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Low-Cost SmallSats to Explore to Our Solar System's Boundaries | NASA
bubble enclosed cubesat deep space explorers, using metalicized sphere surfaces as the primary antenna reflector
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april 2019 by asteroza
Consequences of a living on a sphere
Because the World is not flat, you can’t see forever. As you look out to the horizon the planet falls away from you. This limits what you can see.
An adult person of around 6 ft tall has eyes approximately 1.8 m above the ground (yes, I'm using the Metric system). For the radius of the Earth, I'm going to use the value 6,371 Km (the mean radius). ... The solution is that the furthest an adult can see is 4.79 Km (which is just short of 3 miles).

The top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower is at 273 m.
From this altitude, the horizon will be 58.98 Km away (36.65 miles).

The top floor of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is 621 m high.
This would give a viewer a theortical view over the desert of 88.96 Km (55.28 miles).

An airliner cruising at 38,000 ft is at an altitude of 11.58 Km
Plugging this into the formula reveals an answer of 384.3 Km, which is 238.8 miles.

When we were dealing with small altitudes, the difference between the straight line distance, and the ground distance along the curve of a planet was insignificant. Let's calculate the delta between these two distances for our cruising aircraft.
For a plane at high altitude, the difference between the straight line distance to the horizon and the curved distance on the Earth is about 500 m. (The difference when dealing with our first example of a man of height 1.8 m is a fraction of a millimeter).

The Golden Gate Bridge, possibly the most photographed bridge in the World, spans the opening of San Francisco Bay. Completed in 1937, it boasts two towers of height 230 m and these are 1,280 m apart. The top of the Golden Gate Bridge is almost two inches wider at the top than the base because of the curvature of the Earth!
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