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Zooming Vim Window Splits like a Pro – Vinod Krishna – Medium
Most of the time, having multiple splits in a window is necessary. But at times it's a distraction. There is also a need not to close all other splits in the window; so as, not to lose the context…
vim  windows  splits 
february 2018 by kepford
Next Generation Vehicle HMI Design: Secure Graphical Data Sharing - Mentor Graphics
ivide safety-critical attributes from infotainment and comfort features into two heterogeneous systems is the hypervisor. It splits up the CPU into several virtual machines
Divide  safety-critical  -  hypervisor  splits  CPU  into  virtual  machines  Mentor 
february 2018 by kilroy2
> Also how does tmux handle copy/paste with vertical splits ? It doesn't. If I ... | Hacker News
prefix z to zoom the pane; copy, then un-zoom with prefix z again.

Prefix Esc 2 to rotate to horizontal split
Prefix Esc 1 to rotate back to vertical split [again]
tmux  copy  with  vertical  split  splits  prefix  z 
september 2017 by theskett
How Numbers Show You’re Probably Starting Your Ultramarathon Too Fast | How to Be a Scientist
Keep this in mind when I'm coming up with paces for TRT (and 50ks to a lesser extent). I would love to be an outlier here and have a relatively even 1st/2nd half.
ultrarunning  wser  splits  running  pace 
march 2017 by jacobian
roman/golden-ratio.el: Automatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio
golden-ratio.el - Automatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio
emacs  resize  splits 
january 2017 by jschoolcraft
RT drop tilt drop tilt still not 100% sure what kind o… …
photography  sp  splits  dance  from twitter
january 2016 by mvlprovider

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