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13 days ago by mikemccaffrey
Diverge 4 now available: Split Ergo + Anodised Milled Aluminium + RGB LED + USB Type C : MechanicalKeyboards
(It looks like this came out on December 14, 2018:)
“Man, this has been a long time coming, for those of you who don’t know me, I was one of the first few people to mass produce split ergos back when they weren’t as easily accessible as today. I’m happy to announce that Project Legio, a series of projects that has been in development for over a year is finally bearing fruit!

“The Diverge 4 is a split ergo similar to the ErgoDox with an anodised milled aluminium unibody case, RGB LEDs, USB Type C, and an ARM Cortex processor with a maximum allowed layer count of 59 (yes you read that right!), have to say I did not compromise one bit making this thing, everything everyone wants is basically in here except for wireless features.

“Summary Features:
“• 72 keys and up to 59 layers
“• Individually addressable RGB LEDs with up to 16.8 million colour combinations
“• Fully rebindable/customisable with GUI software Arbites (screenshot)
“• Two sides talk via I2C. Layers, modifiers, LED controls, etc could all be shared across both sides, each side could also act as an independent keyboard
“• Very beautiful milled aluminium shell (I shit you not it is gorgeous)
“• Toggleable NKRO/6KRO, works in BIOS too
“• Dual roles modifiers
“• Tap dance keys
“• Macros
“• by default 5160 bytes of persistent storage for layouts, macros, special functions, etc, customizable up to 16KB.”

(And via one of the comments, it looks like theres’s a tenting kit too:)
“I’m currently away from office and don’t have the tent kit with my personal Diverge 4, but it uses the same tent kit as the Diverge 3.

“Acrylic disks and silicone feets are included, they could be attached to two of the spots on the bottom plate of the Diverge 4 to tent the keyboard up to 20 degrees.


“A 3 height adjustable piece is in development and I’ll probably have that available as a separate accessory in a month or two.”
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4 weeks ago by handcoding

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