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Aliens invite the Enterprise to a cordial event and they need to learn how to dance a really complicated/formal dance to be polite and not offend them.

Pairings of anon's choice but my favorite characters are Sulu and Spock (with a weakness for Spock/Uhura), so I'd love it if they were included. Slash or het would both be loved! :)
Spock/Uhura  Sulu/Chekov  dancing 
december 2018 by kribban
notboldly: The Best Laid Plans [1/2]
The problem was that Jim wasn’t really friends with Spock either. He’d tried for the first few months, because he’d been in a bad place for much of his life and he’d sort of wanted Older Spock’s promised friendship, that anchor to fall back on. And he’d gotten it!…with Older Spock, whom he regularly corresponded with, no matter where in the universe they were. Jim supposed that he’d sort of forgotten that he had his own Spock, this person from his own timeline he was meant to forge new paths with, to be friends with until death or far after. There were only so many times he could have invitations and offerings and his friendship refused, though, before he forgot that this was something special he was supposed to be fighting for, something that Spock would eventually give in to. He’d forgotten, and he’d given up.

In light of that, he supposed he didn’t blame Spock for being suspicious when—after months of silence—Jim started asking him to play chess again. The thought was simple: Jim might not have been Spock’s friend, but Spock didn’t appear to have many others, and break-ups were better with someone who cared. The problem, of course, was convincing Spock of that.

“Captain, I assure you that I have had no urge to defeat you in chess, nor do I expect to in the future. Please cease interrupting my work.”

Spock could be really nasty when he wanted to be, Jim could admit, but he was also direct and to the point, certainly blunter than Older Spock ever was. Jim knew he could come to like that rather than just appreciate it during moments of professional urgency, and the thought—yes, that special friendship, it’s there, this could all work—made him smile and persist.

“Well then, how do you feel about losing?”

It was the right thing to say, oddly enough. And it was even better when Jim kept his promise: Spock lost. From then on, it was easy convincing Spock that Jim could be right in other things, if easy meant that Spock had to be proven wrong again, and again, and again. Jim wondered (often while running for his life on some godforsaken planet) what he had done to convince Spock that he was still some stupid, punk-ass kid that hadn’t grown to fit his captain’s uniform.

Older Spock had much to say on the subject, but he was vague, as usual.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  breakup  spockprime  matchmaking  correspondence  xmas 
november 2018 by runpunkrun
janice_lester | What Uhura Saw: or, five times Uhura watched someone else screw Spock and the one time she did
Uhura leaned close then, hand on his arm, to murmur into his ear. “I get off on something a bit… unusual, Captain.”

She felt him go still.

“Uh huh,” he said, a wealth of meaning in those two virtually content-free syllables. He cocked his head a few degrees to the right and looked thoughtfully at her. “Anything. I’m totally here for you, baby. Well, almost anything. If you’re a necrophiliac or something I am so not volunteering to sleep with you.”

Uhura seized him by the wrist, not caring if her nails (which were currently impractically long and plastic and had been whimsically decorated by Yeoman Rand in one of her artistic moods) dug into his skin, hopped down off the bar stool and led her commanding officer quickly from the club.

Outside, she leaned against a brick wall in the ubiquitous dingy back alley every drinking establishment on every planet seemed to possess, breathed in the humid alien night and briefly reassessed her own sanity. And the condition of her knickers.

“Well?” Kirk said, all schoolboy enthusiasm and barely-contained manic energy.

“This is absolutely, completely, totally, perfectly, and one hundred percent confidential, understand?”

“You have my word of honour,” he said, “and I mean it.”

In for a penny, in for a pound, right? “I get off on watching a man get fucked. A specific man. If you would… if you would seduce him and fuck him and arrange for me to see it…” Another deep breath. She had her eyes closed, but sensed nonetheless that she had James T. Kirk’s rapt attention. “In return, I’ll make available—for your eyes only—a video recording of what I do while I’m watching you do him.”

In the silence, she waited for his laughter. It didn’t come.

“I believe I may be half in love with you, lady. Who’s the lucky guy?”
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  voyeurism/exhibitionism  bottoming  masturbation  pegging 
october 2018 by runpunkrun
Maybe Not Anwhere - by softcorevulcan
The cat purrs from on it’s perch at the other end of the windowsill. “Are you here for the same reason most everybody else is, then?” The man asks, regarding the cat, giving Spock space, whether the man realizes it or not.

“Depends. I do not know what reason you presume others are gathered here for.” That is a lie, Spock could reach out and take all the answers from this human’s mind, wouldn’t even have to touch him to know. This man is already so open, vulnerable, Spock can feel arousal from here now that he’s looking for it, and he doesn’t even have to try.

