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A Week of Wrong
"You stupid sod," Spike said furiously, then turned and stomped off. And that felt very much like the end, Xander decided, as the others clustered in a comforting way around his sorry ass. But just as he was about to make some self-deprecating joke and get on with his life Spike whirled and shoved back into Xander's face and kissed him, angry, angry, angry, cradling Xander's face gently between his hands.
author:eliade  buffy-the-vampire-slayer  spike/xander 
november 2018 by sarapod
Involuntary Bodies
[The one where Spike moves in with Xander, Dawn and Tara.]

"'Xander, you should stay here.' Where I won't get hurt and in the way. Just so you know, I'm not staying behind unless you knock me out."

With an open face and incredible steadiness Spike looked at him. "I want you fighting beside me," he said in a quiet voice. "You never need to ask, got that?" The question was in his eyes. "I've got your back."
author:eliade  spike/xander  buffy-the-vampire-slayer 
november 2018 by sarapod
This Year's Vamp
"Spike!" said Xander, over-enunciating to calm himself down. "You took my body. I'd like it back before you break it, or--" He stopped. The possibilities were too frightening to consider.
author:china_shop  buffy-the-vampire-slayer  spike/xander 
september 2018 by sarapod
Spike had always been resilient, tough as nails and old leather, but now that Xander could see the clean shape of his head he seemed more fragile. His sweater was dark green, a heavily cable-knit wool. Lands' End could make even a vampire fade into the woodwork, which is apparently what Spike wanted to do.
author:eliade  spike/xander  buffy-the-vampire-slayer 
september 2018 by sarapod
The first days of the apocalypse arrive and make Xander see Spike in a different light.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  Spike/Xander  btvs  romance  enemiestolovers  friendship  AUapocalypse  kissing  fluff  family 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Wet (Things to do in Denver when you're dead)
When the world ended, it wasn't so much an end as a line in the sand the world double dog dared him to cross. It wasn't fire and brimstone, nukes and international warfare. It was...wet.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  Spike/Xander  humour  angst  AUapocalypse 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Forty-Eight Hours In The Lives of Xander The Bear And The Vamp Who Came Back
It's ten years since Sunnydale went down and Spike went down with it; Xander's changed and Spike hasn't, but they'll always have Cheetos.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  btvs  Spike/Xander  interspecies/xenophilia  kissing  blowjob  friendship  friendstolovers  humour  sizekink 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Xander hated driving in Pennsylvania. The roads sucked.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  btvs  Spike/Xander  AUhuman  daddykink  spanking  sub/dom  dirtytalk 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Botched Spell
Buffy casts a spell to create understanding between Spike and Xander. But it’s the Hellmouth, so of course something wonky happens.
fanfiction  complete  read  explicit  slash  btvs  Spike/Xander  interspecies/xenophilia  bodyswap  love/haterelationship  enemiestolovers  humour  romance  crush  Giles/Ethan  Xander/Anya  MultiplePairings 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Cues And Balls
Xander, Spike, the Bronze, and a game of Eight Ball...
fanfiction  complete  read  btvs  explicit  slash  Spike/Xander  humour  kissing  blowjob  friendship  friendstolovers  fluff 
january 2018 by snipershezz
A Place Called Home
Xander has a bizarre urge to redecorate and a crush to indulge in. Spike's just along for the ride.
fanfiction  complete  read  slash  Spike/Xander  interspecies/xenophilia  romance  friendship  friendstolovers  fluff 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Gift Exchange
On a whim, Xander buys a Christmas present for Spike, and the gift has unforeseen consequences.
fanfiction  complete  read  slash  btvs  Spike/Xander  interspecies/xenophilia  friendship  family  friendstolovers  fluff 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Waiting Here
Xander's dangerous way of coping nearly kills him and Spike intervenes.

Review: I remember reading this many years ago and thinking how fantastic it was. I only remembered certain parts of it and it took me *forever* to find it again! Now that I have, my opinion of it hasn't changed, it's beautiful, dark, and tragic - you couldn't ask for a better fic that makes you hurt and feel all ooshy gooshy inside all at the same time. Overall, an excellent work which gives you all the feels.
fanfiction  complete  read  btvs  slash  explicit  Spike/Xander  Xander/M!OC  interspecies/xenophilia  abuse  angst  selfharm  noncon  dark  happyending  biting  family  friendship  friendstolovers  cuddling  kissing  MultiplePairings 
january 2018 by snipershezz
Cherry Boys
The Cherry Slushee drinking demographic is big in Sunnydale.
fanfiction  complete  read  mature  slash  btvs  humour  sexpollen  Spike/Xander  interspecies/xenophilia 
december 2017 by snipershezz

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