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Snowboarding for Geeks: An Ultimate Guide - Xfive
Not that I'm IN ANY WAY thinking about snowboarding again. But, if I was, this would be a pretty good introduction. Besides, I'm still younger than that guy who started in his middle-to-late years.
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yesterday by dogrover
"AlterGo est un regroupement d’une centaine d’organismes membres offrant des services de sport ou de loisir sur le territoire de l’île de Montréal et ayant comme préoccupation l'accès au loisir des personnes ayant une limitation fonctionnelle." -- "Mission - Soutenir l’inclusion sociale des personnes ayant une limitation fonctionnelle par l’abolition des obstacles au loisir, au sport et à la culture."
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2 days ago by kmo
How to Use the Kaweco Piston Converter for Sport Fountain Pens - YouTube
(There’s also this handy caveat from one of the commenters—)
“You should warn folks that the converter also does not quite fit in the Sport. You need to expel a little ink before you replace the barrel or it will squirt ink through the nib.”
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2 days ago by handcoding
RT : NOW ON: The of and . Giovanni Di Cola discusses w Marie Basacq of organ…
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2 days ago by dgmcgillivray
RWC 2019 Match Schedule
If Ireland make it past the Quarters - they will fly
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6 days ago by beckymonster
Esports Is (Finally) an Official Medal Sport for the 2019 SEA Games
In a press conference held by the Philippines Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PhilSGOC) in Pasay City on Wednesday, it was announced that with a partnership between the Philippines Olympic Committee and gaming hardware giant Razer, esports will be a part of the 2019 SEA Games officially as a full-fledged medal sport. With six gold...

The post Esports Is (Finally) an Official Medal Sport for the 2019 SEA Games appeared first on .
Esports  Is  (Finally)  an  Official  Medal  Sport  for  the  2019  SEA  Games 
7 days ago by vrzone

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