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SpeculativeEdu | Interview: FoAM
Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney, founders of the transdisciplinary network FoAM: “Design can provide ways to change, circumvent or adapt an unsustainable status quo.”
interview  FoAM  2019  design  speculative  SCD  Kuzmanovic  Gaffney 
28 days ago by zzkt
An overview of contemporary speculative practice
After interviewing dozens of leading design practitioners, educators, and theorists from across Europe (and in a few cases beyond) we are able to draw a clearer path to show where Speculative Design has come from, where the approach is at present, and where it might be headed in the near future. While the list of interviews is selective rather than exhaustive, it is intended to provide a useful snapshot of contemporary Speculative Design in a European context.

Speculative Design may be understood as a new design approach – an open set of tools, techniques, and methods; ready to be used and adapted to various contexts in which we live and act – that emerged in the developed centres of the West around the turn of the last century. Over the past two decades it has increasingly taken on a more global character and influence.
SCD  design  speculative  speculativeEdu  education  futures  Julian-Hanna  2019 
10 weeks ago by zzkt
Pending case on recent H-1B changes by USCIS
Peding case 2019, USCIS wrong application of H-1B non-immigrant visa
Pending  H-1B  case  employer  employee  relationship  speculative  employment  itinerary 
11 weeks ago by asuhail
Worlds || Fall 2019 - Ahmed Ansari - Medium
How can we not only better understand, but also represent, the lives of others very different from us? These ‘Others’ could be other human beings with bodies and\or minds very different from our own, or they could be other beings entirely. How do we design to communicate our (limited) understanding of the richness of their experiences?
This 15 week studio\seminar hybrid course will deal with speculative design focusing on three things: developing rich worlds, i.e. experiences and narratives, understanding how different genres in speculative fiction, art and design, and focusing on the phenomenon of interactivity and immersion by studying how mediums like interactive print, film and cinema, tangible board\tabletop games, and installation art can be employed in the service of creating rich experiences and narratives, all in the service of understanding and learning to create experiences that speak to the worlds of beings not like us, and the Eurocentric model of the human bequeathed to us moderns via the Enlightenment.
design  colonialism  speculative  fiction  nonhuman  futures 
11 weeks ago by tegabrain
Exploring potential futures: Agenda & learnings from my first Speculative Design workshop
Intrigued with the method, last week I ran an experiment with my 1st attempt at facilitating a speculative design workshop. Struggling to find practical resources online during prep, I decided to share my workshop agenda & reflections here for all those looking to run an experiment themselves. via Pocket
workshop  format  speculative  design 
july 2019 by jburkunk
RT : Get your tickets now for next Tuesday for a provocative new talk. , ,…
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june 2019 by samin

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