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Star Trek: Discovery’s second season may boldly go where the first did not | Ars Technica
"I suggest that you focus on the problem in front of you, rather than what is behind."
Beware: this piece contains spoilers for seasons one and two of Star Trek: Discovery.
In many ways, this season felt very much like a much-needed reset from the previous one. The Klingon war is over, and the Federation is consumed by a new scientific pursuit: mysterious red bursts of light that have appeared across 30,000 light years.
The scene that really drove home the reset was the formal roll call, where our bridge characters say their names—really, directly to the audience.
It’s still baffling that we went an entire season without knowing most of the bridge crew’s names! Yes, we sort of got to know a handful of characters, but there are regular faces that we’ve seen many times on the bridge. If like the other shows, where the bulk of each episode happens in the nerve center of the ship, it would help to know who we’re interacting with.
But by the end of this episode, "Brother," despite all the original series-era teases Discovery is telling the audience that it’s leaving old Trek tropes behind. The show is uncharted space from here on out.
"I suggest that you focus on the problem in front of you, rather than what is behind," Sarek tells Burnham in the scene just before the roll call.
Spoilers ahead. If you continue to read and then complain about spoilers, you’ll be up to your elbow in Tellarite brains.
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ENDEAVOUR: S6EP4, Degüello. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
The death of a librarian at the Bodleian library has Morse and Thursday baffled. The discovery of another body that had buried alive brings the tam closer to who killed George Fancy. With mounting pressure on the team to fall in with the corrupt politicians and policemen or face being exposed or worse, Thursday, Morse, Strange and Bright have a difficult decision to make. Betray their moral compass and their oath as a policeman or face up to an uncertain future.
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ENDEAVOUR: S6EP3, CONFECTION. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
“The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable!” Oscar Wilde.
Midsomer murders meets Agatha Christie meets Blood Bath at the OK Corrall meets Blue Velvet.
Here is the opening of the film, Blue Velvet, by the wonderful David Lynch...
Here is the opening of Confection...
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ENDEAVOUR: S6EP1, PYLON. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
It is the July 1969. As for the gang of four, Morse, Bright, Thursday and Strange, they have all been demoted apart from Strange who has been kept busying shuffling papers.
A girl has gone missing is found in a field by Morse. Morse wonders if it is linked to a missing girl some three years before in 1966. But his ideas and help are not wanted by the new sheriff in town, Ronnie Box.
Sergeant Morse (in uniform) has been stuck working in the sticks looking for missing horses and keeping the peace at village fetes.
The main suspect for the kidnapping and murder of the schoolgirl is found to have a past in relation to Fred Thursday.
A second kidnapping puts more pressure on everyone.
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ENDEAVOUR: S6EP2, APOLLO. Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
It’s the time of Apollo 11. Launch date 16th July 1969 and landed on the 20th July 1969.
A Professor Adam Drake, heartthrob and genius is killed in a car accident along with his most recent date, Christine Chase. Professor Drake is a bit of a lady’s man you see. But, Christine was already dead when the car crashed.
Endeavour is now back in a suit and has now been placed back into the Detective Sergeant post. Ronnie Box and Jago don’t like Endeavour and really don’t have much time for Fred Thursday either.
Endeavour is told to keep things simple in regard to the car crash which Box puts down to a murder/suicide.
Will Endeavour keep things simple. What do you think.
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Welcome to the cyber world: The real-world tech behind Alita: Battle Angel | Ars Technica
Producer James Cameron wanted his fictional tech to be grounded in the real world.
The CGI-heavy cinematic world of Alita: Battle Angel, the big-screen adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's popular manga series Gunnm, is chock-full of the kinds of cyberpunk toys most of us only dream about. But while much of the technology in Alita is futuristic, it's deliberately grounded in the real-world technology of today, per producer James Cameron's vision for the film.
(Mildest of spoilers for Alita: Battle Angel below. You can read Sam Machkovech's largely spoiler-free review here.)
Set some 600 years in the future, the cyberpunk world of Alita: Battle Angel is a dystopian society where people in Iron City scavenge for anything useful—especially technology—in the Scrapyard, which holds everything dumped from the floating city of Zalem, where the "elite" reside. There's a series of tubes where products are sent from the Iron City to Zalem (in exchange for the latter's refuse), but otherwise the two worlds never really mix. The Scrapyard is where a kind doctor finds cyborg Alita's head, holding her carefully preserved human brain. He knows immediately he's looking at highly advanced technology from three centuries earlier, lost in time, and rehabilitates her. The plot follows her journey from amnesiac innocent to fierce warrior.
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Endeavour: it's Inspector Morse with a moustache – and surprisingly great | Television & radio | The Guardian
This 60s-set prequel to the legendary ITV detective series might look like a cosy Heartbeat-style drama, but something far darker and stranger is at play
This article contains minor spoilers for series 1-6 of Endeavour
It sounds borderline bizarre to insist that the sixth series of a TV drama is a good jumping-on point. But if you’ve so far resisted ITV’s Sunday-night staple Endeavour – AKA The 1960s Adventures of Young Morse, Before He Got So Crotchety (Although He is Actually Already Pretty Crotchety) – the latest series seems consciously designed to get any latecomers up to speed. It helps, of course, that this is a prequel to one of the most prestigious and popular ITV dramas of all time. Even if you don’t know where the character has been for the past five seasons, you probably have a decent idea about where he is going to end up.
That love for John Thaw’s original Inspector Morse remains strong almost two decades after the final episode aired, to the extent that Endeavour has from the outset seemed a little skippable. Beyond the potential commercial benefits, was there really any urgent need to investigate the trials and traumas that forged such a beloved character, even with the added aesthetic pleasures of a 1960s Oxford setting, all duck-egg blue cars and Green Shield stamps?
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Deadly Class Advanced Review | tvshowpilot.com
(Last Updated On: 30/12/2018)
If you follow us on social media then you probably have noticed our obsession with SyFy’s upcoming series Deadly Class. And for good reason. The show looks like something we have never seen on TV before. And now that we have seen the first episode of this new show (titled “Regan Youth”), we can say with certainty that it’s one of the most unique, unexpected, interesting and gritty shows of the past few years. One that’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. But will grab your attention and make you think and see things in a new perspective.
Spoiler warning is now in effect! If you don’t want me to spoil what happens in the first episode of Deadly Class, X out now or deal with the spoiler-rage later.
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"It turns out The Good Place was the friends we made along the way." (, but, lik…
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december 2018 by Surliminal
What’s next for Endeavour after that shocking finale? Producer Damien Timmer on the SIXTH series of Endeavour. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello my fellow Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. This post is thanks to my friend Ellen Spain who pointed me in its direction. This is an interview from the TV listings magazine Radio Times. Enjoy.
Exclusive: Executive producer Damien Timmer gives us the inside scoop on the latest series of the Inspector Morse prequel – as well as a few hints at what we can expect in the future. Contains spoilers.
As well as being the usual head-scratching mystery for Shaun Evans’ troubled detective, the series five finale of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour was also a massive gamechanger for the drama as a whole.
With the Cowley CID team facing a very uncertain future and key characters seeming to say goodbye to the series forever, you might have thought things couldn’t get any worse – but then, the unimaginable happened…
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'Star Trek: Short Treks' Michael Chabon, Aldis Hodge Interview [SPOILERS]
"I started thinking about The Odyssey and the story of Odysseus landing on the Isle of Calypso," Chabon tells The Hollywood Reporter. "He's been out wandering for a long time, and she takes him in and falls in love with him. He's been traumatized and is now just trying to get home, but has this strange magical interlude on the way.”
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