Spock turns now, to appraise this person.

Short hair - just long enough to pull, bright eyes - aware enough to give consent, bitable neck - a personal preference of Spock’s. Around Spock’s own height, different than Nyota. The hint of strong legs, enough to be handled roughly, maybe still be able to hold on. Nice hands…

Spock glances over at the crowd of people, tries to spot Nyota. She is still with that woman dressed in red, and another woman now too, who is in black just like Spock, who is kissing Nyota’s neck.

He feels heat crawl up his spine, like some virus, looks back to the man presented to him. “Why are you here, tonight?”

The man answers easily, takes being appraised with unflinching eyes rather well, he doesn’t even look away - even Nogura looks away, when Spock stares this much. “To have fun.” He’s smiling again, then just a little bit more, bright teeth now too, then somehow he’s a little closer to Spock.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  starfleet.edu  bars  drunk  sybok 
october 2018 by runpunkrun
The Place Between - PsiCygni - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Nice because it's long, but not quite my favorite iteration of this pairing. And unfortunately, that's saying a lot because fake dating premise will get quite a long way with me.
!startrek:aos  spock/uhura  fanfic 
september 2018 by epaulettes
The Place Between - PsiCygni - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"No, Gaila. I am not, absolutely not going to walk into Commander Spock’s office and suggest that we pretend to date for an entire summer. I mean, we… I… he’s not… I couldn’t even spend that much time with him, nor would I want to. He’s so… he’s just really… I have professional mores, Gaila. Standards of conduct that this… just, no. No. No, thank you for the idea, but no."
startrek  AOS  spock/uhura  fake-dating  100K+  pining 
september 2018 by joyinrepetition
Transmutations - PsiCygni - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Sleeping together is easy. The hard part is the way in which they, inadvertently, come to care about each other.
startrek  AOS  spock/uhura  0-10K  series  AU 
september 2018 by joyinrepetition
Metanoia - PsiCygni - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
She has never made him feel alien, or strange, and he does not need comfort, and does not seek it, and therefore does not assign such a word to the way she kisses him when she enters his apartment, her hand wrapped around the back of his neck, or the sound of his native language when she speaks it. Companion piece to Transmutations.
startrek  AOS  spock/uhura  0-10K  AU 
september 2018 by joyinrepetition
The place between by psicygni
""No, Gaila. I am not, absolutely not going to walk into Commander Spock’s office and suggest that we pretend to date for an entire summer. I mean, we… I… he’s not… I couldn’t even spend that much time with him, nor would I want to. He’s so… he’s just really… I have professional mores, Gaila. Standards of conduct that this… just, no. No. No, thank you for the idea, but no.""
fandom:star_trek  spock/uhura  unread 
september 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Lunch and other obscenities

Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her.

My notes: the one where Orion’s food customs are very different than Earth’s. Charming, possibly not great for someone with food/eating issues
length:8-10k  gen  friendship  creator:rheannan  location:ao3  spock/uhura  awesome.ladies.awesoming  fandom:startrek 
august 2018 by concinnity
Omicron Pod

Reboot edition of TOS episode "This Side of Paradise": They’d barely been on the surface of the desolate Omicron Ceti III for five minutes before Sulu had been frantically running toward the plant Spock was examining, shouting “NO NO NO NO” and pushing him aside -- only to have it ejaculate very suddenly in Sulu’s face. Soon the entire Enterprise crew and personnel is inexplicably under the influence of some strange toxin, and it's up to Jim and Spock -- scratch that, Jim and Uhura -- scratch that again, Jim and Bones -- damnit, then, just Jim -- to get the crew back on track before there's no one left to keep the Enterprise moving forward.
location:ao3  creator:newsbypostcard  spock/uhura  bones/jim  humor  fandom:startrek  fluff  length:5-8k 
july 2018 by concinnity
How we end - by cutiebiz
“You’re going to be in a romantic relationship,” she said, narrowing her three eyes in a conspiratory way.

“He already is,” Kirk said, jerking a thumb in his First Officer’s direction with a grin. Spock knew Jim didn’t really believe in “this stuff” as he put it.

She shook her head.

“No, you will have a romantic relationship with each other. ”

All six of her hands pointed at them, gesturing between the two of them.

Both men simultaneously opened their mouths in protest.

“I am already engaged in a romantic relationship, and I do not intend-”

“Is the universal translator working correctly? Because I could have sworn that you said-”

She ignored them both, and reached out four of her hands, laying her palms over their eyes. Both were rendered silent as the information was communicated quietly into their minds.

Jim was blushing profusely when her hands were removed, and Spock stared into oblivion...confused.

