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yesterday by theskett
AI in telecommunications set to secure the ‘Augmented Human’ | Cambridge Consultants Feb 2018
"a new report, stating that the telecommunications sector will be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer, as many features of 5G networks and IoT networks will depend on AI techniques to reach their maximum potential"

"We expect to see data-led customisation: in healthcare with personalisation of treatments, in education with personalisation of teaching methods and curriculum, in entertainment with custom virtual reality games and maybe even in government. Of course, we also expect to see significant numbers of fully-autonomous vehicles on our roads and in our corridors transporting people and goods to where they are required."
ambridgeConsultants  AI  telecoms  spectrum  5G  IoT 
2 days ago by pierredv
A range of and mugs coming soon. Take for example this ZX Spectrum Booty mug. It's bootyful*…
Spectrum  Arcade  C64  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by DarkHalf
Major , and issues have for me ALMOST been a social trainwreck. Yet through proper diagn…
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8 days ago by noahsussman
South Africa opens door to spectrum liberalisation | PolicyTracker Sep 2018
"South Africa’s telecoms ministry has published a draft amendment to the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) that places significant emphasis on spectrum issues, with changes to access policies and licensing.

"The draft version of the amendment bill–to be presented to the South African parliament this week–includes measures designed to encourage spectrum liberalisation, such as plans to create a national wholesale open access network (WOAN) and to enable spectrum sharing, trading and refarming as well as the introduction of a “use it or lose it” licensing regime.

"The new act also gives the government, instead of the regulator ICASA, full control of the national radio plan. However, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services must still consult with the regulatory body on future actions."
spectrum  policy  South-Africa  PolicyTracker 
14 days ago by pierredv
Drones and Frequencies to Fly on - ECC Newsletter August 2018
" CEPT held a Workshop on ‘spectrum for drones – UAS’ in sunny Copenhagen on 29-30 May 2018. The focus of the workshop was on drones which fly in circumstances where they do not need communications with air traffic control."

"The workshop heard from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which has new draft regulations before the EU Commission. The approach includes three categories of operations (Open, Specific and Certified) in an operation centric approach."

"These acts are expected to be published by the end of 2018 or in early 2019. They will be complemented by related standardisation initiatives."

"When it comes to UAS, frequencies are used in a number of ways: for command and control (CC) and identification, as well as for payload transmissions (e.g. on-board cameras sending information to the ground). Communications solutions are also needed for drones-to-drones, drones-to-infrastructure and for radar sensors and optical sensors on board the drones. In addition, they are needed for distribution of positioning information in order to avoid collisions, geo-awareness about fly zone restrictions such as around airports, sensitive facilities and locations, and drones traffic management."

"In the specific category, the basic principle is that a UAS operation, before being conducted, must be approved on the basis of a risk assessment."

"It was agreed at the workshop that, in the future, spectrum harmonisation may indeed be needed in areas of e-identification, geo-awareness and anti-collision. The various ideas for the technical solutions have, however, not converged in standardisation, while the use of several technologies may even provide a potentially safer approach using data fusion. Hence, the precise impact and needs for new frequency opportunities for drones/UAS is not yet clear."

"In February 2018, the ECC published ECC Report 268 on the technical and regulatory aspects and the needs for spectrum regulation when it comes to drones."
ECC  UAS  drones  spectrum  CEPT  workshop  risk-assessment 
17 days ago by pierredv
Army turns to artificial intelligence to counter electronic attacks - SpaceNews.com aug 2018
"A team of eight engineers from Aerospace Corp. won a $100,000 Army prize by correctly detecting and classifying the greatest number of radio frequency signals using a combination of signal processing and artificial intelligence algorithms"
SpaceNews  AI  ML  spectrum  USArmy  competition  signal-classification 
18 days ago by pierredv

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