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Massive MIMO Will Create More Wireless Channels, But Also More Vulnerabilities - IEEE Spectrum, Nov 2018
"As wireless communications systems have to accommodate an ever-increasing number of data transfers, a lack of sufficient protocols for ensuring that data is transferred to the correct user could leave systems open to an attack."

"A major constraint of this approach, especially as the number of communication channels for each base station continues to grow, is the limited number of pilots available. Sometimes, users must be assigned the same pilot sequence, which can interfere with the proper transfer of data and lead to poor system performance. This is called pilot contamination. But this contamination can also be harnessed by an attacker to purposely interfere with data transfers. "

"when an attacker is close to the base station, within 300 meters or closer, he or she can impose their own pilots strongly enough to reduce the total transmission rate of a massive MIMO system by more than 50 percent"

"Pilot contamination can also be used to siphon off data transfers if the attacker’s pilot signals are strong enough, threatening the privacy of wireless communications. "
IEEE-Spectrum  spectrum  cybersecurity  cyber-spectrum  MIMO 
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High-frequency traders flirt with high-frequency spectrum | PolicyTracker, Nov 2017
"The ongoing hunt for low latency communications between financial exchanges has generated renewed interest in the technology used for shortwave broadcasting – but using the spectrum in this way appears to breach of US regulations."

"Now an engineer in the US has stumbled upon the use of trans-Atlantic shortwave radio by high-frequency traders. As with the use of microwave, the rationale is that radio travels twice as fast through the air than light travels through fibre-optic cables."

"In addition to the technical limitations, the regulatory environment in the US, as it presently stands, also appears to cause problems for shortwave-based high-frequency traders: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not appear to offer any sort of spectrum authorization product for this service."

"According to several commentators, most high-frequency traders overcome the regulatory vacuum by obtaining experimental licences. "
PolicyTracker  shortwave  AM  trading  high-frequency-trading  finance  spectrum  FCC 
6 days ago by pierredv
Physical layer security in wireless networks: a tutorial - IEEE Journals & Magazine
Wireless networking plays an extremely important role in civil and military applications. However, security of information transfer via wireless networks remains a challenging issue. It is critical to ensure that confidential data are accessible only to the intended users rather than intruders. Jamming and eavesdropping are two primary attacks at the physical layer of a wireless network. This article offers a tutorial on several prevalent methods to enhance security at the physical layer in wireless networks. We classify these methods based on their characteristic features into five categories, each of which is discussed in terms of two metrics. First, we compare their secret channel capacities, and then we show their computational complexities in exhaustive key search. Finally, we illustrate their security requirements via some examples with respect to these two metrics.

Downloadable: http://dl-maghaleh.ir/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/order-z-1477601572-3352.pdf
wireless  Spectrum  cybersecurity  cyber-spectrum 
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Iliad threatens Italy with legal action over 5G spectrum extensions | Telecoms.com
The licenses in the 5G-applicable frequencies were initially granted to Linkem, Tiscali, Go Internet and Mandarin back in 2008, with the option of a six-year extension once the initial license expires in 2023.
5g  spectrum  3.5gHz  iliad  italy  ovum 
9 days ago by yorksranter
Securing the spectrum - why information management alone won’t keep a 4iR world safe - The Deployable Fourth Industrial Revolution - QinetiQ April 2018
Dr Anil Shukla, Fellow and Principal Consultant
12 Apr 2018

See also https://www.qinetiq.com/Blogs/2018/01/What-does-the-UK-need-to-do-to-pursue-its-spectrum-resilience-objectives

" as infrastructure providers delve deeper into the 4iR toolbox ... They should"
= Recognise that spectrum resilience is inherently linked to traditional information cyber effects
= Test spectrum resilience against approved frameworks
= Require organisations to report spectrum attacks in the same way they have to report data security breaches
Qinetiq  cybersecurity  Spectrum  cyber-spectrum 
10 days ago by pierredv
Whitepaper: What does the UK need to do to pursue its spectrum resilience objectives? - QinetiQ Jan 2018
Dr. Anil Shukla
26 Jan 2018

See also https://www.qinetiq.com/insights/2018/04/securing-the-spectrum

Radio spectrum access is critical. It underpins the UK’s economy and provides significant social value through the range of applications it supports.
spectrum  cybersecurity  Qinetiq  cyber-spectrum 
10 days ago by pierredv
Thieves steal a Tesla Model S by hacking the entry fob - Engadget Oct 2018
"A Tesla owner who recorded thieves stealing his Model S by hacking the passive entry system has published the video on YouTube so we can all watch (and learn). It shows the crooks using a tablet to apparently capture the passive signal from his keyfob, then using the data to open the vehicle. "

"Tesla has recently implemented features to deter passive entry theft, but the owner sheepishly admitted he didn't use them. Namely, he failed to activate the "PIN to drive" feature that requires a further code before you can drive off. He also left passive entry -- which opens the car when you walk up to it with the fob -- enabled, even though it was parked outside. He also didn't use a "Faraday pouch" to store the fob, which would have prevented the thieves from nabbing the signals."
Engadget  Spectrum  cybersecurity  automobile  automotive  security  hacking 
23 days ago by pierredv
It all made sense when we found out we were autistic - BBC News
Some women with autism aren't diagnosed until adulthood - if ever. Here, seven autistic women open up about their experiences.
autism  women  mothers  asd  spectrum  stories 
26 days ago by xer0x
ITU-R Working Party 1C (WP 1C) - Spectrum monitoring
Working Party 1C (WP 1C) - Spectrum monitoring

Spectrum monitoring, including the development of techniques for observing the use of the spectrum, measurements techniques, inspection of radio stations, identification of emissions and location of interference sources.
ITU-R  spectrum-monitoring  Spectrum 
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