She smiled at them both again, looking pleased.

“What just happened?” Jim asked. “What was that?”

Spock was wondering the same thing. Though he had more of a grasp on telepathic communication than his human counterpart, he was still uncertain as to what he had seen...it seemed incomplete somehow.

“You,” the Priestess said, her three golden eyes on Kirk, “know how it begins...and you” she looked at Spock now, “know how it ends.”
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  friends-to-lovers  stid  sleeping/together  stb  pining  off-world  new-vulcan 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
Companion - by Elliewood (Congruence #2)
"Jim. I'm here. Spock is here. We want you to open your eyes, let us know you're okay."

Something socked me in the chest when I saw it, a fractional lowering of his brows, a tiny frown. I petted that frown encouragingly, smoothing the skin with my thumb.

"That's it, come on, wake up. Look at me."

The frown deepened as his eyes opened, not a lot, but enough that I could see a glint. His mouth moved, his voice wispy and unsteady but distinct.


I felt my face break into a huge-ass grin.

"Yeah, kid, yeah it's me."

His eyes shifted toward the other side of the bed. "Poh...?"

"I am here as well, Captain." Spock tried to sound cool, but his voice hitched slightly on the "well." My cheeks were cramping from smiling so hard.

"Kay." And just like that, he was out again, his eyelids closing as the frown relaxed.

"He knew us." I thought I would bust a gut from sheer joy. "He knew us, he knew who we were."


"Sweet baby Jesus," I breathed, and I let my head drop to rest on his shoulder, my hand still clinging to his hair. A moment later, I heard Spock come around the bed to stand next to me. I didn't trust myself to look up.

I felt a firm but gentle squeeze, his hand on my shoulder, and I kind of lost it again, so I pushed my eyes against Jim's gown for a few minutes until I could stand up to update his chart.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  stid  earthside  infirmary  bonded  h/c  recovery  breakup  infidelity  hotel/motel  roommates  mind-meld  taking-it-slow 
may 2018 by runpunkrun
Vulcans Don't Play Basketball - by ninety6tears (kuleshov effect #1)
By now there’s a good gap of distance between them, as Jim always paces around during conversation. “It was something like a year ago now, right?...After I slept with you, I needed to tell Spock. You probably figured that at the time.”

He is so forward about it, she can’t be offended by him flatly bringing it up. She nods. Still, he's uncomfortable with it, and he explains with a sort of impatient loftiness.

“The problem, I guess, was that it could so easily have not been a big deal. I could’ve never told him about it, or I'd tell him and let him indifferently stand there telling me how he had no valid reason to care, and that just felt all wrong. Because I knew he’d care, in his own way, and I almost wanted him to be mad, but I wanted him to understand...”

Uhura lets out a sudden long breath, her hands covering at her face for just a couple seconds. “Oh my God...”


“You offered to mind meld with him?!—Just—?”

Jim shakes his head with slight regret. “I know. I probably should’ve asked you. But...I don’t know, maybe in a way, we are kind of an ‘item.’ This ongoing thing started then, I just sorta got a kick out of it, and we're loosely linked a lot of the time now—”

"—What?" This is the most alarming thing to her yet. Her expression is gaping as she shakes her head at him. "You just...I mean, of course, it makes perfect sense, but wouldn't he—"

"Yeah, I mean, he tries to convince me now and then that I shouldn't be comfortable with it, but he never actually says—"

"Well, it's not like he's a toy, Jim..." She's shaking her head tightly. "I mean, that's a huge thing in their culture...The fact that he's willing to do that with you, it's like—"

"He's given up on marriage?" he interrupts flatly, which practically confirms that it's true, he's considered this before.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/uhura  kirk-spock  breakup  drunk  off-world  honesty  bonded  fuckordie 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
Plurality - by scy
"Spock came to see me."

"He did?"

"If he wasn't Vulcan, I would say that he was almost agitated."

"What did he say?"

"Very little. He mentioned that he needed to do even more work, as if he wasn't already a workaholic and giving Bones a conniption fit by refusing to have his monthly physical."

"He didn't?" Nyota had been puzzled in the last several days, but worry was taking precedence. He won't let McCoy examine him?"

"No, I was in the room, and that Vulcan knows more ways to say 'screw you and your insignificant Human practices' than anybody I've ever met." Kirk thought about it. "That includes the Klingons."

Nyota put a hand to her mouth and cast her mind back over the events of the last week. "The change began just after we received that odd transmission from Vulcan."

"Yes. Since then, Spock's been acting downright ornery."

"A description that he would not be pleased with."

