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Extract URLs
Ace tool for extracting a list of links from a URL or uploaded html page
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14 days ago by dmje
Recombinant Spidroins Fully Replicate Primary Mechanical Properties of Natural Spider Silk - Biomacromolecules (ACS Publications)
So they got bacteria to build silk proteins with are almost twice as long as real spider silk proteins, thus the doubled protein is now a near match in performance to true spider silk fiber (true spider silk fiber benefits from good protein design and spinner design though). They seem to think it should be possible to use the fusing method to build even longer proteins to up the strength.
biomimicry  bacteria  GMO  spider  silk  protein  fiber  manufacturing  materials  science  research  technology  synthetic  biology 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Discovery Europe GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF cars, spinning, speed, discovery, engine, discovery channel, showcase, alfa romeo, discovery network, doors open, 360 spin, petrolheads, car showcase, wheeler dealers, spider quadrifoglio Giphy https://ift.tt/2B8SgaG ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
cars  spinning  speed  discovery  engine  channel  showcase  alfa  romeo  network  doors  open  360  spin  petrolheads  car  wheeler  dealers  spider  quadrifoglio  wynajem  samo 
5 weeks ago by architektura
s0md3v/Photon Loading status checks…
Incredibly fast crawler which extracts urls, emails, files, website accounts and much more.
Incredibly fast crawler which extracts urls, emails, files, website accounts and much more.
Incredibly fast crawler which extracts urls, emails, files, website accounts and much more.
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8 weeks ago by michaelfox
leetcode  python  spider  github 
8 weeks ago by abosen

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