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How a new technology is changing the lives of people who cannot speak | News | The Guardian
The long read: Millions are robbed of the power of speech by illness, injury or lifelong conditions. Can the creation of bespoke digital voices transform their ability to communicate?
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Emma Gonzalez "We call BS"
Powerful speaking skills from her. I wish she hadn't gone down mental illness route — I think that's an easy and dangerous path when we should stand on no one needing these guns. At the same time I don't know if that's the only way we can get something to stop these weapons from being sold.
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5 days ago by UltraNurd
Emma Gonzalez "We call BS"
Powerful speaking skills from her. I wish she hadn't gone down mental illness route — I think that's an easy and dangerous path when we should stand on no one needing these guns. At the same time I don't know if that's the only way we can get something to stop these weapons from being sold.
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Are the women speaking up about sexual assault taking down celebrities or the patriarchy? / LGBTQ Nation
Within a patriarchal society that transmits distorted binary gender extremes, questions inevitably arise: How dare women demand their reproductive freedoms, which would reduce or even take away my (the male) making the decision whether to carry or abort my genetic offspring? How dare a woman choose not to marry a man? How dare women compete with me for a high social position?
How dare gay men think of coming onto me? How dare trans men take on the privileges by transitioning that I have “earned” from birth? How dare trans women relinquish male privilege and betray their gender (read as betray patriarchy itself)? How dare intersex people not choose to “become either one or the other”?
Toxic forms of hypermasculinity require the promotion and use of firearms to keep at bay the intensive psychosocial compulsive fear and dread of penetration from bullets, and by extension the gaze of gay and bisexual men, and the female gaze since patriarchy promises males the right to the aggressive outward intrusive gaze, the right of penetration of “others.” And when patriarchal social and family structures converge with patriarchal religious systems, which reinforce strictly defined gender hierarchies of male domination, women and girl’s oppression and oppression of those who transgress sexual-, sexuality-, and gender binaries and boundaries became inevitable.
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Cambodia passes controversial lese majeste law
On Wednesday, Cambodia passed a new "lese majeste" law that makes it a crime to insult the country's monarchy, mirroring a law that is routinely used to stifle political dissent and free expression in neighboring Thailand. Deutsche Welle reports: "The changes to Cambodia's criminal law were initially drawn up by Prime Minister Hun Sen, and include a penalty of between one and five years imprisonment, along with fines of 2 million riel to 10 million riel ($500 to $2,500). 'An insult is expressed in words, gestures, writing, painting or objects that affect personal dignity,; Pen Panha, head of the parliamentary Commission on Legislation and Justice, told the assembly...

"Prosecutors would be able to file criminal suits on the monarchy's behalf against any person deemed to have insulted the royal family...'There is a genuine danger that this law will be abusively applied to target those who express legitimate criticism of the royal government, as has been the case in other countries, such as Thailand,' said Chak Sopheap, executive director at the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights."
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