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Wheelchair backflipping teen among BBC R1 award winners - BBC News

Wheelchair backflipping teen among BBC R1 award winners

8 hours ago
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Image copyrightLILY RICE
Lily Rice, 14, has spastic paraplegia and uses a wheelchair.

She also became the second female in the world to perform a wheelchair backflip last year.

Now the Welsh teenager has been given a BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Award for helping children like her access her sport, wheelchair motorcross or WCMX.

She's one of three teenagers to be recognised for their outstanding dedication to others in the Teen Hero Awards.
newsbeat  disability  dis-ability  sport 
4 hours ago by ndf
Professional Videogamers Are Working Out - Slashdot
Hoping to avoid injuries, gamers get physical training; squat jumps, ginger smoothies and yoga. From a report: Esports, the world of professional videogaming, is looking more and more like other sports, with big sponsors, prize money, fan bases -- and player injuries. In response, teams are educatin...
gaming  sport  health 
11 hours ago by pankkake
N'Golo Kanté - Wikipedia
N'Golo Kanté is a French professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the France national team. Watch via Football Focus (BBC1), 17/03/2018.
Football  Sport  FrenchPeople  BlackPeople  FootballFocus  BBCSport  NGoloKante  Wikipedia 
2 days ago by dk33per
Danny MacAskill-Video "DownrightDirty": Wurzeln, Nässe, pure Freude! -
Dass auch ein Danny MacAskill trotz perfekter Fahrtechnik definitiv nicht vor Gripverlust geschützt ist, zeigt sein soeben erschienener Clip “DownrightDirty”: Hier heizen Danny und sein Kumpel nicht nur verboten schnell über glitschigste Regentrails, sondern legen sich auch mit schöner und l via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  fahrradio  mtb  sport  video 
7 days ago by hansdorsch

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