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Title: Seems Our Whole Life is About Revelation
Summary: Some strange things are happening in the Everglades. Maybe it's the Apocalypse
wincest  fic  spn 
17 hours ago by sometimesalways
Summary: A new case brings some issues between Sam and Dean into focus
spn  fic  wincest 
18 hours ago by sometimesalways
Mile·stone /mīl stōn/ (noun): an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Or more specifically, six milestones that would change the relationship between Sam and Dean for the rest of their lives
wincest  spn  fic  weecest 
23 hours ago by sometimesalways
Psychology of genetic sexual attraction
Notes: while I like this, it also don’t feel sam and dean from it. There’s no emotional brother connection even after they discover they’re related. It’s tough to get non hunting aus right especially don’t know they’re related non hunting aus. This one is well written but I never felt fully emotionally pulled under.

“…50% of of reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring, separated at birth result in obsessive emotions...”

This story begins in 2001 in a garage in Palo Alto when 18-year old Stanford student, Sam Sharma plucks up the courage to ask car mechanic, Dean Cooper, out for a cup of coffee. Their attraction is instantaneous and overwhelming, and the relationship that develops seems perfect. Except nothing is really perfect, and this particular love story started a long time before Sam and Dean even met.

Wincest non-hunting AU. This is my attempt at a boys-don’t-know-they’re-brothers story. Also includes: domestic!boys, jealous!boys, high-powered-lawyer!Sam, mechanic!Dean, and sex scenes in formalwear and office-wear.
au  dontknowtheyrebrothers  wincest  curtainfic  spn  fic 
9 days ago by sometimesalways
This Ain't The Garden Of Eden
Sam and Dean run into an old friend of Sam's from Stanford. Dean has issues
fic  wincest  spn 
9 days ago by sometimesalways
The Choices We Make - AislinMarue - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
nc-17, 17k, spn verse - s9, 2013
(fallen!cas, top!dean, bottom!cas, hurt!cas, fluff, hurt/comfort, bunker fic) 
spn  fanfiction  destiel  ficrec  + 
9 days ago by tinyirishdancer
Summary Sam/Dean futurefic, Dean's kinda shameless sometimes... Blatant, somewhat schmoopy, definitely dirty futurefic, set about 8 years post 4-22
wincest  fic  curtainfic  spn 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
I still hate the outsider 1st POV on this so much, but then sam and Dean parts are really good curtainfic

Five years after the apocalypse didn’t happen and Sam and Dean have settled down, or as much as the Winchesters can ever settle down. Sam is a college professor and Dean a well-respected small business owner and they’re learning how to balance work, hunting and dog-ownership while coping with the metaphorical and literal scars of war. Life’s not perfect, not for a (sort of) out and proud couple in small town USA with a lot to hide, but they’re dealing, that is, until Dean employs one sexually-confused teenager who develops an unhealthy obsession with both of them. Switching between five years earlier and now, we learn how the boys came together, how they made it through the big fight and whether they’ll ever manage to find that flighty temptress, happily ever after.
curtainfic  fic  wincest  spn 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
Over the hills, far away
Somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left.
Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath.
spn  fic  curtainfic  wincest 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
Meant To Be
Words:<1.000, 딘은 유산한다.
아래것과 거의 비슷, 분위기는 조금 더 부드럽지만 여전히 슬프다.
(Anonymous)  SPN  sam/dean  R  short  H/C  bottom!dean  top!sam  mom!dean  miscarriage  cuddling  gentle!sex  cursed  established-relationship  Mpreg 
14 days ago by engfordean
Sam/Dean, mpreg, miscarriage, h/c, cuddling, gentle!sex
Words:1.000, 딘은 유산한다.
아하! 이게 내가 좋아하는 것 같다. 유산..물론 너무 짧긴 하다. 앞에 임신시작하고 그걸 알고 받아들이는 부분이 없어서 아쉽지만, 이것만으로도 좋았다.
alienstars2004  SPN  sam/dean  R  short  H/C  bottom!dean  top!sam  mom!dean  miscarriage  cuddling  gentle!sex  cursed  established-relationship  Mpreg 
14 days ago by engfordean
Second Chances
Words:8.000, 딘이 임신한다.
mpreg은 딘 바텀 좋아하고 딘 헐트 좋아하고 프로텍티브 샘 좋아하는 나로서는 좋아해야 하는 장르인데, 꼭 그렇지는 않다. 그래도 잘 읽었다.
stjra  SPN  S5  sam/dean  R  short  H/C  bottom!dean  top!sam  mom!dean  Gabriel  cursed  established-relationship  Mpreg 
14 days ago by engfordean
Words: 3.350, 샘은 딘에게 그가 얼마나 보호받아야 하는지 알려주기로 결심한다.
크로스 드레싱, 와우. 섹시하고 환상을 마구 채워준다.
dragonspell  SPN  S4  sam/dean  NC-17  short  smut  bottom!dean  top!sam  strong!sam  pretty!dean  size-different-kink  crossdressing  first-time  happy-ending 
14 days ago by engfordean
Hurricane Sam
Words:10.600, Don't make Sam angry; you wouldn't like him when he's angry. And taking his brother? That makes Sam REALLY angry.
딘은 예쁘고, 샘 멋지고. 프로텍티브 샘 좋다. 슬래쉬면 더 좋겠지만 이만큼의 형제애라면 그것도 좋다.
K-Hanna-Korossy  SPN  S2  sam&dean  Gen  middle  drama  hurt!dean  protective!sam  strong!sam  brotherhood 
14 days ago by engfordean
Crochet Angel - Tenoko1 - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
g, 12k, spn verse - s13/14, 2018
(cursed!cas, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, bunker fic, spells/curses) 
spn  fanfiction  destiel  ficrec  + 
14 days ago by tinyirishdancer
Most Beautiful Plague
Words: 3.200, 샘은 저주에 걸리고, 딘을 원하고, 딘은 응하는 것외에는 아무것도 생각할수없다 .
나는 toppy!sam을 좋아하는 편이라 사알짝 취향에서 벗어나지만 재밌다.
(그래도 바텀 샘 언급은 없음)
earthquakedream  SPN  sam/dean  NC-17  short  PWP  bottom!dean  top!sam  toppy!dean  cursed  cursed!sam  first-time 
15 days ago by engfordean
Kitten? Hm
Words:7.993, 딘은 저주를 받아 고양이 귀와 꼬리와 습성을 가지게 된다.
딘 귀여움....섹스도 나쁘지 않다. 마지막에 앞으로도 딘이 계속 바텀일거라고 하는건 좀, 묘사는 바텀딘 좋아하지만 딘의 남성성 거세하는 듯하는 건? 싫다. 하지만 어쨌든 쓰다듬는거 좋아하는 딘과 전립선 자극당하고 놀라는 딘은 귀엽다.
zombiesloth  SPN  S8  sam/dean  NC-17  short  humor  bottom!dean  top!sam  cursed  cat!dean  Animal-transformation  first-time 
15 days ago by engfordean
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Word:<1.000, 딘은 사이렌이 되고, 모텔을 나가지도 못하고 말도 못하고 노래는 절대 안된다.
귀엽다. 샘 승질내는거 핫하고. 짧아서 너무 아쉽다.
wrenscribbles  SPN  sam/dean  R  short  humor  bottom!dean  toppy!sam  cursed  siren!dean 
15 days ago by engfordean

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