don’t know how to use social media are definitely at a disadvantage.”
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