"It doesn't seem like he's pleased with much of anything lately," Kirk said.
st:aos  spock/uhura  starfleet.edu  kirk/spock/uhura  fuckordie 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
Armor - by seashadows
Spock watches as Kirk walks away down the corridor, and he knows at that moment that their company is not distasteful. Kirk’s sadness is somehow tied up in this uncharacteristic decline to play chess with him, but he is unsure of its exact cause. The way his eyes lit up when Nyota first made her request was no coincidence.

“What’s his fucking problem?” Nyota snaps, breaking Spock out of his thoughts. “I know he wanted to play chess with you. It was blatantly obvious.”

Spock nods. “Perhaps this conversation is best continued in a more private location,” he suggests, and she wordlessly turns to steer them towards his quarters. They walk in silence until they reach his door, and when they enter, Nyota flops down on the edge of his bed.

“So, I’ll say it again. What’s his fucking problem?” she asks.

Spock joins her there, albeit without the flop.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  pining  off-world  hotel/motel  crying 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
Lonely Child - by itshysterekal (Don't Call Me T'hy'la #2)
His days were spent learning and beating every test that was thrown at him, and his nights were spent with beautiful women of all races, shapes, and abilities. Sometimes more than one. Once, he even spent a night with an alien girl who was shaped more like a squid than a humanoid. He might not repeat the experience, but it was definitely not a mistake. His favorite was Gaila. She was beautiful and passionate and smart and it was weird when she told him she loved him the second time they slept together, but she explained a few days later that her culture used the word in a different way. She was just talking about his body and the way he made love to her, she promised.

He would still made a point not to sleep with her again.

The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was the Vulcan professor. He wasn’t in any of the man’s classes, but he saw him in the hallway with Uhura once and stopped breathing. He could have been Ty. Jim’s brain shut off completely and in that moment, he was. The professor was the Vulcan boy who had been everything to Jim, who had broken him, who was the reason Jim couldn’t love anyone ever again.

“Ty,” he breathed and one of those eyebrows rose above eyes that looked exactly like his dead friend’s. “T’hy’la.”

The Vulcan almost seemed startled, and Jim’s words must have had an impact because his second eyebrow joined the other, higher on his brow. “Do I know you, Cadet?”
st:aos  au  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  starfleet.edu  stid  off-world  water  emo!spock  aphrodisiacs  honesty  kissing  taking-it-slow  snuggling  spockprime  new-vulcan  therapy  phonesex 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
An Unexpected Journey - by CMM
Jim found his voice. “I won’t…there’s nothing you can to do make me…and Spock would never….”

“Oh, I won’t have to make you,” Trelane sniggered, “and Spock won’t be able to help himself.” The eyes narrowed as he scowled at Spock. “You see,” Trelane continued, his voice soft as cream, “Vulcans have a nasty little biological secret. It’s called pon farr, and basically, it trumps all of their much-vaunted emotional control.” Now his gaze went to Jim.

“He’ll burn,” Trelane said softly. “He’ll be on fire with unquenchable lust, and you’ll be the only ‘vessel’ he’ll have available. And if you don’t accommodate him, James, he’ll die. Pon farr turns into a really unpleasant fever called the plak tow, and if that fever’s not slaked by a willing partner, it will kill him. So either you take what I’m offering, James, allow me to pay my debt, or you can watch him die. It’s totally up to the two of you.”

Jim glanced at Spock, seeing the sudden pallor and the stricken look in those sable eyes. “I…my Time is not upon me,” Spock managed to say at last, somehow keeping his voice steady.

“And you really think I can’t change that?” Trelane giggled. “You’re about to find out you’re wrong.”
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  captive  aliensmakethemdoit  fuckordie  mpreg  progeny  spockprime  on-the-lam  off-world  single-parent  reunion  new-vulcan 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
In Mutual Orbit - by what_alchemy
The bridge in the weeks following the rescue on Calliope II is characterized by icy silence. The Captain’s professionalism has a sour edge while the First Officer appears to have turned to stone. At the ends of shifts, Kirk is quick to leave, and Spock lingers, waiting out the threat of her presence as if she’s a storm. Chekov looks as though his parents are divorcing, and maybe he’s not the only one.

As messy break-ups go, Nyota supposes it could be worse. There are no loud, humiliating scenes, no trash talk, no vindictive assignments, which, Nyota admits, she no longer expects of the Captain. The only way Nyota knows it’s really over and not just a rough patch is when she’s having drinks with Monty on shore leave, and she sees Kirk leave the establishment with a square-shouldered, petite woman wearing a punishing expression. Nyota feels a heaviness settle over her chest at the sight.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk&uhura  genderswap:cis  uhura  breakup  fuckordie  new-vulcan  progeny 
february 2018 by runpunkrun

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